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Lesbian Hotwives Confidential Matt's plan of lesbian seduction goes quite awry.

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The Sapphic Sisters of Pax Bk. Bar Hopping Ch. Pictures from Life Ch. The Depraved Dykes of FIT - Book 07 As wicked, heartless and evil as you may think FIT is The Depraved Dykes of FIT - Book 06 From Australia to you, a forever lesbian paradise or hell?

The Depraved Dykes of FIT - Book 04 The Conspiracy begins weaving a deeply intricate web. The Depraved Dykes of FIT - Book 03 Seduction and treachery: dishes sometimes best served cold. The Wanker's Opera Ch. Spring Fling with David Ch. She Swept Me Away Pt. The Stronger Girl 05 Annie meets Michele's parents. The Tutor Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Jealous As Hell Ch. Outtakes start at: 0- Teaching Demi Ch. Like Minds Ch.

The Training of Pixie Pt. Weekend Fun Pt. Breanna A chance encounter has unexpected consequences. Desiree A coworker's surprise offer is a dream come true.

  "Give me your cum Jim, shoot is up my ass just like you did with Kate," she said. With my cock in there I started to unload, for the 2nd time in about 30 minutes. I thought I came a lot up Kate's ass, but I just kept shooting up Mrs. White's. Finally I was done and just sat there with my cock in her ass. "Well Jim, how was it," she finally said   Son has to share bed with mom in winters. A short nasty tale about matriarchal tail. She make their holiday best. Son sees mom working a different job. Can't help myself from fucking mom again. Mom and Son finish what they started. and other exciting erotic stories at! After a few minutes of furious ass licking, I could feel Jessica wriggle her hips and legs, trying to slide her shorts the rest of the way down her beautiful, toned, lightly-tanned legs. I took a reluctant break from rimming to help her remove her clothing, and looked down to watch while she stepped out of the shorts and panties and kicked them off to the side

She Shared Me A couple's foray into group sex goes awry. Serendipity A college student meets his lover at a frat party. It Started with a Kiss Ch. Dana-girl Ch. Pretty Pissy Panties Charity finds dirty panties and discovers hidden desires. Would You Rather? A college student finds a kindred spirit at a frat party. I let my Friend cast a Spell on Me I agree to let my friend cast a mind control spell on me.

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Fortunate Confluence of Events Ch. Product Testing A popper sampling at the ABS and sissy fun. Kidnapped Models Ch. The Devil's Plaything Ch. Girls Gone Settled Down Wild girls sometimes become moms and aunts After 20 minutes of his tender soft licking and munching on my asshole was over I was grabbing the pillow and his head tightly yelling for him to lick me faster and harder, and to dig his tongue deep into both of my holes until finally orgasmed all over his face close to 8 o'clock.

After I did I looked back at him still indulging in my holes and I felt so delighted at his love for my asshole and pussy I pulled his head out my ass and rolled over onto my back and said, "Oh I love he so much sweetheart, her finish drinking up my juices then let's get up.

I'm an ass licker. Damn, that is embarrassing to write. But the fact is that, well, no matter how you slice it, I am an ass licker. But I am getting ahead of myself. I guess you could say it started about a year ago when I hired Brittany as my assistant. In the old days you might have called her a secretary, but in fact she does a whole lot more   Are you looking for licking ass homemade? Check this adult xxx erotic sex video: Pretty Chick got her Ass Lick @ My Anal Mom. riganut. 9 Stories. Followers. My beautiful mother arrived from her African tour of duty after two years, amidst a flurry of silk and a cloud of perfume that enclosed me at the airport and would not leave me. I was just turned eighteen and missed her so much during her absence than my step Dad

I have fantasy for while to lick black bbw woman asshole any black bbw woman who wants to get her asshole licket leave me a comment please thx. My wife likes to be in doggy position while I lick her asshole.

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While licking her and probing her sweet asshole with my tongue, I massage her clit with my fingers. She comes harder like this than any other way! It is SOOO hot!! COVID RESOURCES.

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Anal Morning Ass Licking. Morning Ass Licking.

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Story Info. asshole licked stockings munching yelling.

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Default Font Spacing. Fix it Mommy, it hurts so bad. Maybe, Mommy could stroke it better," I asked looking into her wanting eyes. You've grown up darling.

My boy is a big boy with a nice tool to match," she murmured without breaking her lustful stare from my cock. While holding my cock, she stretched out on the bed and my hands moved into the space between her tanned thighs, rubbing her silky wet panty crotch.

Then I began to stroke my mother's wet pussy over the panties making her shudder with incestuous joy.

I could feel her protruding pussy lips over the thin material of her panties and I kneaded it gently till she pleaded to remove her panties. I need your fingers there baby yank my panties away and give Mommy's pussy a good rub darling I slowly peeled of her panties and sniffed it for her sweet aroma, "Mmmmmhh Mom, I love this sweet aroma I was dying to feel your real smell Mom, would you like to see how sweetly you smell?

After a while I let my hand wonder into her cleft between her thighs and I could feel her freshly shaven smooth skin on my fingers. With a gasp Mom spread her thighs giving me a full access to her forbidden treasure cove and my fingers gripped her clit, my thumb pressing gently as she let out a wild shriek. She grew wet, and then overflowed her cunt as my fingers reached long and silently into her, feeling all the delicate, intricate, smooth inner walls her pussy.

My mother moaned while working at my cock, pulling and stroking it like milking a cow. Then I felt her when she came, jerking around my prying fingers.


I was delighted, my hand pressing itself flat over her smooth pussy, my fingers wriggling deep inside of her. I worked my fingers crazily in Mom, loving the way her big ass quivered with her orgasm. No sooner were my fingers out of her, she grabbed my fingers and licked them clean while making greedy slurping sounds. Then her body shifted, her nipples dragging against my thighs with their hard little heads, as she burrowed between my legs.

I held my cock up as I moved to lean against the pillows and said, "I want this inside you," and rubbed the long, thick cock across her full, pink lips.

My Mom looked at my big cock as it rubbed her lips. She could not help but kissing it as it passes invitingly on her mouth. She cupped my heavy balls in her hand and stared in amazement at the long shiny shaft. There was enough there to make any woman happy. She stroked the shaft up and down, squeezing out a fat drop of pre-cum which she licked with the tip of her tongue.

I looked down and caught my mother's eye. She had a wild lustful look and she ran her tongue up and down the shaft.

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Her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue narrow and frantic as her pink lips closed over my cock head. You're mouth so hot; I could cum in it soon. She turned her head more to the side and let I use her mouth as a fuck toy.

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She whispered that she hadn't had a man even in her mouth in past two years. She was still a horny sexy woman, but never had satisfaction from my step Dad. Give me what Mommy missed darling.

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How about letting your old mum suck it for you? Hmm, what do you think? Enjoy my young cock Mom," I cried out as she took my cock back in to her wet warm mouth and I forced myself deep into her mouth. She knew how to relax her throat muscles, enabling me to gain access deep into her throat.

1 Stories. 11 Followers. I woke up on my stomach hearing the alarm clock at am. I looked over at him and lifted up a little to come over to him lying on his back. "That's it baby tell me you love licking my ass." He replied with his face still in my ass, "Oh I love fucking licking your ass baby   Lick clean. Jayne was having one off those days she had been completing her cause work at collage and she was sick of it. She didn't have a moment to her self but she new it would be worth it in the end and besides she was going to get to see john tonight. John was the same age as Jayne around 18, he also was having a hard time at collage and   This goes out to ladies who enjoy guys going at it for her. A new friend helps me with my girlfriend's intruder fantasy. Story of my first scat experience. Sharing my boyfriend's huge cock with my girlfriend's asshole. and other exciting erotic stories at!

She loved it and was fully committed to it and I was glad I had such a lovable cock. Mom loved to suck it; my hands reached blindly and gripped her head thrusting my cock deeper into her throat.

She gagged and moaned driving my plunging cock mad. As I said this, the head of my cock disappeared inside her mouth. Mom purred and I felt my body tingle. She worked the shaft as she sucked on the head like a lollypop. She softly moaned as her pace increased.

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Mom began to suck her big, handsome son as hard as she could. Soft slurping sounds filled the room as she moved up and down on my long cock.

Licking ass stories

It was pretty muffled but I could make out what she said, "I want to taste your wonderful jism. She sucked me hard, drawing me down, until I couldn't bear any more. I fucked her frantically bucking my hips off the bed, watching her lips widening and encased over my cock as it entered, and feeling the little nibbles of her teeth as it moved. I finally had my cock so deep that I could feel my balls lapping at her chin. She reached down and started stroking the bottom of my balls to make me cum.

Then, she reached behind me with her other hand and started playing with my asshole.

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That was it for me! I had to admit that, as teenager I had plenty of staying power, but that move did the trick. I came in three mighty bursts shooting hot-jism down the back of Mom's throat and all over her mouth. Oh my sweet, sexy Mother. She cupped my ass and pulled my cock down her throat to get every last drop of my hot cum into her mouth. She sucked my warm cum from my hard cock, down her throat and into her belly. Finally when she pulled out, I could feel some of my cum dribbling out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

She scooped it and licked her fingers clean like a greedy little kid.

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You'd better start getting your erection again and fuck the shit out of your mother. I watched as she wriggled close to me, placing my hands back, between her long, tanned thighs, her hands gripping my wet rising cock, twisting it gently as they cupped me, from base to head.

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My cock made swishing sounds, wet noises, as she continued, firmly stroking my cock to get it ready. My fingers explored her pussy, pulling at her soft inner lips. I slid my fingers around inside of her, twisting them, pressing against her elastic walls. I was shocked and almost creamed when she told me to finger her ass-hole and I slid easily in that direction.

I started gentle probes on the puckered entrance and she told that I need some lubricant to intrude that forbidden path.

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