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You ran your fingers through his hair guiding him once again. This time it was where you wanted his tongue. He ate you out for as long as you could take before you stood up and said "your turn" with a grin. You got on your knees and started to undo his jeans. You could feel his throbbing young cock hard as stone through his jeans.


When you finally got the zipper down he fell right out and you saw his 7" cock. You couldn't believe the size for someone his age.

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The girth was just as impressive. You couldn't hold back anymore. You grabbed his cock and started blowing a teen right there in your living room. Slurping and sucking on his cock.

You made it up to your bedroom door, you and this young jock like stud. That's when he grabbed your hand and shoved you up against the door a little roughly and jammed his tongue into your mouth and swirled it around and about so quick it was like you were kissing a tornado. He then grabbed a hold of both of your tits and massaged them a bit before one of the hands started to wander lower and

You thought for a second that maybe you were enjoying this more than he is. Then you saw his face. He was in complete ecstasy. You took the whole cock in your mouth and before you knew it your nose was touching his stomach.

You played with your tongue up and down and around. He made a couple moans like he was going to cum and you stopped immediately. I cant have you finishing before we even start. And grabbed his hand and guided him upstairs. You made it up to your bedroom door, you and this young jock like stud. That's when he grabbed your hand and shoved you up against the door a little roughly and jammed his tongue into your mouth and swirled it around and about so quick it was like you were kissing a tornado.

He then grabbed a hold of both of your tits and massaged them a bit before one of the hands started to wander lower and lower. You could feel his fingers reach the bottom of your skirt and linger for a moment.

With one swift movement he grips your skirt and pulls it up to expose your wet pussy.

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His fingers found your pussy quickly and he started fingering you while also paying attention to the clit. He was doing this while still overwhelming you with his tongue and gripping your tits with the other hand.

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This was a pleasant change from when he was more nervous downstairs. This was driving you nuts and all you could think about was sitting on the long thick young cock and gyrating to find that perfect spot. He must have read your mind because he pulled away and sat on the bed. He pulled out his cock again and stroked it a couple times. Look how you dressed knowing I was coming over. You are just one cheating Milf aren't you!

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Well Milf. get over here and get what you need. With a light shove you pushed him back on the bed and lifted one leg over top and mounted him.

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You ran your pussy lips up and down the shaft, dry humping him. You could feel the combination of his pre cum and your pussy juices mixing together as you rub your clit up and down.

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Finally you lift up enough to stand his cock straight up and you hold your pussy over top You started to lower down slowly on his rock hard dick. You could feel your pussy lips swallowing the head of his cock. Deeper and Deeper his dick went and you lowered down as far as you could go.

You lifted up slowly as his cock started to become visible again. As soon as it reached the top you had enough. You pushed down hard and his cock shot back up into you.

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With that he started to pump up and down as you ride him. Grinding on his cock. You couldn't believe the waves of pleasure coming over you. You look down and see the smoking hot football stud that wanted to fuck you.

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He wanted to, no he NEEDED to. That made you even more hungry for his cock.

You decided to jump off and then you got on the bed completely and got on all fours presenting to this younger man. Showing him how you wanted to be fucked.

Showing him HIS hole. His sluts hole.

Before you knew it you could feel his cock probing for your pussy. Finding those perfect pussy lips he slowly entered you from behind.

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You pushed back on him impatiently. You started to rock forward and back.

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Grinding as you move his cock in and out. After a minute or so he took back control.

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He grabbed onto your hips and jammed his cock into you as hard as he could. With that you gave out a little whimper. He started to pound you as hard as he could.

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My Stud's Special Secret Ex-stripper's hung stud is the real man in a marriage.

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