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Her body shook each time I fingered her, making her breasts wobble nicely. I played with her like this for a while, until the girl was going nuts, then I stopped suddenly and without warning pulled my fingers from her. Don't stop. Please keep going. I couldn't help laughing, especially when I noticed her hips still rocking as if my fingers were still inside her.

For the next minute I got to watch one of my favourite sights.

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A sexy teenage girl, so horny and desperate to cum that she'll do anything to get her man to being her off. Amy licked and sucked her own juices from my fingers with the speed of a thirst dog lapping up water from its bowl. When I was satisfied with her work, I stood up and pulled Amy by the ankles to the edge of the bed, then I pulled her now soaked knickers from her and threw them across the room.

Amy propped herself up on her elbows to watch as I got her into position. She still wore her black skirt and white knee high socks, those are my favourite piece of school uniform, so I didn't take them off for her. I knelt between her legs, placing each leg over my shoulders. Amy was still watching me. I pulled her pussy lips apart, holding her open with my thumbs and pushed my tongue into her pussy hole then licked upwards to her clit.

She gd loudly and fell flat on her back. Amy held her hands tightly over her face, moaning into her palms as I lapped up juice from off of her clit.

Her stick thin legs were kicking the air behind my legs, occasionally trying to move away, but my arms were wrapped around her thighs as I held her pussy lips open so there was no way she was going to break free. I always enjoy watching the face of a girl as I'm eating her pussy, there's something exciting about seeing how her expressions changes as she gets hornier and how she reacts to what I'm doing. Amy was a good one to watch.

Her young face, so full of horny curiosity and lust as I knelt between her legs, had changed for a second to a face of shock as I first ran my tongue over her clit. Now her face was spaced out. Her eyes tightly closed and her mouth wide open sucking in air with quick shallow breaths. She was mumbling something that was mostly incoherent but sounded like words of encouragement to me. The girl's face and chest was turning red, a light pink appeared on her breasts and cheeks and quickly spread turning darker all the time.

Within a few minutes Amy had hold of the back of my head and was pushing me against her pussy.

By now her eyes were wide open and she was begging me not to stop. I slipped two fingers inside her and was rewarded with a loud cry of excitement.

Amy's pussy tightened around my fingers and as that happened she started making a high pitched whine that grew louder and louder the tighter her pussy clamped my fingers, until she let out a loud and long lasting sigh followed by some equally loud murmurings about how good she felt. With that Amy's pussy loosened its grip and she quietened down to a few loud pants as her orgasm subsided.

I stood up and quickly dropped my trousers and boxer shorts while Amy was still dazed. Trapping her against my shoulders and arms I lent over her and thrust my tongue back inside her mouth so she would taste herself in my kiss.

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I could feel my hard cock rubbing against Amy's wet pussy. Please be careful with me though, I haven't done this bit before. I pressed my dick against Amy's wet lips and leaned forwards, opening her up and entering her body. Amy squealed a little as her pussy was filled for the first time. In one slow push I slid my full length into her. I love fucking girls while I hold their legs in the air, it lets me get so deep inside them and like Amy discovered the girl really knows she's been fucked.

Leaning back and thrusting slightly upwards into the virgin pussy I was able to stroke her G-spot again with my cock. Amy was going nuts, rubbing herself all over and playing with her tits as I had her. Once I was sure she was comfortable having me inside her, I started giving it to her hard, pumping my full length in and out with quick hard thrusts. Amy started whimpering as soon as my balls slapped against her arse for the first time. At one point she actually started sucking her thumb, then spat it out and was gasping for air.

Her upper body was turning red; I could see she was close to cumming for me again. Holding both ankles in one hand I pushed her legs as far towards her chest as I could. Using my free hand I rubbed Amy's clit as I continued to fuck her.

That was enough, I felt her already tight pussy grabbing at my cock trying to stop the hard fucking she was taking as the sweet young girl came from her first screw. I pumped into her a few more times until I was sure that she was totally satisfied, then withdrew from her body while Amy mumbled her thanks to me.

Still holding Amy's ankles tight, I pushed her legs back until they touched her breasts and lifted her backside off of the bed. Amy was squirming against my grip saying that it hurt to be held in that position. I ignored her. Taking careful aim, I placed my hard cock against the small opening of Amy's bum hole. Her ass was wet where her juices had flowed down from her pussy and my cock was wet where she'd cum over it. Amy isn't a stupid girl and even though she was a virgin up until a few minutes before, she'd already worked out what I planned next.

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I don't want that, it'll hurt. The young girl watched me as I leaned forward with my cock pressing against her tightly closed asshole. She grimaced as the pressure built up on her bum and gd loudly when her muscles gave up letting my cock slide deep inside her virgin bum. I slowly drew back until only the tip of my cock was inside her.

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As I did it Amy let out a long "ohhhh" and then a "mmmmm" as I pushed back into her body. Amy's ass was so tight, I knew I wouldn't last long inside of her. The cute girl squealed and thrashed about on the bed as I pounded her ass for a couple of minutes.

When Amy said it was starting to hurt her, I knew it was time to stop. I'd only been inside her two minutes and although her ass was a little wet from the juice that had run from her pussy I knew that wouldn't be enough to lubricate her for long.

In any case I was on the verge of cumming myself. I whipped my cock out and rammed it hard into Amy's pussy once just so I could feel her around my cock again. Dropping her legs I ran around the bed to Amy's pretty face. I didn't even need to ask Amy to suck it, before I reached her she was rolling onto her side and opening wide for me. I entered her warm moist mouth and was treated to an expert blow job.

I found out after she'd finished that Amy had sucked a lot of lads off. Within a few moments I felt the tension build in my balls and I knew that I'd be giving Amy a delicious drink any second now.

Amy, being the expert she is, managed to keep me on the verge of cumming for ages, so that when I finally did shoot my load into her mouth two things happened.

First, I nearly fell over as it felt so good; and secondly, Amy got a huge mouthful causing a little to run down her chin before she could swallow. Always the thoughtful and polite girl, Amy even licked my cock clean when I stopped cumming. We lay together for a little while chatting, until Amy felt ready to get dressed and head home.

As she was dressing I picked up her school blazer from the floor.

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I got the wrong end and all her things fell from the pockets, including a set of house keys. I guess I could stop by on Friday to be punished if that's good for you. Any way, we agreed on seeing each other on Friday night. Talking of which, I better go get ready, not sure whether to use my hand or paddle.

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Literotica girl gif

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Swipe to see who's online now! First Time Girl Next Door. Girl Next Door. Story Info. spoke amy back waved back touched wondering she'd high socks amy wet ass wet babe asked inside minutes white knee.

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Girl Next Door. A couple of nights back I was getting ready for bed, I went to the window in my bedroom to pull the blind. I looked towards my neighbour's window as I always did in the hope of a glimpse of their eldest daughter, Amy. I was never lucky enough to see anything, until that night a couple of days back   Rich boys are so boring when there's rough to be had. Chef in the Kitchen. Whore in the Bedroom. Josh's Holidays aren't easy with Bitchy Audrey in tow. Prologue: Under-confident Josh meets Aggressive Audrey. and other exciting erotic stories at! She was only 5'4" tall and weighed around pounds. Her long blonde hair was tousled down her back. Her naked, C-cup breasts rose and fell as she sniffed her Daddy's tie and started touch herself. It was only recently that she had learned how to touch herself how to make herself feel good

Click here. girliekiller 4 Stories. There was no way that Amy was leaving my house unfucked. She took my hand from her breast and whispered, "stop. Amy just smiled and kissed my hand. moaning the whole time.

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He was already starting to feel his big, heavy balls swell up with hot cum. He was pistoning as much of his fat, wet cock in and out of her little mouth as she could take now her cheeks were spread WIDE by his thickness.

He reached down with his other hand to start to finger her wet slit again while she sat on the couch rubbing her hard little clit with the tips of his fingers while he pushed his cock into her throat. His fingertips rolled around and around her swollen clit faster and faster. She felt waves and waves of pleasure roll all over her body her Daddy's fat, throbbing cock was pressed all the way to the back of her throat and his fingers were dancing over her pussy. It was all too much for her. Her sweet release came hard as she started to cum.

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She spread her legs wide as she moaned on his cock, then she felt something that she had never felt before when she had played with herself. She was actually squirting hot girl cum from her wet pussy all over his big fingers! She squeezed her legs together hard on his hand. She exploded all over his hand and down across the couch.

Her face was flushed red as she looked up at her Daddy's face and gripped hard on his cock down at the base with her little hands. She could barely fit her slim, little fingers around her Daddy's fat meat as she stroked him with a steady rhythm. Then it was her turn to drive him over the edge as she said, "Daddy, you're making me cum oh my God you're making me cum now please cum on my tongue, Daddy!

I want you to cum right now I want to taste you all over my tongue and right down my throat.

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I'll be a good girl, I promise! Anything you want, Daddy just please let me make you feel good! She continued as she stroked his wet cock as hard as she could, "Will you give it to me now, please? Then she closed her wet lips as far down on his big cock as she could go sucking as hard as her little mouth and throat could muster.

He closed his eyes, leaned his head back, and pumped his cock one last hard time into her sweet little throat moaning so loud. Then he came like a fucking fire hose.

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He shot a HUGE, white, hot, creamy load all over her throat and tongue so much cum that it oozed out from around his cock and between her sweet, little lips; out the corners of her mouth.

As he pulled his cock out of her mouth and finished cumming, he stroked his cock with one hand and shot the rest of his heavy load onto her outstretched tongue. He watched and smiled as he saw her lick her lips and the corners of her mouth to get every drop of his Daddy juice. She had slid her tongue out to catch the rest of his hot, Daddy cream as he finished cumming holding her mouth open so that she could catch every drop on her tongue like it was liquid gold.

That's how much she loved her Daddy's cum! He picked up their clothes and led her naked up the stairs to her bedroom. His little girl's room was mostly painted purple and still decorated with many, many Disney movie posters. Why she still felt the need to have her room setup like a little girl's room he never understood, but it didn't matter right now.

Before he tossed her damp panties aside in her room, he brought them up to his nose to sniff his little girl's pussy scent. He smiled at her, "Only the same thing that you were doing with my tie sillyhead. You know, my favorite part of doing the laundry is sniffing my little girl's panties. She gd as her pussy got even wetter at his naughty comments.

She liked the feeling of walking around her house totally naked with her Daddy; a super wet pussy and naughty thoughts in her little head. He was much taller than she was, about a foot taller to be exact, and, as she hugged him, she felt his still hard cock press up against her belly.

you're still hard! Her nipples were still hard, and her Daddy's warm hands felt good against her smooth, bare skin. She had to bite her upper lip as he started to knead her breasts harder.

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my little girl's tits are getting soooo big," he marveled. She had a hard time resisting the urge to grip her Daddy's big cock again, as it was still bobbing up and down right in front of her, but she did as she was told to like a good girl always should.

She started by getting his pants and boxer briefs down across his body so that they could fall to the floor.

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Then, she started to unbutton his shirt all the while her Daddy was licking his lips and still playing with her firm tits. He frowned a little as she pulled his shirt off of his body, as he had to take his hands off her body briefly while his sleeves came off.

It felt so good to finally be playing with his little girl! He had been dreaming of doing things with her for a long time.

Now, he was finally naked with his beautiful little girl in her room, and he didn't quite know where to begin! She squealed and smiled brightly at her Daddy as he whisked her through the air just like he used to do when she was a little girl landing her safely on her unmade bed. He lay down next to her on her twin bed and started to kiss her again on the lips. He could tell that she didn't quite know what to do with her mouth and tongue when she kissed him so he said, "Let me teach you how to kiss like a 'big girl'.

You want to be a 'big girl' with your Daddy, don't you? teach me to be a 'big girl'. I'll do anything that you want," she breathed to him.

His cock jumped at that phrase again anything that he wanted. What a good girl she was for her Daddy! He leaned in, kissing her, and she did exactly as he asked. Their tongues rolled around and around as they embraced in a slow, wet kiss. now I want you to stick your tongue in my mouth and do like I just did. We'll go back and forth," he said.

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She was a quick learner. She eventually started to suck on his lower lip as they withdrew from one kiss. Her wet tongue felt so soft against his lips and tongue. He smiled back at her, "Yes sweetheart that's right, and that's how I want you to kiss me from now on when we're alone that is. You're going to be Daddy's 'big girl' now. Now hold your Daddy's big dick in both your little hands, just like you did downstairs and French kiss me like a 'big girl' does.

He moaned into her mouth as she kissed him and squeezed his big, fat dick with her little hands. She had a hard time again getting her hands around his fat cock.

He became very stern with her as he replied, "If I ever catch you with any other boy's dick in your hands like this, your Daddy will be very upset with you. He started to run his hands down her back as they were facing each other on her bed her hands full of his thick meat his hands running down again to her firm, little ass cupping it and kneading it in his big hands.

He started to roll over on top of her, and her legs naturally spread wide open for him. He reached down and helped her tap the fat head of his dick over her bald, little pussy and clit. Her clit throbbed so hard for her Daddy when he did that!

She was too busy enjoying the feeling of his big, throbbing dick against her hard, little clit to respond. and it's going to feel soooo good! No way could she ever imagine something THAT big inside of her.

When he filled her up earlier with his fat fingers on the couch downstairs, she almost felt that she would break open! COVID RESOURCES. LIT CAMS Free Tokens ADULT TOYS VOD MOVIES. Log In Sign Up. Explore New Story.

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You need to Log In or Sign Up to have your customization saved in your Literotica profile. Click here. surface 2 Stories. Her Daddy started to walk over to her on the couch. I was watching TV," she said. Her body naturally arched towards him his touch felt so good! She gd!

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I wasn't doing anything. he had known about her! tastes just like your Daddy's dreamed of so sweet and good! that's Daddy's good girl! OH that feels so good! it feels so good!! She giggled a bit while she sucked the rest of his cum off of her lower lip. you came so much Daddy. It tastes so good sliding down into my belly. all the time I mean it! It's OK your Daddy loves you so much," he responded.

What are you doing?! I love it! it's so big!

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