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Dubai Malayalee Aunty Number U. Just before independence, Malaya attracted many Malayalis. Large numbers of Malayalis have settled in Chennai MadrasDelhiBangaloreMangaloreCoimbatoreHyderaba Mumbai BombayAhmedabad and Chandigarh. Many Malayalis have also emigrated to the Middle Eastthe United StatesCanadaAustraliaNew Zealand and Europe.

There were 84, people with Malayali heritage in the United Statesand an estimated 40, live in the New York tri-state area. Inthe Census of Population of Singapore reported that there were 26, Malayalees in Singapore. There is also a considerable Malayali population in the Persian Gulf regions, especially in BahrainMuscatDohaDubaiAbu DhabiKuwait and European region mainly in London.

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The city of Chennai has the highest population of Malayalis in a metropolitan area outside Kerala, followed by Bangalore. Besides, the Malayalee citizens in Malaysia is estimated to bein year whereas the population of the Malayalee expatriates is approximately 2, They make up around 10 percent of the total number of Indians in Malaysia.

The Malayali live in an historic area known as the Malabar coastwhich for thousands of years has been a major centre of the international spice trade, operating at least from the Roman era with Ptolemy documenting it on his map of the world in AD. For that reason, a highly distinct culture was created among the Malayali due to centuries of contact with foreign cultures through the spice trade.

The arrival of the Cochin Jewsthe rise of Saint Thomas Christiansand the growth of Mappila Muslim community, in particular, were very significant in shaping modern day Malayali culture.

Later, Portuguese Latin ChristiansDutch MalabarFrench Maheand British Englishwhich arrived after left their mark as well making Kerala even more colourful, vibrant, and diverse. Ina detailed study of the evolution of the Singapore Malayalee community over a period of more than years was published as a book: From Kerala to Singapore: Voices of the Singapore Malayalee Community. It is believed to be the first in-depth study of the presence of a NRI Malayalee community outside of Kerala.

The Sangam literature can be considered as the ancient predecessor of Malayalam. Some linguists claim that an inscription found from Edakkal CavesWayana which belongs to 3rd century CE approximately 1, years ol is the oldest available inscription in Malayalam, as they contain two modern Malayalam words, Ee This and Pazhama Ol those are not found even in the Oldest form of Tamil. For the first years of Malayalam calendarthe literature mainly consisted of the oral Ballads such as Vadakkan Pattukal Northern Songs in North Malabar and Thekkan Pattukal Southern songs in Southern Travancore.

Malayalam literature has been presented with 6 Jnanapith awardsthe second-most for any Dravidian language and the third-highest for any Indian language. Designated a " Classical Language in India " in[19] it developed into the current form mainly by the influence of the poets Cherusseri Namboothiri Born near Kannur[48] [49] Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan Born near Tirur[49] and Poonthanam Nambudiri Born near Perinthalmanna[49] [50] in the 15th and the 16th centuries of Common Era.

The first travelogue in any Indian language is the Malayalam Varthamanappusthakamwritten by Paremmakkal Thoma Kathanar in The Triumvirate of poets Kavithrayam : Kumaran Asan, Vallathol Narayana Menon and Ulloor S.

Parameswara Iyer [54] are recognized for moving Keralite poetry away from archaic sophistry and metaphysics and towards a more lyrical mode. In 19th century Chavara Kuriakose Elias, the founder of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate and Congregation of Mother of Carmel congregations, contribute different streams in the Malayalam Literature.

All his works are written between and Chavara's contribution [55] to Malayalam literature includes, Chronicles, Poems - athmanuthapam compunction of the soulMaranaveettil Paduvanulla Pana Poem to sing in the bereaved house and Anasthasiayude Rakthasakshyam - and other Literary works.

Contemporary Malayalam literature deals with social, political, and economic life context. The tendency of the modern poetry is often towards political radicalism.

Sankara KurupS. PottekkattThakazhi Sivasankara PillaiM. Vasudevan NairO. Kurupand Akkitham Achuthan Namboothirihad made valuable contributions to the modern Malayalam literature. VijayanKamaladasM. MukundanArundhati Royand Vaikom Muhammed Basheerhave gained international recognition. Arabi Malayalam also called Mappila Malayalam [66] [67] and Moplah Malayalam was the traditional Dravidian language [68] of the Mappila Muslim community in Malabar Coast.

The poets like Moyinkutty Vaidyar and Pulikkottil Hyder have made notable contributions to the Mappila songswhich is a genre of the Arabi Malayalam literature. The modern Malayalam grammar is based on the book Kerala Panineeyam written by A.

Raja Raja Varma in late 19th century CE. Vilanilam, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kerala; Sunny Luke, medical scientist and former professor of Medical Biotechnology at Adelphi University, New York; and Antony Palackal, professor of Sociology at the Loyola College of Social Sciences in Thiruvananthapuram, have edited the book, besides making other contributions to it.

Tharavadu is a system of joint family practised by Malayalis, especially castes that belongs to NamboothirisNairsThiyyarAmbalavasis and Cristians other prominent ethnoreligious groups. Each Tharavadu has a unique name.

The Tharavadu was administered by the Karanavarthe oldest male member of the family. The members of the Tharavadu consisted of mother, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers. The fathers and husbands had a very minimal role to play in the affairs of the Tharavadu. It was a true matrilineal affair. The Karanavar took all major decisions. He was usually autocratic. However, the consent of the eldest female member of the family was taken before implementing the decisions.

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This eldest female member would be his maternal grandmother, own mother, mother's sister, his own sister or a sister through his maternal lineage. Since the lineage was through the female members, the birth of a daughter was always welcomed. Each Tharavadu also has a Para Devatha clan deity revered by those in the particular Tharavadu. Temples were built to honour these deities. Kerala's society is less patriarchal than the rest of India.

Christians, majority of the Muslims, and some Hindu castes such as the Namboothiris and some Ezhavas follow makkathayama patrilineal system.

Kerala, the ancestral land of the Malayali people, has a tropical climate with excessive rains and intensive solar radiation. Timber is the prime structural material abundantly available in many varieties in Kerala.

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Perhaps the skilful choice of timber, accurate joinery, artful assembly and delicate carving of wood work for columns, walls and roofs frames are the unique characteristics of Malayali architecture. The stone work was restricted to the plinth even in important buildings such as temples. Laterite was used for walls.

The roof structure in timber was covered with palm leaf thatching for most buildings and rarely with tiles for palaces or temples. The indigenous adoption of the available raw materials and their transformation as enduring media for architectural expression thus became the dominant feature of the Malayali style of architecture. Nalukettu was a housing style in Kerala. Nalukettu is a quadrangular building constructed after following the Tachu Sastra Science of Carpentry.

It was a typical house which was flanked by out-houses and utility structures.

Malayali people ???????? Regions with significant populations India 41, United Arab Emirates 1, Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Malaysia , Oman , Bahrain , Canada 30, United States 84, [6] Australia 53, [7] [8] [9] Israel 46, United Kingdom 45, [10] Singapore 26, [11] Ireland 10, [12] New Zealand 6, Fujairah CALL GIRLS | O | INDIAN CALL GIRLS IN Fujairah INDIAN CALL GIRLS IN Fujairah | PAKISTANI CALL GIRLS IN Fujairah | RUSSIAN CALL GIRLS IN Fuj   Created by zoha ilhana k

The large house-Nalukettu is constructed within a large compound. It was called Nalukettu because it consisted of four wings around a central courtyard called Nadumuttom. The house has a quadrangle in the center.

The quadrangle is in every way the center of life in the house and very useful for the performance of rituals. The layout of these homes was simple, and catered to the dwelling of numerous people, usually part of a tharavadu.

Ettukettu eight halls with two central courtyards or Pathinarukettu sixteen halls with four central courtyards are the more elaborate forms of the same architecture. An example of a Nalukettu structure is Mattancherry Palace. Malayalis use two words to denote dance, which is attom and thullal. Mohiniyattam is a very sensual and graceful dance form that is performed both solo and in a group by women. Theyyam is performed as an offering to gods so as to get rid of poverty and illness.

Kolkali is a folk art in which dance performers move in a circle, striking small sticks and keeping rhythm with special steps.

Many ancient Malayali family houses in Kerala have special snake shrines called Kavu. Sarpam Thullal is usually performed in the courtyard of houses having snake shrines. This is a votive offering for family wealth and happiness. Kerala Natanam ???? ???? Kerala Dance is a new style of dance that is now recognised as a distinct classical art form evolved from Kathakali. Performing arts in Kerala is not limited to a single religion of the Malayali society.

Muslim MappilasNasranis and Latin Christians have their own unique performing art forms. It is a group performance, staged as a social event during festivals and nuptial ceremonies. Oppana is a popular form of social entertainment among the Muslim community. It is a form accompanied by clapping of hands, in which both men and women participate.

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Margamkali is a performing art which is popular among the Saint Thomas Christians. It combines both devotion and entertainment, and was performed by men in groups. The dancers themselves sing the margamkali songs in unison call and response form.

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This is an artistic adaptation of the martial art of Kerala, Kalaripayattu. However, many of these native art forms largely play to tourists or at youth festivals, and are not as popular among ordinary Keralites. Thus, more contemporary forms - including those heavily based on the use of often risque and politically incorrect mimicry and parody - have gained considerable mass appeal in recent years.

Indeed, contemporary artists often use such modes to mock socioeconomic elites. Since when the first Malayalam film Vigathakumaran was released and over the following decade or two, Malayalam Cinema had grown to become one of the popular means of expression for both works of fiction and social issues, and it remains so. Music formed a major part of early Malayalam literaturewhich is believed to have started developing by 9th century CE.

Kerala is musically known for Sopanam. Sopanam is religious in nature, and developed through singing invocatory songs at the Kalam of Kaliand later inside temples. Sopanam came to prominence in the wake of the increasing popularity of Jayadeva 's Gita Govinda or Ashtapadis. Sopana sangeetham musicas the very name suggests, is sung by the side of the holy steps sopanam leading to the sanctum sanctorum of a shrine.

It is sung, typically employing plain notes, to the accompaniment of the small, hourglass-shaped ethnic drum called idakkabesides the chengila or the handy metallic gong to sound the beats. Sopanam is traditionally sung by men of the Maarar and Pothuval community, who are Ambalavasi semi-Brahmin castes engaged to do it as their hereditary profession. Kerala is also home of Carnatic music. Legends like Swati TirunalShadkala Govinda Maarar, Sangitha Vidwan Gopala Pillai Bhagavathar, Chertala Gopalan Nair, M.

RamanathanT. GopalakrishnanM. GopalakrishnanL. Subramaniam T. Yesudas are Malayali musicians. Also among the younger generations with wide acclaim and promise is Child Prodigy Violinist L. Athira Krishna etc.

Kerala also has a significant presence of Hindustani music as well. The pulluvar of Kerala are closely connected to the serpent worship.

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One group among these people consider the snake gods as their presiding deity and perform certain sacrifices and sing songs. This is called Pulluvan Pattu. The song conducted by the pulluvar in serpent temples and snake groves is called Sarppapaattu, Naagam Paattu, Sarpam Thullal, Sarppolsavam, Paambum Thullal or Paambum Kalam. Mappila Paattukal or Mappila Songs are folklore Muslim devotional songs in the Malayalam language.

Mappila songs are composed in colloquial Malayalam and are sung in a distinctive tune. They are composed in a mixture of Malayalam and Arabic. Film musicwhich refers to playback singing in the context of Indian musicforms the most important canon of popular music in India. Film music of Kerala in particular is the most popular form of music in the state.

Vallam Kaliis the race of country made boats. It is mainly conducted during the season of the harvest festival Onam in Autumn. Vallam Kali include races of many kinds of traditional boats of Kerala. The race of Chundan Vallam snake boat is the major item. Hence Vallam Kali is also known in English as Snake Boat Race and a major tourist attraction. Other types of boats which do participate in various events in the race are Churulan VallamIruttukuthy VallamOdi VallamVeppu Vallam Vaipu VallamVadakkanody Vallamand Kochu Vallam.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race is one of the famous Vallam Kali held in Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha district of Kerala.

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Champakulam Moolam Boat Race is the oldest and most popular Vallam Kali in Kerala. The race is held on river Pamba on the moolam day according to the Malayalam Era of the Malayalam month Midhunam, the day of the installation of the deity at the Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple.

The Aranmula Boat Race takes place at Aranmulanear a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and Arjuna. The President's Trophy Boat Race is a popular event conducted in Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam. Thousands of people gather on the banks of the river Pamba to watch the snake boat races.

Nearly 50 snake boats or chundan vallams participate in the festival. Payippad Jalotsavam is a three-day water festival. It is conducted in Payippad Lake which is 35 km from Alappuzha district of Kerala state. There is a close relation between this Payippad boat race and Subramanya Swamy Temple in Haripad.

Indira Gandhi Boat Race is a boat race festival celebrated in the last week of December in the backwaters of Kochia city in Kerala. This boat race is one of the most popular Vallam Kali in Kerala. This festival is conducted to promote Kerala tourism.

Malayalis celebrate a variety of festivals, namely OnamVishu and Christmas. Malayali cuisine is not homogeneous and regional variations are visible throughout. Spices form an important ingredient in almost all curries. Kerala is known for its traditional sadhyasa vegetarian meal served with boiled rice and a host of side-dishes. The sadhya is complemented by payasama sweet milk dessert native to Kerala.

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The sadhya is, as per custom, served on a banana leaf. Traditional dishes include sambaraviyalkaalantheeyalthoraninjipullypulisherryappamkappa tapiocaputtu steamed rice powderand puzhukku. Coconut is an essential ingredient in most of the food items and is liberally used. Puttu is a culinary specialty in Kerala. It is a steamed rice cake which is a favourite breakfast of most Malayalis. It is served with either brown chickpeas cooked in a spicy gravy, papadams and boiled small green lentils, or tiny ripe yellow Kerala plantains.

In the highlands there is also a variety of puttu served with paani the boiled-down syrup from sweet palm toddy and sweet boiled bananas.

to steam the puttuthere is a special utensil called a puttu kutti. It consists of two sections. The lower bulkier portion is where the water for steaming is stored. The upper detachable leaner portion is separated from lower portion by perforated lids so as to allow the steam to pass through and bake the rice powder.

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Appam is a pancake made of fermented batter. The batter is made of rice flour and fermented using either yeast or toddy, the local spirit. It is fried using a special frying pan called appa-chatti and is served with egg curry, chicken curry, mutton stew, vegetable curry and chick pea curry.

Muslim cuisine or Mappila cuisine is a blend of traditional KeralaPersianYemenese and Arab food culture. The characteristic use of spices is the hallmark of Mappila cuisine. spices like black peppercardamom and clove are used profusely. The Malabar version of Biryanipopularly known as Kuzhi Mandi in Malayalam is another popular item, which has an influence from Yemen.

Various varieties of Biriyani's like Thalassery BiriyaniKannur BiriyaniKozhikode Biriyani and Ponnani Biriyani are prepared by the Mappila community. The snacks include Unnakkaya deep-fried, boiled ripe banana paste covering a mixture of cashew, raisins and sugarpazham nirachathu ripe banana filled with coconut grating, molasses or sugarMuttamala made of eggsChattipathiria dessert made of flour, like baked, layered Chapati s with rich filling, Arikkadukka and so on.

Malayalis have their own form of martial arts called Kalaripayattu. This type of martial arts was used as defensive mechanism against intruders. In ancient times, disputes between nobles naaduvazhis or Vazhunors were also settled by the outcome of a Kalaripayattu tournament.

This ancient martial art is claimed as the mother of all martial arts. The word " kalari " can be traced to ancient Sangam literature. Anthropologists estimate that Kalarippayattu dates back to at least the 12th century CE. The southern style, which stresses importance of hand-to-hand combat, is slightly different than Kalari in the north.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ethnic group. This article is about the ethnic group. For the film, see Malayali film. Not to be confused with Malays or Malayali tribe.

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Kannada language rights Tulu Nadu state movement Telugu Desam Party Tamil nationalism Dravidian nationalism Dravidian parties Dravida Nadu. See also: Kerala Gulf diaspora. Main article: History of Kerala. Main article: Malayalam.

See also: Malayalam literature.

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Main article: Tharavad. Main article: Architecture of Kerala. Play media. Main article: Malayalam calendar.

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