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Owned by John and Clarissa Trent and a dog fashion model.

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Princess Stori. Three of them went after a girl in The Nest Hats Craze! There is a toy with their appearance. Escaped from Largest Ever Pet Shop.

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Was caught by the park maintenance and currently resides at the zoo. Live at Downtown City Park.

They act, look, and sound like Indians. Lives at Downtown City Park. He lives with the Raccoons since he is the only non-raccoon who can understand them. Dog food commercial dog. Fell in love with Zoe and wanted her to run off with her to Hollywood, but Zoe refused since she was more in love with cameras.

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Owned by the Traffic Cop. Looks similar to the recurring German Shepherd, except the latter has black hind paws. Penny Ling 's cousin from Shanghai, China.

Minka 's great-great-grandpa. Was the first monkey in space. Otto Von Fuzzlebutt. Blythe gave her a bowl of water when she looked thirsty in Sleeper. See Cashmere and Velvet. Becomes friends with Vinnie in Why Can't We Be Friends? Seems to be quite incompetent and dim-witted.

Owned by Doctor Mooser. Fluffy Lighting. Appeared in It's a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World. Flew by the screen in the beginning of the series.

Several lookalikes were fed by an old man in What Did You Say? A deep-voiced one mocked Blythe 's excitement in Summertime Blues and had a line in Blythe's Big Idea during Pet Friendly Skies.

Was in love with a white dove in Secret Cupet. Admires Blythe's designing while she still lived at her hometown in Blythe's Big Adventure Part One. Spoke to Blythe when she ran from the shop on Blythe's Big Adventure Part One. There is a toy with her appearance. The girls gave their toys and clothing to schoolmates and cousins, and left behind two sets of uncertain but supportive parents who even now sometimes struggle to explain the decision to family, friends and Silicon Valley business colleagues.

, , , They are in very good preowned condition with minimal wear. The doll clothes are all from different type of dolls, and I am trying to group them in similar sizes. My house is smoke free, pet free and shoe date: 86 5. View all All Photos Tagged Nude Girls. My Girl by Groovyal. 1 8. I've got sunshine. On a cloudy day. When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May. Well, I guess you'll say

They have a spiritual calling. I would be concerned about them if I was not so clear that the decision came from them and no one else. It takes a very, very special child to be that determined. They sleep in sleeping bags atop wooden Japanese tatamis in dormitory rooms that are partitioned by flattened cardboard boxes into four semi-private sleeping areas.

Some of the nuns at Golden Sage, as in other monasteries, sleep sitting up, a hardship cultivated over the years to allow them to slip into sleep while meditating, then slip into meditation again upon awakening.

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The girls keep what little clothes they have - a few T-shirts, socks, turtle necks and underwear - in metal filing cabinets. They have no toys save for some puzzles and games and only a few personal possessions, such as Hello Kitty stationery and Mulan stickers, given to them by their parents.

  THE LITTLEST NUNS / At a Buddhist monastery in San Jose, two year-old girls quietly walk a path far from the TV screens and malls of America Joan Ryan, Chronicle Staff Writer Sep. 6, Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins   The pictures make the girls look like small, spindly birds, rather than sex objects. It is hard to imagine that not long ago these children, aged 11 to 14, worked as prostitutes, used by men three Littlest Pet Shop Pet Party Spectacular Collector Pack Toy, Includes 15 Pets, Ages 4 and Up (Amazon Exclusive) out of 5 stars. 6, $ $ Get it as soon as Thu, May FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

Their days are filled with prayer, Buddhist study and chores, but also with math and English, science and geography, tag and playground swinging.

They pick up homework once a week at a local public school but they study at the monastery under the nuns' tutelage.

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They are discouraged from hugging, tickling or otherwise touching each other, though the nuns allow leeway on this, acknowledging that children need physical connections. Another concession to their youth is their receipt of three meals a day. The nuns eat only one. Waste is not tolerated.

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Everyone eats everything in her bowl out of respect for the laypeople who donate the food. At meal's end, they swish water in their bowls and drink the remains so as not to waste even a crumb. The nuns eat no sweets, meat or snacks, though the girls' parents sometimes treat their daughters to french fries or ice cream when they visit or take them for day trips. The extraordinary choice of these two girls raises questions about the role of family, the development of a healthy social and emotional life, the definitions of love, the nurture and restriction of religion.

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Their isolation and sacrifice sit uncomfortably with mainstream culture's ideas about a cuddly, carefree childhood. So an outsider who meets the girls is likely to come away with mixed feelings: uneasy about the rigidity of their lives but impressed by their maturity, commitment and little- girl exuberance.

They are spiritual without being pious. They make no claims to saintliness. Like any year-olds, they'll gripe about having to sit through long lectures, and they admit to slipping out on the pretense of using the rest room.

They balk now and then at reciting the sutras - Buddhist precepts - an offense for which they must face the wall for 10 minutes. They sometimes draw soft rebukes for talking too much at bedtime. When their main teacher at Golden Sage headed to Taiwan for the summer, the two novices were sent to another monastery in Los Angeles because, as one of the girls happily explains, "No one else could control us.

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The girls know at least a bit of what they're missing on the outside - they mention wanting to ride roller coasters and see the Tower of London and watch cartoons - but they don't talk of such things with longing. They seem certain of their choice.

For as long as they can remember, the two say, they have wanted this life, even before they understood exactly what it was.

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