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As revealed by Lord Naseby in in British Parliament, Sri Lanka forces did not turn the warfront into a killing field. His source was the dispatches sent from the British High Commission in Sri Lanka by its defense attache Lt. Anton Gash during this volatile period.

It is whilst having this information in hand that the former British Premier David Cameron turned his visit to Sri Lanka in into a media freak show. He came as a delegate of the 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that was held in Colombo.

He broke all protocol expected from a State Head as he ran to Jaffna and back. It is interesting that during the three decades of terrorism, the ones who suffered the most were the Tamils caught in the terrorist-infested areas.

At one time, it was estimated that over 5, children - some as young as eight-nine - were held forcibly for combat purposes. Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera, who played a crucial role in the war, recalls the daily oppression ordinary Tamils in these areas suffered.

At a recent interview with an international media channel, a former terrorist belonging to a rival group of the LTTE charged that the LTTE is responsible for the disappearances of more than 30, Tamils.

He challenged whether the LTTE ex-cadres can account for at least 30 of them.

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The LTTE is also responsible for wiping out almost the entire Tamil political leadership. Today, all that remains are the likes of R. Sambanthan and Sumanthiran.

Sumanthiran who complained bitterly to Prince Edward about the PTA prisoners, involuntarily disappeared persons and land acquisitions never uttered a word when the LTTE committed all these sins. Interestingly, it was not only the Tamils in these areas that suffered. They were regularly forced to fund the terror machine with arms, propaganda and to buy legislators.

Though of Sri Lankan origin, they have since become British subjects and yet the British Government failed to protect them - the basic obligation of any Government. Had they executed their responsibility, they would have withered a terror network long beforeand would have saved so many lives. Ironically, as Sri Lanka celebrated ridding British occupation, in London a raucous group carrying the LTTE flag, shouted slogans such as that Prabakaran was their leader.

The social fabric of Tamil society got torn asunder badly, cultural life shrank, values got brutalised, and ethical norms started crumbling. These were the effects of long-term war on a small, powerless people. The worst impact was demographic. Tamils left the country in very large numbers.

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Equally large numbers have moved to areas outside the north and east. The Tamils may have proved a point by taking up arms against the State dominated by the numerically larger Sinhala people, but ultimately, demography was also defeating the Tamils.

After decades of fighting that debilitated and diminished the Tamil people, no concrete gains were made by the LTTE in winning back the lost rights of the Tamil people. Death, displacement and destruction enveloped the Tamil areas for many years.

style="display:none;visibility Militarism of the LTTE. Prabhakaran explicitly stated that an armed struggle is the only way to resist asymmetric warfare, in which one side, that of the Sri Lankan government, is armed and the other comparatively argued that he chose military means only after observing that non-violent means have been ineffectual and obsolete, especially after the Thileepan incident We were married at Evans Chapel on campus in - shortly after the last of our Clarion duties ended. Nearly five years later, we still aren't sick of each other: if that isn't love - love that was built from our love of the Clarion - we don't know what is. Congratulations to the Clarion for making it

Despite all this suffering and sorrow undergone by the Tamil people, the LTTE had achieved nothing tangible in its perennial quest for Tamil Eelam. The writing on the wall was discernible to any sensible observer of the military situation from onwards.

Yet, Prabhakaran and his followers were oblivious to reality even as the army advanced. Apparently, Prabhakaran and the LTTE were not unduly concerned about the advancing armed forces for quite a while, as the Tigers were confident that the Army would not be able to proceed beyond a certain point. Displacement in Jaffna peninsula-year Pic via BBC.

This assessment got skewered after the fall of Paranthan, which was a major turning point. Paranthan was followed by the fall of Kilinochchi and then Elephant Pass. Even after losing the Jaffna-Kandy road or A-9 highway and all areas to its west, the LTTE was yet confident of withstanding the Army for a much longer period in areas east of the A-9 highway. But the rapid progress of the Army during this phase took the LTTE by surprise.

Within a relatively quick period, the various military divisions and task forces made sweeping strides into Tiger territory.

As a result the LTTE and hundreds of thousands of civilians were boxed into a small space that kept on shrinking as the Army began advancing. It was then that the alarm bells began ringing. The civilian casualty toll also started rising as more and more people were crammed into less and less land while the armed forces intensified operations.

Now the pro-Tiger Tamil diaspora got into the act. Tamils began engaging in world-wide protests and demonstrations.

There was a powerful intensity to these.

Tamil Nadu too started boiling. New Delhi was under pressure. With the wisdom of hindsight it could be seen that Prabhakaran had made four grave miscalculations. Underestimating in two and overestimating in two.

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He overestimated the impact and influence of the diaspora in the west and the pro-Tiger lobby in Tamil Nadu. The unfolding civilian catastrophe was his trump card. Prabhakaran thought the Western nations could be made to exert adequate pressure on Colombo and make it call off the war.

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Likewise he thought the passionate emotions of Tamil Nadu could sway New Delhi into moving against the war. If these were overestimation errors, he also underestimated badly the determination of the Rajapaksa regime as well as the armed forces.

Prabhakaran did not expect the armed forces to keep on progressing relentlessly as they did. But despite heavy losses, the military juggernaut kept on rolling forward. More importantly, he expected then President Mahinda Rajapaksa would cave into international pressure and call it quits. Then again Rajapaksa too did not succumb and went ahead with the military campaign. With Parliamentary Elections drawing near in India along with State polls in Tamil Nadu the emotional climate in Tamil Nadu rose to a high.

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Incessant propaganda by the Tiger lobby made many candidates of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham DMK and Congress jittery. The DMK and Congress contesting as allies were depicted as traitors to Tamils as they were not concerned about civilians getting killed and injured in Sri Lanka, the Tiger lobby charged. Some newspapers predicted a clean sweep for the opposition in Tamil Nadu elections scheduled for May This resulted in P.

Chidambaram, the senior Central Government Home Minister from Tamil Nadu, initiating a fresh attempt for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka. He even persuaded Sonia Gandhi to go along with the plan.

These moves were on with the concurrence of Karunanidhi. The LTTE was asked to issue a declaration that it was prepared to lay down its arms pending negotiations. Even the Tiger declaration was drafted for LTTE approval. The Sri Lankan Government was also asked to be ready to proclaim a unilateral ceasefire.

But the LTTE failed to utilise the opportunity. The Tigers consulted their chief supporters in Tamil Nadu like P. Nedumaran and Vaiko. Unwilling to let the Congress and DMK gain credit the duo advised the LTTE to reject the offer. KP was assigned the task of bringing about a ceasefire and provide breathing space for the beleaguered LTTE. The talented Pathmanathan tapped into his vast reservoir of contacts.

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Rajiv Gandhi: An Assessment.

Britain's love for the LTTE and fales Promises by Sri Lankan Gov. 15/02/ 15/02/ Karu. By Shivanthi Ranasinghe. When a foreign delegate lands in Sri Lanka, the Tamil National Alliance wastes no time in lamenting to them about the delay in installing the new Constitution The LTTE launched a massive attack on the armed forces shortly after midnight on Sunday, 17 May. The attack was in three directions but mainly directed towards the Nandikadal lagoon area held by the 53 division. After fierce fighting led by Bhanu, the three Tiger contingents broke through We are talking about children as young as seven years, kidnapped from their parents, scared, lonely and denied the love of family and home and given a gun to kill. Mind you, photos of Prabakaran's son show him playing with toys and swimming with daddy Prabakaran, while children the same age as his son had only a gun for a toy

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