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However, by mid, the Hanford Site reactors began suffering badly from the Wigner effectthe dislocation of atoms in a solid caused by neutron radiation, and plutonium became scarce, so six Little Boy assemblies were produced at Sandia Base. The Navy Bureau of Ordnance built another 25 Little Boy assemblies in for use by the Lockheed P2V Neptune nuclear strike aircraft which could be launched from the Midway-class aircraft carriers.

All the Little Boy units were withdrawn from service by the end of January Physicist Robert Serber named the first two atomic bomb designs during World War II based on their shapes: Thin Man and Fat Man.

The "Thin Man" was a long, thin device and its name came from the Dashiell Hammett detective novel and series of movies about The Thin Man. The "Fat Man" was round and fat so it was named after Kr Gutman, a rotund character in Hammett's novel The Maltese Falconplayed by Sydney Greenstreet in the film version. Little Boy was named by others as an allusion to Thin Man since it was based on its design. Because uranium was known to be fissionable, it was the first material pursued in the approach to bomb development.

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As the first design developed as well as the first deployed for combatit is sometimes known as the Mark I. Most of the uranium necessary for the production of the bomb came from the Shinkolobwe mine and was made available thanks to the foresight of the CEO of the High Katanga Mining UnionEdgar Sengierwho had 1, short tons 1, t of uranium ore transported to a New York warehouse in Little Boy was a simplification of Thin Man, the previous gun-type fission weapon design.

Thin Man, 17 feet 5.

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The Thin Man design was abandoned after experiments by Emilio G. Segre and his P-5 Group at Los Alamos on the newly reactor-produced plutonium from Oak Ridge and the Hanford site showed that it contained impurities in the form of the isotope plutonium This has a far higher spontaneous fission rate and radioactivity than the cyclotron -produced plutonium on which the original measurements had been made, and its inclusion in reactor-bred plutonium needed for bomb-making due to the quantities required appeared unavoidable.

This meant that the background fission rate of the plutonium was so high that it would be highly likely the plutonium would predetonate and blow itself apart in the initial forming of a critical mass. In Julyalmost all research at Los Alamos was redirected to the implosion-type plutonium weapon.

Overall responsibility for the uranium gun-type weapon was assigned to Captain William S. Parsons 's Ordnance O Division.

All the design, development, and technical work at Los Alamos was consolidated under Lieutenant Commander Francis Birch 's group. The concept was pursued so that in case of a failure to develop a plutonium bomb, it would still be possible to use the gun principle.

The gun-type design henceforth had to work with enriched uranium only, and this allowed the Thin Man design to be greatly simplified. A high-velocity gun was no longer required, and a simpler weapon could be substituted. The simplified weapon was short enough to fit into a B bomb bay. The design specifications were completed in Februaryand contracts were let to build the components.

Three different plants were used so that no one would have a copy of the complete design. The gun and breech were made by the Naval Gun Factory in Washington, D. Although all of its components had been tested, [15] no full test of a gun-type nuclear weapon occurred before the Little Boy was dropped over Hiroshima.

The only test explosion of a nuclear weapon concept had been of an implosion-type device employing plutonium as its fissile material, and took place on 16 July at the Trinity nuclear test.

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There were several reasons for not testing a Little Boy type of device. Primarily, there was little enriched uranium as compared with the relatively large amount of plutonium which, it was expected, could be produced by the Hanford Site reactors.

Unlike the implosion design, which required sophisticated coordination of shaped explosive charges, the gun-type design was considered almost certain to work. Though Little Boy incorporated various safety mechanisms, an accidental detonation was nonetheless possible.

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For example, should the bomber carrying the device crash then the hollow "bullet" could be driven into the "target" cylinder, detonating the bomb or at least releasing massive amounts of radiation; tests showed that this would require a highly unlikely impact of times the force of gravity.

For this reason, pilots were advised to crash on land rather than at sea. The Little Boy was inches cm in length, 28 inches 71 cm in diameter and weighed approximately 9, pounds 4, kg.

This was a widely used smokeless propellant consisting of a mixture of 65 percent nitrocellulose30 percent nitroglycerine3 percent petroleum jellyand 3 percent carbamite that was extruded into tubular granules.

This gave it a high surface area and a rapid burning area, and could attain pressures of up to 40, pounds per square inchkPa.

Cordite for the wartime Little Boy was sourced from Canada; propellant for post-war Little Boys was obtained from the Picatinny Arsenal. Inside the weapon, the uranium material was divided into two parts, following the gun principle: the "projectile" and the "target". It consisted of a stack of nine uranium rings, each 6. Filling in the remainder of the space behind these rings in the projectile was a tungsten carbide disc with a steel back.

At ignition, the projectile slug was pushed 42 inches 1, mm along the inch 1, mm long, 6. The slug "insert" was a 4 inches mm cylinder, 7 inches mm in length with a 1 inch 25 mm axial hole. The insert was a stack of six washer-like uranium discs somewhat thicker than the projectile rings that were slid over a 1 inch 25 mm rod.

This rod then extended forward through the tungsten carbide tamper plug, impact-absorbing anvil, and nose plug backstop, eventually protruding out of the front of the bomb casing.

This entire target assembly was secured at both ends with locknuts.

So a teen with a terrible secret had to find his own way to save himself and others like him. Luke Malone. Aug 10, 33 min read "Little Boy" was the codename for the type of atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August during World War II. It was the first nuclear weapon used in warfare. The bomb was dropped by the Boeing B Superfortress Enola Gay piloted by Colonel Paul W. Tibbets, Jr., commander of the th Composite Group of the United States Army Air Forces and Captain Robert A. Lewis. It teen boy nude arkistovalokuvaa, -vektoria ja -kuvitusta saatavilla rojaltivapaasti. Katso arkistovideoleikkeita aiheesta teen boy nude

When the hollow-front projectile reached the target and slid over the target insert, the assembled super-critical mass of uranium would be completely surrounded by a tamper and neutron reflector of tungsten carbide and steel, both materials having a combined mass of 2, kg 5, lb. For the first fifty years afterevery published description and drawing of the Little Boy mechanism assumed that a small, solid projectile was fired into the center of a larger, stationary target.

The assembled fissile core had more than two critical masses of uranium This required one of the two pieces to have more than one critical mass, with the larger piece avoiding criticality prior to assembly by means of shape and minimal contact with the neutron-reflecting tungsten carbide tamper.

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A hole in the center of the larger piece dispersed the mass and increased the surface area, allowing more fission neutrons to escape, thus preventing a premature chain reaction. The rest of the tungsten carbide surrounded the sub-critical mass target cylinder called the "insert" by the designers with air space between it and the insert.

This arrangement packs the maximum amount of fissile material into a gun-assembly design. The fuzing system was designed to trigger at the most destructive altitude, which calculations suggested was meters 1, ft. It employed a three-stage interlock system: [31].

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The Little Boy pre-assemblies were designated L-1, L-2, L-3, L-4, L-5, L-6, L-7, and L L-1, L-2, L-5, and L-6 were expended in test drops. The first drop test was conducted with L-1 on 23 July It was dropped over the sea near Tinian in order to test the radar altimeter by the B later known as Big Stinkpiloted by Colonel Paul W. Tibbetsthe commander of the th Composite Group. Two more drop tests over the sea were made on 24 and 25 July, using the L-2 and L-5 units in order to test all components.

Tibbets was the pilot for both missions, but this time the bomber used was the one subsequently known as Jabit. L-6 was used as a dress rehearsal on 29 July.

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The B Next Objectivepiloted by Major Charles W. Sweeneyflew to Iwo Jimawhere emergency procedures for loading the bomb onto a standby aircraft were practiced. This rehearsal was repeated on 31 July, but this time L-6 was reloaded onto a different B, Enola Gaypiloted by Tibbets, and the bomb was test dropped near Tinian. L was the assembly used for the Hiroshima bomb.

Parsons, the Enola Gay ' s weaponeer, was concerned about the possibility of an accidental detonation if the plane crashed on takeoff, so he decided not to load the four cordite powder bags into the gun breech until the aircraft was in flight.

After takeoff, Parsons and his assistant, Second Lieutenant Morris R. Jeppsonmade their way into the bomb bay along the narrow catwalk on the port side. Jeppson held a flashlight while Parsons disconnected the primer wires, removed the breech plug, inserted the powder bags, replaced the breech plug, and reconnected the wires. Before climbing to altitude on approach to the target, Jeppson switched the three safety plugs between the electrical connectors of the internal battery and the firing mechanism from green to red.

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The bomb was then fully armed. Jeppson monitored the bomb's circuits. The bomb was dropped at approximately JST on 6 August After falling for The detonation happened at an altitude of 1, 50 feet 15 m.

It was less powerful than the Fat Manwhich was dropped on Nagasakibut the damage and the number of victims at Hiroshima were much higher, as Hiroshima was on flat terrain, while the hypocenter of Nagasaki lay in a small valley. According to figures published in66, people were killed as a direct result of the Hiroshima blast, and 69, were injured to varying degrees.

The exact measurement of the yield was problematic since the weapon had never been tested.

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President Harry S. Truman officially announced that the yield was 20 kilotons of TNT 84 TJ. This was based on Parsons's visual assessment that the blast was greater than what he had seen at the Trinity nuclear test. Since that had been estimated at 18 kilotons of TNT 75 TJspeech writers rounded up to 20 kilotons. Further discussion was then suppressed, for fear of lessening the impact of the bomb on the Japanese.

Data had been collected by Luis AlvarezHarold Agnewand Lawrence H. Johnston on the instrument plane, The Great Artistebut this was not used to calculate the yield at the time.

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After hostilities ended, a survey team from the Manhattan Project that included William PenneyRobert Serber, and George T.

Reynolds was sent to Hiroshima to evaluate the effects of the blast. From evaluating the effects on objects and structures, Penney concluded that the yield was 12 1 kilotons. Inscientists at Los Alamos created a mockup of Little Boy known as "Project Ichiban" in order to answer some of the unanswered questions, but it failed to clear up all the issues.

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InLos Alamos created a replica Little Boy from the original drawings and specifications. This was then tested with enriched uranium but in a safe configuration that would not cause a nuclear explosion. A hydraulic lift was used to move the projectile, and experiments were run to assess neutron emission.

After being selected in AprilHiroshima was spared conventional bombing to serve as a pristine target, where the effects of a nuclear bomb on an undamaged city could be observed.

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Radio-transmitted data from these instruments indicated a yield of about 15 kilotons. Comparing this yield to the observed damage produced a rule of thumb called the 5 pounds per square inch 34 kPa lethal area rule.

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Approximately all the people inside the area where the shock wave carried such an overpressure or greater would be killed. The damage came from three main effects: blast, fire, and radiation. The blast from a nuclear bomb is the result of X-ray -heated air the fireball sending a shock wave or pressure wave in all directions, initially at a velocity greater than the speed of sound, [47] analogous to thunder generated by lightning.

Knowledge about urban blast destruction is based largely on studies of Little Boy at Hiroshima. Nagasaki buildings suffered similar damage at similar distances, but the Nagasaki bomb detonated 3. In Hiroshima, almost everything within 1.

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