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Perez said the lower income continues further into adulthood. Joan lives with 16 relatives on a small raft of bamboo poles and scavenged wood, tied to a broken cement pylon, bobbing behind a row of steel shipping vessels docked in Manila's fish port - a patchwork of spaces no larger than two king-size mattresses.

Two of her sisters' babies and a kitten nap on a pile of rumpled sheets against a particle board barrier to keep them from falling into the murky, gray water. Sisters Joan left and Jossa Garcia rightboth teen mothers, are seen in their home in the Navotas fish port with their children, Angela and JM, respectively. Like Joan, her older sisters had babies when they were young and left school before they graduated.

No woman close to her has ever had a good job.

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Her mother occasionally finds a day of work cleaning mussels on the concrete floor of the fish port. Her father brings in some money doing odd jobs at the port. The family is often hungry and thirsty, and survives by begging sailors for food and water. Yet the current government wants to see changes.

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The government now believes that the country's birthrate of 2. So after decades of policies that limited access to contraception informed by a Catholic ethos to procreate, government agencies are now acting with a new urgency to bring the birthrate down.

If households have fewer children, Perez said, it will improve the family members' chances of getting out of the mire of poverty. Yet the reproductive health laws in the Philippines - aimed at stemming population growth - are yet to have that impact.

And the people who suffer are the urban poor.

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Risa Hontiveros knows the limits of the laws, the complexity of the issue and the danger of losing hope. The work of improving access to birth control, Hontiveros said, "were passed on to us by those who came before us, they struggled, and they fought. They won some, and they lost probably more, but they passed on to us better situations that they started out with. Joy Villanueva dropped out of high school when she got pregnant at 14, in seventh grade. Her boyfriend, four years older, wooed her with afternoons out, buying her fried quail eggs on a stick and paying for rounds on the karaoke machine at a local hangout.

Joy Villanueva, 15, holds her baby.

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The slums where her family lived had burned down; they hope to build a new shack to replace the home they lost.

He was tall and handsome, and she liked that he did chores around the house and washed the dishes for his mother. Soon she was living with him. For her boyfriend, getting Joy pregnant was a mark of ownership.

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Joy resisted, but he persuaded her to have sex. By the time she gave birth, he was in jail for theft, and she was raising the baby with help from his mother.

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The day we met, the three of them were living together in a makeshift home of little more than a tarp supported by planks of wood - they had set it up after their slum had burned down a week before. At 15, Joy dreamed of finishing high school, going to college and becoming a police officer. That was what her late father wanted for her when she was a little girl.

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She said that any day now, she'll move in with her mother, who will take care of the baby while she goes to class. Joy Villanueva said she hopes to fulfill her father's dream for her and becoming a police officer - but later admitted that's an impossible dream for a poor teenage mom.

If Joy is able to complete her schooling, she said she wants to own a big house made of concrete with air conditioning and glass windows.

She wants to have a nanny to take care of her kids so she can wake up every morning, check her uniform in the mirror and go to work.

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For 20 minutes, she told me about her plans for the future. But when I said a word of encouragement, Joy went silent, looked away and shook her head. Hindi nashe said. I can't anymore.

It was a game of pretend. She shifted Ashley in her arms.

Joy confessed that her mother has disowned her. So she can't go to live with her.

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Her husband's mother earns just enough to feed her and the baby. There's no money for notebooks or uniforms or college. They're trying to gather enough materials to build a shack so they don't have to continue living under a tarp.

Girls like Joy are classified among the poor, a vast category that encompasses 20 percent of Filipinos. Among teenage mothers of all income brackets, the poorest girls are the least likely to be able to finish their high school education after having their first child.

Likhaan's clinic is a mile and a half down the road from where Joy lives. The organization advocates for reproductive health and fills the gap in services the government does not provide, like formal sex education, ready access to free contraception like IUDs and birth control implants. Diane Vere, a community coordinator, leads workshops for teenagers from the surrounding slums.

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The topic is sex. Inevitably, when Vere turns to the page in the photo workbook that shows an array of penis sizes and shapes, the teenagers break into peals of laughter. They cover their eyes and hide behind one another.

Vere fields their questions: Why are some bigger than others? Why is that one crooked? She shows them an uncircumcised penis and tries to dispel the myth that a boy in this condition is dirty or incapable of impregnating women. Before the reproductive health law, there was no formal sex education in the Philippines, and to this day, the rollout remains patchy, fraught and very limited.

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Teenagers cobble together information based on what their parents ventured to tell them, sermons from priests and whispers from one another, often gleaned from the Internet or old wives' tales.

Was it true, the girls at the clinic class asked, that if you wash your face with a girl's first menstruation, it prevents pimples? If a girl jumps from the third step of a ladder, would her period only last three days?

Does masturbating make boys taller? Can you get pregnant if you have sex only once?

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While the teenagers were fascinated with the practicalities and hygiene of sex and puberty, they struggled to discuss the process of conception. Bring up the difficulties and cost of raising a child, Vere said, and the teenagers would shut down or quickly change the subject. Teachers often did not fare better.

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Some teachers had to be excused from a recent training because they couldn't control their laughter when frank discussions about sexual organs came up. Every acceptable word in Tagalog to describe sex or private parts is a euphemism: peanut, flower, junior, eggplant.

Teachers complain that every proper noun in this category is too vulgar to say out loud. With this combination of discomfort and lack of formal training on teaching sex, it is not surprising that 59 percent of Philippine educators said they had difficulty naming body parts, according to a survey by the United Nations Population Fund.

Prostitutes as young as 17 lived in the the basic living quarters of the sex den and can be seen getting dressed-up before a busy night's work.

These images, taken in the nineties, show the basic living quarters and washing facilities of the building where most of the women lived and worked. The prostitutes would tend to sleep until the late afternoon before getting up to spends hours getting themselves ready.

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When they were chosen by a client they would change from an evening dress into something less formal, before leaving to go off to a hotel or to the client's house. Pregnant women were heavily desirable among potential customers and some young mothers had to bring their kids in to be looked after while they worked. Earlier this month aerial photos showed the sprawling landscape of Manila's slums where the tiny streets are some of the most packed in the world.

Cops in the Philippines have been making drunks to push ups in a bizarre effort to tackle street crime.

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Filipino president Duterte has shocked the world by waging on a bloody war on drug dealers in his country. Story continues below. The PNP are expected to conduct online sexual exploitation operations more frequently, with the launch of the Philippine Internet Crimes Against Children Centre PICACC in February. It is dedicated to working with IJM and law enforcement agencies around the world, Macavinta said.

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At its headquarters in Manila, the PNP work alongside officers from the Australian Federal Police and the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency. The Mounties do not have an officer there, although there are liaisons in other Southeast Asian countries. The RCMP will soon have investigators dedicated to monitoring child sex offenders, but it has not yet decided if they will be stationed in the region, or travel to countries such as the Philippines as needed, Arsenault said.

Canada, the U. and the Netherlands are reporting significant increases in online child pornography tips from the public, international partners, internet service providers, and social media companies.

The RCMP, for example, saw reports jump by per cent, from 6, in to 27, inaccording to the Virtual Global Taskforce. Last year, it received 50, reports. RCMP investigators sift through the data - eliminating cases that don't classify as criminal, and prioritizing "the worst of the worst, the disturbing sexual abuse, the hands-on abuse, the abuse where you have re-victimization and the constant sharing of information," said Arsenault.

Referrals and investigation packages go out to international partners like PNP and police forces in the U. and Canada, she said. The RCMP also monitor the internet. One unit, for example, is dedicated to the "dark web," an encrypted network where it's easier for offenders to remain anonymous. Another group of investigators keeps tabs on the 51, Canadians registered as national sex offenders, especially when they travel to hot spot destinations like the Philippines.

The RCMP is a world leader in using machine learning and artificial intelligence to ease the pressure on investigators who must examine high volumes of graphic information, Arsenault said. The disturbing material that's being watched on a daily basis is very difficult, very damaging.

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Not long ago, foreign law enforcement thought of the Philippines as a "black hole," said Gideon Cauton, IJM's director of investigations. authorities alone would send a thousand online child exploitation-related tips every month to the Philippines, and never hear anything back. Recognizing that local police lacked the resources or training to keep up with cybersex crimes, the government dedicated more funds to the cause, and police formed the specialized PICACC unit this year.

Just 10 days after its creation in February, PICACC received a tip from the FBI. A military staff sergeant, Moeun Youenhad been arrested in Washington state. Youen, 37, is accused of possessing child pornography and travelling to the Philippines to sexually abuse children, according to IJM. Police in the Philippines analyzed chat logs between Youen and a year-old Filipino perpetrator.

They also reviewed videos that showed "significant" sexual abuse of girls between the ages of 10 and 13, compelling police to act quickly to track down their location, said Macavinta. In the dockside slums of Manila's Navotas City, police collaborated with school officials, social workers, local government and IJM to locate the children, said Cauton, who helped co-ordinate the rescue.

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As the sun set on April 2, the cops moved in. Filipino, Australian and British officers ran from one of Navotas City's main streets into a dark, narrow maze of criss-crossing alleyways lined with a patchwork of congested apartments and informal homes aboutpeople live in the kilometre areasaid Cauton. For a moment they lost their way, before bursting through the correct door and discovering the girls.

IJM security focused on quelling a growing crowd of curious onlookers and protecting social workers from retaliation so they could grab the children as quickly as possible and make it into waiting vans. The victims were taken into government care where they will receive counselling, IJM said. Chang remains in an IJM-sponsored shelter near Manila, far from her hometown that continues to be a hotbed for online sexual exploitation of children, said her social worker who cannot be identified as it could jeopardize her rescue work.

Chang is not quite ready to return to her family, but is working towards her future. I want to have a house, I want to travel," Chang said.

She's in Grade 11 now, and said she's a leader in her church and school, where she loves to dance and learn about science.

Chang said she wants to become a police officer, to raise awareness about the crime and "stop the traffickers.

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