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To fit the shaft I just mounted it on a drill and sanded the end down until it fitted. Then the real fun part. Wish etc are selling sets with these things, and is easy to fit the female end to the shaft with tape etc.

The male part for the air tube connector can be mounted on a vac-u-lock adapter or simply a flat plate for suction. Ive been making my own machinetaking bits of this one and my own ideas.

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Ive bought the wiper, motor controller and power switch. Im not very electrically minded and im having trouble seeing how its all connected together by the pic.

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Could you describe what wires go where for me please? If it has only 2 wires, they has to be connected to the controller blue and green wires. Marked with motor on the controller.

And - normaly black to - black on the controller. That should be all. If your motor has 3 cords you have to look for info on internet, or just test by connecting the motor directly to the powersupply and se how to connect to make it run. Thanks for your reply.

Christ im terrible. Its connected to the wiper by 5 wires. Green red yellow white and black. The wiper motor ive got has a male connector with 5 wires soldered onto it. Green red black yellow and white. This is all covered in a clear plastic type silicone.

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Ouch You need to find out which of the 5 wires to use. Then you just cut them from the connector and extend them to the controller, or somehow connect just two of them to the exciting connector and test by connecting directly to the power supply.

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There your would use Common and Low or High speed. On the adaptor power supplydo i have to cut the end of to expose the wires in order for me to connect them to the black and red wires on the controller? But get the motor wires figured out before you connect the controller in between.

Test the motor directly to the power supply first.

Ive got it going now but its slow as hell. Im imagining its the wiper motor?

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Ive just noticed actually the power supply is only 4amps. Would 6 make a significant difference?

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Its nothing like my power drill machine lol. The wiper is a 12v motor for a nissan. Its incredibly slow even when the controller switch is on maximum.

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You night have found the slow input wire. There should be a high speed wire also, or was that even slower? I tried putting the wires into a few terminals on the wiper and nothing worked apart from these two connections.

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I made a machine using the parts I purchased from a web site called orgasm alley a My idea is to make something that can be made by an average person in their kitchen with minimal tools. Hi, I also made my fuck machine. My f-machine is a manual one, just a rocking chair with a flat metal fold up chair bungee corded of face of rocking chair.

Now I can mount any one of my suction cup dildos to the metal chair and back my ass up on it all night long. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. About WordPress.

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org Documentation Support Feedback. View Calendar.

Reciprocating Saw Fucking Machine

Buy FM18 Orgasm Machine Now. Clamp too tight or too loose? Adjust here. Adjust this screw to desired tightness of the clamp - with a touch of a finger. Professional high quality V power supply adapter, to which households all over the world can supply. Accurate dial speed controller, bring to best accuracy. Strong high-torque motor, ensure the machine penetration power, never stop. Offer one free A01 dildo attachment as default, for immediate use.

Provide free carry bag to all customers who purchase FM Buy FM18 Machine Now. Left: Speed Controller, Right: Remote Controller. Highly Recommend Dual Control Version In addition to the wired control, also the Dual Control Version add the remote control, automat adjust frequency, 18 different thrust modes allow you to experience different levels of sexual pleasure, find the best mode for yourself and reach to your climax.

Buy FM18 Dildo Machine Now. Masturbation Machine Essential Accessories. Dimensions of box for each model may vary. Fast shipping to all over the world without any troubles, our customer service is very friendly and very involved as well as solution oriented.

Yes I had several questions before and you answered them all to my fullest satisfaction.

The delivery to Germany was quick and in without any problems. I was so excited when I opened the package and the assembly was absolutely easy. Thank you very much for this splendid machine at a reasonable price.

I am old.

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Feel free to use this email under the name Mo. I hope this will achieve both our goals. The FM18 machine was purchased as a gift for 2 lady friends.

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While I have no experience to share from what they have shared with me, they absolutely love it. Pardon the pun. As for the A13 I need to learn to measure in MM. It was quite a surprise. Job well done. I would like to thank you for all the help. My second package arrived today!

I really appreciate the last email you sent but that should have been the responsibility of the shipping company, all your information was correct. They still have not contacted me at all.

The package was still sealed and the product looks really good. I wanted to thank you for your assistance and time helping me through this process. You have been an excellent company to work with on a product level but especially on a customer service level.

I look forward to ordering from you in the future!!

apologise, but

After a lot of research into these machines, I felt he FM18 would be the best value for my money. I also ordered a handful of accessories. I had a lot of questions too.

All my questions were always answered clearly and promptly from the adultrepdao team. There was some missing accessories at no fault of adultrepdao and they still took care of me. I had many questions after the purchase and all those questions were answered too.

Back to the product. The quality of the machine was what I was hoping for although I expected less. It is sturdy, durable, quite, and a lot of fun. It is worth every penny! A quality product at a very reasonable price with the type of service a customer is supposed to get. Thank you adultrepdao!!!! Everything is correct on the mailing address. Thank You for the email regarding shipping time, it was an unnecessary but thoughtful step. Every interaction I have had with your company has been very courteous, helpful and efficient.

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I have owned a FM18 for almost 5 years now and it is as amazing as ever. When my husband travels for work and is gone for extensive periods of time, it helps us to stay closer.

Thank You for the high quality product. My package arrived yesterday and I want to personally thank-you for your patience, understanding and help concerning this purchase. Also would like to say thank-you for the extra included dildo that you included also. We set the machine up and the machine is above what our expectations where of it. It is of high quality and well built of metal verses plastic. It is super quiet, which is a major benefit of the machine and it has a lot of other features included that other machines do not have I guess, it was well worth the wait.

Stefan Snowaert - DULUTH, MN, United States. PayPal FM18 buyer contacts are available upon request.

This machine is awesome - for the cost alone is awesome compared to other know brands. Compared to another machine I had 3 times the cost and broken already, I got the F18, super solid, quiet.

Quick to setup and take down. Attachments make this thing soooo much better and adaptable.

Can use just about anything with this machine. Those who like full on, crank this up to the max and no slow downs hours of pleasure. if you can last Amazing highly recommended.

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Received the FM18 within a week. Super solid machine everything about it is quality.

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Heavy, stays where you put it. Quite and smooth operation. Customer service is great. My wife loves it! I fucked a robot, and I liked it. FM18 model in this review is older version So uhm I bought a fucking machine.

Ending the 25 year run of my second marriage, and unable to endure one day longer, I began to believe that there MUST be a better way. This thing rocks! I am an experienced male analist.

Make a fuck machine

I enjoyed in the past occassional multiple prostate orgasms if this are done right. Now this is a whole different level. Very powerful. It does not get tired. It just does it. Only con is sometimes its tall and a narrow base so it can like to get unstable. I went down to the home improvement store and made 4 2 ft 1. Which can be nice, good slow stroking and will stop if you kegel and cum, and start again when you relax.

For me 40 to 45 is perfect, intense, orgasmic. I can still stop it at 40 with my muscles, but just barely. I ran it all the way up to for maybe ten seconds. That was ridiculous. Great machine for a half a grand. Get the attachments. My toys are almost all vac-u-lock so that one was needed. This handles my biggest heaviest monsters [2 pounders] with ease above The attachment for suction cup dildos works great.

Crystal - California, United States. mostly the reason why i chose this one was because of very informative video showing exactly what your getting. have used product and wife likes very much, we have been married 24 years and always have a great relationship and this machine adds a extra spice for sure. want to thank Mr. Chang for making available a great product at a very reasonable price.

the simplest fucking machine you can make is a DC gear motor with a simpl evariable voltage speed control. a better speed control is a good addition but they are expensive. 90 volt control motors (or up to volt) and a suitable torque controlling speed control makes a much better machine. the best motors made are Bodine but very expensive new. you can find then used and surplus but not in large quantities. this is one of the many reasons for making my stepper based machine. Fucking Machine Making Big Clit Squirt Everywhere and Insane Female Orgasm. Tags: amateur, big tits, blonde, female orgasm BabesTube. Solo randy girl gets off by using a fuck machine on her pink pussy. Tags: doggystyle, erotic, fucking machine, hd, moaning. 1 year ago. xHamster. 1 Hour Squirting Orgasm Fuck Machine Session. Tags A03 - ? Big Fuck Machine G-spot Dildo; A04 - ? Big Black Monster Dildo Attachment; A05 - Blowjob Machine Masturbator Attachment; A06 - ? Anal Penetration Sex Machine Dildo; A07 - ? Ass Fucking Machine Dildo Attachment; A08 - ? Dick Machine's Prostate Massage Dildo; A09 - ? Big, Massive Fuck Machine Monster Dildo

would definitely recommend this machine to anyone, thumbs up all the way. Bill - Lakeland, Florida, USA. It was in perfect condition which, I am sure, had a lot to do with the special attention you paid to wrapping and packing of all the parts ordered.

The machine has performed exactly as you advertised.

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