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When I thoughtlessly kissed her afterwards she was entirely disgusted and told me to scrub my face and clean my teeth to remove the poison. Something to do with pheromones, I suppose, maybe attractive to men and lesbians but repulsive to women like her. I had been trying for years to get better access, but with no success.

I kept my focus strictly on Amy, trying not to think about Frank's cock inches away from my mouth, but it was a real effort. I guess I did all right, though, because Amy had her first orgasm of the day while Frank continued to fuck her and I continued to lick her. It was a good one, pretty powerful, and that was enough to put Frank over the edge

I read complaints from women that their men would not do oral sex, but here was I so eager and so denied. In vain I told her that I liked the smell wrong word to use, it turned out, resulting in increased use of deodorants and the taste had been fine. You'd soon give up. She had always been rather competitive, and it seems I had made a bet. What I should have remembered is that she sometimes cheats.

Prove it! Starting and finishing midnight Monday. You will just have to take what comes, but don't kiss me afterwards. Let's say you have to complete ten minutes each time.

A quick peck will not count. That's nearly an hour a day and two at the weekend! If you survive, which I don't think you will, you can schedule the weekend. She paused and added "Now for some reason I am feeling rather horny, so let your cock do its work! Afterwards she went through her usual routine to make sure that no trace of male or female discharge was left. Just before midnight on Sunday she showered and went through her hygienic routine, presenting herself just after midnight.

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I put my mouth on her and she started a kitchen timer. It was all very inviting and I licked enthusiastically, feeling all the way from just below her cunt, up over the peehole and over the clit and the hood. I started well but I was getting a bit tired when I felt a bit of plumpness in her vulva, so glanced at the clock: 6 minutes. My neck was aching when the timer went and she said "Well done for Monday, four more to go! It was four o'clock in the morning when my open snoring mouth was suddenly covered by a hairy snatch.

It's four o'clock in the morning! Oxygen was my main problem, but I managed to struggle my nose clear and was soon appreciating her. My neck did not ache from this position, and I passed the ten-minute mark.

I wondered if she would offer me something in the morning, but instead we got up in the usual rush. I was home first. When she came home, she took off her coat and instead of changing, she dragged me upstairs, took off her skirt, tights and knickers, and presented herself.

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Now the thing with tights, is they do tend to make the groin sweaty. So my face came down to sweat-drenched hair and a complex female slit which had a certain bouquet as they say with wine of female musk, ripe sweat and just a hint of piss. I started to lick with my nose in her pubic mound, getting a generous dose of pheromone for my trouble.

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She would have been utterly disgusted and probably expected me to be, but I had my secret weapon: I was a male. It was a bit strong at first, but soon I had licked it down to a more subtle taste.

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Something like a dry white wine with the floral undertones of female secretions and the top note of whatever was coming through my nose. Three down, two to go. She went and cleaned up for her own comfort and changed.

When dinner had digested, she presented herself on the bed again. She was not surgically scrubbed, so it was now a very pleasant slightly fruity taste and the smell of a woman, as I worked my way round trying to please her.

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She was definitely excited when the timer went, but my arms and neck were aching, as I probably did not have the best position. Her face was red and I detected some disappointment.

A very successful number four. We got ready for bed, and she squatted down looking towards my toes, so that my nose was practically in her arsehole. Of course, it was quite clean. Still, there was a faint smell of something like rubber, which was not entirely appetising, which I expect came from some anal glands. It was a more difficult place to lick from, but I passed the ten-minute mark and the end of Monday's Challenge.

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In the middle of the night I heard her peeing and washing her hands. Without a word she came and sat on my face. Not only had she not cleaned herself, I expect she had wiped the pee around so that all her bush was soaking. After while I had licked the area between her outer lips clean, but was still getting the benefit of pissy hair on my face. To be honest, it was not that pleasant, but it got better as I licked away the piss, and I felt some female juice coming down as she must have been getting excited.

I wondered if we were going to be plunged into some piss fetish and did not like the idea. Afterwards I drank some water, washed my face and cleaned my teeth as she wiped herself with a flannel.

After breakfast she had obviously cleaned herself, and I did a good job on her pussy if I say so myself. She did not normally go to work in such a good mood. That evening it was the sweaty knickers [3] and after dinner a wiped cunt, smelling and tasting of woman: not very strong but very nice.

After we had digested she started flirting, then unzipped me and gave me a bit of a suck. I had been pretty aroused anyway, so off we went to bed to make love. At least I hope that's how she interpreted my enthusiastic fuck. I deposited a good load and you unlike me will immediately guess what happened next.

She grabbed her pussy, pushed me onto my back and immediately squatted over my face to give me my own sperms back. Now I had often contemplated eating a cream pie.

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It always seemed a good idea until I actually came when it immediately seemed a very bad one, so I had never gone for it. If you've never tried it, the taste is a bit odd, but what gets you is the sliminess and the fact that the spunk slides around in a sauce of cunt juice, so slips oddly in your mouth. She probably thought I would turn away, but I managed to hold in place and swallow and lick her till the timer went.

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Five out of five! I have read on the internet, so it must be true that male animals lick out the sperm of a rival but not their own. Thus men are slightly repelled by what they have just discharged, but are eager to lick out that of another man, and some encourage their wives to get sperm for this purpose.

I hoped I was not going find this out this as part of the challenge! It was five o'clock in the morning when I got what began to be a familiar wake-up call. I later realised that not all of the spunk had escaped and some had managed to mature to a more intense flavour, though not really slimy.

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It was combined with some hours of female secretion to give a somewhat acrid flavour. In principle, I would say it was nasty and I am sure she would have hated it but actually I quite liked it.

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After the ten-minute bell, she went for a pee. I heard her flushing and washing as I began to doze off. Suddenly a pissy pussy was thrust in my face. So I started to lick and she started the clock. I struggled but managed.

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I now have a glass of water beside my bed at night. After work I was ready for the sweaty knickers, but she went straight for a shower before demanding my service.

However, she did not do extreme cleaning so there was a little bit of woman smell and taste. There were two more clean but not too clean pussies which I think we both enjoyed before midnight and another day was done. A lick before an early breakfast [1] and another afterwards, allowing time to get to work as usual. My technique had improved so that I could now manage ten minutes without getting asphyxiated or crippled, and she was obviously enjoying what I was doing.

Perhaps she was now more cooperative, and I could look forward to daily licking in future. In the evening she came home and wiped herself with a flannel, but did not shower. This gave me a pussy with a bit of flavour: just about the right amount to be both sexy and easy to lick. After dinner, she showered and came down with a sexy night dress to invite me to bed, where she opened her legs and pushed my head down.

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I did not stop when the bell went, but carried on for a while until I could resist no longer, and plunged in with my cock. When I came it immediately seemed a bad idea of course, but I wasn't going to lose the challenge at this stage. She surprised me by popping in a tampon before starting the clock, so there were very few deserters from the sperm army that I had to clear up.

I thought this was rather considerate. I was presented with my next challenge.

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I believe she had a friend who was a wicked witch and had taught her this spell. The trapped sperms had matured in a way that would delight a French cheese connoisseur. The slightly acrid taste I had experienced before, but fuller and riper, with the battle survivors swimming in a thin fluid. It was strong, but not so bad, while being bad at the same time, sort of.

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I did my ten minutes. She went and had a piss to provide me with a sort of fusion sauce on a bed of hair. Author note: Yes yes I know I promised Loving Adrian! But I'm working on writing the WHOLE thing from first meeting to first time together and having a hard time remembering it without having to jump on him!

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Helen had never been one to break the rules. And one of her parents golden rules was; No sex in the house when they were home. Unfortunately, Adrian was leaving to start his new job the next day, and therefore she was having a hard time keeping her hands off him. we shouldn't The year-old curvy beauty stared him in the eyes. He reached up his large hands and cupped her beautiful breasts, before easing her down slightly so he could tug a nipple into his mouth.

Helen moaned and pushed her breast further into his mouth.

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Adrian took this opportunity to roll Helen onto her back so he was on top and in control. Secretly he knew Helen loved to be dominated, and this was confirmed with her squeal of delight.

Keeping tight hold of his self control, Adrian allowed himself to thrust a little inside her, closing his brown eyes and allowing himself to feel her, skin on skin.

Helen, meanwhile, was exploding. The sensation of Adrian plunging deep, as well as the thought of him being naked She felt herself begin to come and had to bite down hard on her lip to keep herself from screaming out loud, managing to restrict herself to a soft gasp of "Oh Adrian He was getting close, and Adrian pulled out as Helen began to come, not risking the near miss of the previous day.

He heard Helen trying to bring her breathing back under control and smiled. He loved giving her the pleasure she deserved and had been almost deprived of in her previous relationship.

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Helen managed to open her eyes, and regarded Adrian with a soft smile. He was knelt by her knees, leg muscles bulging slightly, still very erect. Adrian's breating immediately went shallow as Helen licked the length of him, then drew it back into her warm mouth, rubbing her tounge against the underside as she sucked up and down.

A betrayed captain takes care of a witch's guard. The new puppy is given his debut at a femdom party. Leethie and Miranda are reunited. Alex becomes Lexi and the feminization continues. "I still see you as that unattainable goddess." and other exciting erotic stories at! Welcome to Literotica, your FREE source for the hottest in erotic fiction and fantasy. Literotica features original sex stories from a variety of authors. Literotica accepts quality erotic story submissions from amateur authors and holds story contests for contributors A lick before an early breakfast [1] and another afterwards, allowing time to get to work as usual.[2] Both very pleasantly loaded with pheromones. My technique had improved so that I could now manage ten minutes without getting asphyxiated or crippled, and she was obviously enjoying what I was doing

Slowly Adrian relaxed into it. He had never had oral sex this good, never felt as relaxed as he did now, as he felt himself gradually getting closer and closer Helen kept her rhythm steady, even when Adrian began to thrust into her mouth enthusiastically, his breathing more rapid, hand rubbing the back of her head.

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