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By this time she's removed her clothes, letting her skirt and panties pool on the ground around her ankles, but leaving on her high heels.

Consider, literotica fuck toy consider, that you

Her body is, frankly, breathtaking. And then she reaches into her bag and pulls out some kind of hard rubber thing, with some straps attached to it. Its purpose becomes immediately obvious as she steps into it, and tightens the strap-on dildo into place.

She's gotten the rubber cock about as wet as she's going to - which, unfortunately for you, is not much - so she positions it at the entrance of your pussy, and starts working the head in.

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Her own head is leaned back and her eyes are closed, as she does this. The eroticism of this situation is getting to be too much to take, so I come up behind her, letting my hands roam up to cup her breasts and explore her taut tummy, as she starts to fuck you.

She lets her head fall back onto my shoulder, losing herself in the moment. oh god When she's got her breath back she pulls the rubber dong out of you, and turns around so she can face me properly. We kiss, and do our best to continue kissing as I remove my clothes and she she steps out of her strap-on.

We fall back onto the bed, beside the lump in the sheets, and proceed to make slow, leisurely love, allowing ourselves to be carried away by the moment.

She cums again, her pussy gripping my cock, and when I'm ready I pull out, go back to your backside, and let my cum rain down on your ass. I don't cum inside you, this time, because I don't want to mix her juices with yours. We make small talk as she gets dressed, and as she goes into the bathroom to clean the old, used cum off her strap-on. When she comes back out, we exchange numbers, and she heads home - presumably to her girlfriend. I spend the rest of the night in the room, occasionally depositing some more cum into you.

I have no idea what's going through your mind. Do you fall asleep under there? Are you pleased with the trickle of cum running down the inside of your thigh? The next morning, when I wake up, I give you a slap on the ass as I go by on my way to the shower. I use the coffee machine in the room to make coffee; it's not the greatest, but I don't feel like going downstairs just yet.

The hotel has thoughtfully left a newspaper outside the door, which I spread out over your back, so that I can read the headlines and drink my coffee while I slide my dick into your cunt, for one last deposit. I then gather up my things, and am about to leave, when I take a last look around the room, and have a thought. I write a quick note on the hotel stationary, and then stick the pen through it, like a spear.

I then insert the pen into your asshole, so the sign is pointing out of your ass like a flag. I step back to admire my handywork:. I don't usually stop to explain my stories, but this one isn't my usual kind of story. I mean it is and it isn't. I've written similar things before, but this one is a bit more dehumanizing than is usually my style, and that's on purpose, because the first part was written for a particular girl I'd met, for whom the scenario would have been very erotic.

Which is what inspired it in the first place: after a long conversation about how much she liked being treated like an object, the idea started to form. The second part grew organically out of the first, following the process that all my stories follow, meaning that I simply asked myself: what would happen if things went one step further? And one step more? This won't be to everyone's taste - I'm not sure it's even to my taste, on a normal day - which is fine. That's what a site like this is all about, right?

I really actually enjoyed this sorry. I like the insainly blunt objectification. I really really liked the punishment though, and I'd love to have seen more combined with objectification. Anyway, I really liked it!

You say you write about a sex toy. This is the most boring story about a sex toy I've ever seen. You can paint the page beige and be more interesting. Why did you write this? There is nothing to want to read here. Really isn't my thing but, you're an exceptional writer so it still gets the 5 stars it deserves. I'm glad the story resonated; that's just about the highest compliment I can receive as a writer. COVID RESOURCES. She was goth, with a tiny waist and small, b-cup sized tits, but she was exotic and alluring in her own sense.

remarkable, very

She wielded a very authoritative air about her, almost intimidating. Yeah, I like him, he's alright," Kat shrugged, "He always has good weed, and he's nice to you, and you're my friend, so I'm not gonna sit around and talk shit about your boyfriend, but he's kind of a loser. He only wants to smoke weed, he's not going to college, I mean, shit, his greatest aspirations in life are to play video games competitively and sell pot.

You can't tell me you seriously want to stay with a guy like that ". But look at you now! Fuck, Jo, you're hot!

Literotica fuck toy

There's a whole world of men out there. All guys look at me and they only care about what I look like, and it makes me sick. I don't want a guy that's only with me for my looks, and Travis liked me before I, well. She grabbed her tits and bounced them up and down. They both laughed, giggling while Josephine pushed her tits up, leaning forward and shaking them in Kat's face.

You're gonna turn me on, now! That means you can have your pick. Your brothers are right, you can do way better than Travis.

Fuck Toy; Fuck Toy. Story Info. You're there to be used as I wish. 2k words. 4. k. 6. used fucktoy blowjob bdsm. Share this Story. Font Size. Default Font Size. Font Spacing. Default Font Spacing. Font Face. Default Font Face. Reading Theme. Detect Automatically. Default Theme (White) You need to Log In or Sign Up to have your customization saved in your Literotica profile. PUBLIC Used Fuck Toy Ch. Good Day. When a Man has a good day his Fuck Toy has a good day. by BataBitch Erotic Couplings 10/04/ Josephine sat down and grabbed a strip of bacon and some eggs, a glass of juice and some coffee, and quietly ate while the boys chowed down. "-but she's a total tease anyways," Jacob finished some story, Mark nodding and Patrick rolling his eyes, then he turned to Josephine. "Hey Jo, you're being awfully quiet over there."

He's fun, and nice, but that's not enough. If I break up with Travis, then what? I don't want to jump into dating, I really don't, but I don't want to sleep around either, but I still want to get fucked. I want someone that's interested in me for who I am, not what I look like.

Something literotica fuck toy you have correctly

Someone that knows me and appreciates me. Josephine stared at Kat, confused, while Kat bit her lip, then sucked some drink through her straw, avoiding eye contact. Jo's jaw dropped. Her heart started racing and her head began to spin. She stared at Kat with wide eyes, her face flushed. Her thoughts swirled and spun, the events of her life playing on a projection screen in her mind.

Her mother had met Owen when she was eleven. She'd never known her real father, and life before Owen was lonely.

Fuck Toy. Story Info. He finally gets what he wants. k words. k. 3. erotic mind control female submission fuck toy sex slave. Share this Story. Font Size. Default Font Size. Font Spacing. Default Font Spacing. Font Face. Default Font Face. Reading Theme. Detect Automatically. Default Theme (White) You need to Log In or Sign Up to have your customization saved in your "You don't need to know my name, fuck-toy" He lowers his hand towards her pussy again, stopping at her clit. He'd begin rubbing at it, occasionally sliding his fingers along her slit. "Thank. Thank you MiMister" she moans. "Wrong." he'd say firmly, simultaneously speeding up his motions. Her breaths become more drawn out, occasional moans emit as she thinks. "I THANK YOU SIR!" she yelps

Her mother worked so much to support her that she seldom had the time or energy that her daughter needed. When Owen came into the picture, everything changed. Suddenly, she had a father figure, and his sons quickly became her friends, and as Jacob was closest to her in age, they became best friends almost immediately.

accept. interesting

Owen married her mother within a year and they immediately moved in, and Josephine had never been happier. He treated her like his own, and her step brother's were always kind, always willing to share and spend time with her, they treated her like a sister, better almost. She was their sweetheart, and she basked in their attention. And when her mother died suddenly in a car crash a little over a year later, and she'd thought she'd be orphaned and alone, Owen didn't skip a beat.

Even in his time of mourning, he rushed to fill out the paperwork to officially adopt her the very next day, taking her aside and swearing that he'd always take care of her, and that she was his child just as much as Jacob or Patrick or Mark. That's why she always chose to cook, to clean, to treat her rowdy older brothers with tender affection, she wanted to live up to the attention they gave her, she wanted to make up for the debt she owed to their kindness and love.

And don't even get me started on Owen!

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Honestly, I've always been jealous of your hot step brothers, what I wouldn't give to have three hunks within arms reach? You know he gets around, well haven't you ever wondered why?

69ing and Threesomes: Sex Stories Season One Finale

Every girl in our graduating class wants that cock, and if he's well endowed, that means Mark and Patrick must have good sized dicks too. They're all enamored with you, they're crazy about you, fuck, they'd do anything for you. If you asked one of them to fuck you, you know they would. The budding psychologist? The intellectual? He's so calm and demure, like he just doesn't even give a fuck if you want his cock.

Oh God. But they don't believe in cheating, they fuck other people, but they love each other.

pity, that now

I don't really understand how it works, to be honest, but he says it works for them, and they're both very happy. COVID RESOURCES.

remarkable, rather

LIT CAMS Free Tokens ADULT TOYS VOD MOVIES. She doesn't respond, continuing to squirm. You either tell me, or you stop squirming. I'm just- h-horny. Please l-let me cum. It's obvious she's desperate to play with her pussy. He switches the radio back on, putting it at full volume to muffle out her begs and please. He begins ignoring her entirely, humming along to the music. The car stops beside a concrete building which seems to be in the middle of the country.

congratulate, what

He stretches, turning to her with a smirk. Quite steamy I love it very good start but as those before me I think if she would have atleast waited to give in atleast until the next chapte plus she didnt seem that overcome with attraction while he was doing her would like more detail, great start though so please submit more dont get discouraged with the comments it was exquisite. Very good for your first attempt. I agree her reaction at the end was breaking character, hoping you can go more into the backstory to explain that detail.

thank for the

I'd also suggest longer chapters for future submissions, though fair warning that in my own case the only "hate mail" I got was from readers who were antsy for the next chapter. Also, definitely make use of the volunteer editors here.

Sounds like you have a strong story line starting but they can help you tell that story more effectively and clean it up before you submit it. I wish I'd taken more advantage myself! Keep up the good work and don't leave us waiting too long for the next chapter! I'm definitely interested, but her proclamation that she is horny and, more importantly, begging to come does come completely out of left field.

That would not be the reaction of someone kidnapped and assaulted by a stranger. Other than that I'd recommend an editor, mostly to help with word usage. But I'd really like to read more either way.


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Welcome Home, Fuck-Toy. Story Info. forced fucktoy small. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size.

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Default Theme White. You need to Log In or Sign Up to have your customization saved in your Literotica profile. Click here. Aquilaa 1 Stories. I don't know your n-name misT-" she'd stutter before once again being interrupted.

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