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Hope you enjoy xx. Well folks, now see who's here! Val the slut is back again and it seems she is in real trouble this time.

See and read Episode 1 here: www. The train was rattling on with its usual shaking and screeching.

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For some reason the lights were off in Vals wagon, but she didnt care. She even liked the warm cozy darkness now. For the first minutes she had been sitting with her arms protectively crossed before her jugs, her thighs tightly clamped together just for in case that someone would board her wagon.

But that didnt happen and so she had fully relaxed, leaning back in her seat, one leg propped up on the opposite seat, her charms fully in view. The train had passed 3 stations already but it was still a long way to go and Val sat there fantasizing about what would happen should she find that girl at the party at 'Two Mound Square'.

Hard to get eh? I guess its much better to forgive her real quick and There was much crossing and squeezing of her thighs and even a finger so deliciously rubbing the fishnet against a nipple, making it tingle and stiffen, there were some soft sighs and some muted lusty gurgling coming from where she sat And then just as she was gazing into the cozy darkness, she saw a movement. Or so she thought. Something dark moving like a piece of cloth or a curtain or something? She was so surprised that she didnt change her slightly lascivious pose for several seconds, but then her body tensed and she quickly slid her leg from the opposite seat and straigthened up, her eyes trying to pierce the darkness.

And there is was again! A faint movment of something dark and this time a slurring of feet? And it seemed to come towards her! Val straightened in her seat, her thighs clenching, one arm protectively draped over her breasts, eyes squinting as a dark, somewhat bulky form seemed to emerge from the shadows and still advancing! Val cleared her throat and emitted a somewhat naive 'Hey! Are you ok?!! A human form allright, probably clad in a slightly waving cloak, its face hooded or masked.

Thats all she could make out with the exception of one slightly twinkling eye. One eye? This was too much for our heroine, she slid to the edge of her seat, ready to bolt, but there was a soft kind of whirr and a movement from the 'thing' in front of her and a kind of low chuckle and then she saw a cyberhand, wiggling a definitely huge phallic object at her! Val froze and in that split second of freezing she saw herself strapped to a stretcher, heard a medic saying 'god, the poor girl!

And then the panic button in her head switched and she was up on her feet with a shriek and just bolted!

Alas our sweet Val didn't realize that she had boarded the last car of the train and that she was running - or rather stumbling on her so high heels - towards it's end. But that realization came soon enough, when she bumped into the last - locked - door, when she saw the rails rushing by below her, when she frantically pulled at that door, which made no sense, but sense was just not what guided Val at this moment.

She swivveled around, her heart beating up to her throat, eyes widened in fear, her stomach churning. The dark form had just followed her quietly, so damn confident in its allure, so knowing that Val was cornered, that Val would go nowhere at all! Val pressed her back against the door, the form wiggled that huge rubber phallus at her again, Val pleadingly threw up one arm, her voice a screechy whimper: 'Uhnoooo pleaaaase, pleaaaaseeee!

don't DO this to me!! I bet in some minutes you will be begging for this'. Val stared at the robot eye, at the phallus, her mind started to fill with black horror haze, could this be one of the creatures from the outposts in space?

Val could not take her eyes from that one twinkling eye of the creature and then 'it' started to push back the hood that covered its head. Omg, looks like this time our Val is in real trouble. Learn more about which horrors are to be unleashed on our heroine soon! This dress reminds me of pink cotton candy.

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com aquarius red tube travel deals facebook. com you tube gmail hotmail mapquest yahoo mail login taurus leo cancer scorpio virgo libra gemini pisces Chuck entered the room, and tried very hard not to throw up, as Mayo, Rigger and Reardon entered after him. On the floor, were several opened porn magazines, dirty tissues and what looked to be a body pillow.

Mayo picked up a Playboy issue from off the floor, and flicked through it casually, eyebrow raised.

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Kept it exactly as he left it. Aside from the girls that is. Another body pillow. Chuck and Rigger exchanged worried glances, before turning to face the laptop. Suppose they wanted my youthful know-how, because I'm under What do you think? On the screen, all three were now singing, and making uncomfortable gestures with the instruments.

Chuck rubbed his eyes. Pretty much". Reardon bows his head shamefully. As Bruce entered the prison, he passed a pair of guards being carried away on gurneys. On the ground, two paramedics were performing CPR on another officer. As he wandered down the hallway, he came to a stop at Dent's cell, and nodded, before continuing on his way. In the adjacent cell, a man, nearly seven foot tall, was pacing around his room.

Resting on his bed, a small, stuffed bear. Claiming that he was "strongarmed," into joining our crusade. Threatened, by us. Said that he was instrumental in defusing our weapon. You will find I am no such fool. I am proud of what we accomplished. I was forged in Pena Duro.

These inmates will bend to my will just as they did, and when I'm free, I will break you," Bane smiled.

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As Chuck, Reardon and Rigger enter the bar, a short, red and black suited man walks past them, his head held down. As he turns around, his eyes flash in recognition for a second, before shaking his head, and walking off into the toilets. He shrugs, and continues into the main bar. The man nods. This, is not red wine," he whispers hoarsely, as he took another sip. Brought it from home. Fiasco nodded, then cocked his shotgun. meeting with his grandfather.

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Which suits me fine- I don't want to spend another second around those rubber dolls. One of them, a hooded, reptilian figure hadn't taken it's eyes off of him since he'd arrived. Nor, by Sharpe's estimation, had it blinked. Chancer frowned. You named me Montgomery," before turning back to the hooded creature, as though he were worried that it might strike at any moment. Beneath it's hood, red reptilian eyes gleamed.

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And then it spoke, it's voice a calm, raspy and yet somewhat elegant sound. With the snap of his finger, a red robed figure appeared, and lay a still hot tray down in front of them. But, I must at least ask you to consider an early night in. After a long journey-". Bruce raised a tired hand. Just give me an ate on Gotham's most wanted.

Witnesses say that the door was ripped off it's hinges; guards were incapacitated by a flash of white light, and when the air cleared, the thief, and the chemicals were gone.

Bruce rose to his feet suddenly, and scowled. Karl Kyle's back in Gotham. Chuck turned back to Hellhound. friend of ours, that you're something of an expert in the occult. Hellhound scratched his forehead, licked his lips and rose to his feet.

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THAT'S IT!!! YOU'RE IN TIMEOUT FOREVER!! Evolution: gyazo. The confines of the building would not trap her long, however, frame soon again bound to the city.

It held the answer to so many of her needs, she could never resist it long. Heels, so rarely used, clicked loudly upon the concrete as she advanced upon it, catching sight of a frame in distance. Leaned against steed of metal, the raven haired's features would halt her in her advance, furrow of brows marked in concentration as she tried to recall.

Memories stumbled about before she extracted location one had been met. Ever since leaving the cages of HPD, the Demon had returned to her home. The swamp had a particular allure to the Demon. Home she made, it soothed her possessiveness to know all in it belonged to her but, more importantly, the wide open spaces and the freedom found in it was closer to her nature than any of the man made cages.

Few, close to none, had ever witnessed the Demon in her natural habitat. The pure elation she took from simply wandering her land, sinking knees into mud, visiting the decaying companions she maintained up, her land. Embrace of water, soil and decomposition truly revived her senses, having her ready to return to her mission. Some had drinks with friends to recharge their battery, Demon commuted with her land of decay.

Also, often enough, did drugs while in her state. Was it ever a wonder then that, when finally fickle mind decided to return to city, she found herself in most unusual of attire and state?

Today was no exception. Treasures so precious had been carefully selected from her pilfered clothes, many stolen from the once raided theater and its wardrobes. Aroma of her usual stench, the crown fabricated in barbed wires and branch swayed with each of her careful steps. Soot and blood adorned flesh visible, some of it prickling from the very crown worn. Advancing closer, intensity of gaze.

Foul smelling Demon drawing nearer, steps would halt, mismatched gaze fixed as hoarse voice would call "Have ya come to find da Demons? It had been told, after all, of the importance of being strong within the cages. He was sure he was free since getting out of jail and leaving the MC, but things for him were spiraling out of control.

He had no direction anymore and he was unable to suppress his inner beast as he did when he had the ones closest to him. Without a leash he had already decimated the innocence of a pure girl, and even marked her physically and mentally for life. Ram was thinking about all of this and it made him sick.

goes beyond

It ook a moment but a familiar scent wafted to his nostrils, carried by the breeze. He'd cringe slightly as his silvers lifted from behind his glasses seeing the girl he met in jail. The girl who quite literally scared the ever living life out of him. He was very appreciative that she gave him food, but was still nervous around her. He would then take a deep breath as she made her way up to him as he sat there.

He'd take another drag and blow it out. At least she wasn't covered in. I didn't even know any demons were here He remembered her comrades from jail and was a bit cautious that there were others around. I'd say I've been keeping my strength up Added weight upon scalp, aside from being precious treasure to adorn her frame, brought with it pain as the thorns and barbed wires dug into her skin.

Agony was always something that helped the Demon remain anchored in present, keeping her fickle mind from visions. Greed gathered all sort of things, be they material or immaterial, giving them the same value.

There were a tenseness in the way one behaved, alike a coiled animal, uncertain of which way to bolt. A pattern the Demon had often witnessed when hunting upon her land. In such a state, they should be approached with care for, cornered animal often reacted strongly.

Something she had long learned applied to humans too. Appraisal of such a thing would be done in silence, only but a shiver moving over digits now and again, peepers traveling over frame. The scent of the tobacco filled her nostrils with every inhales, mixing in with the salt charged wind that picked at her greasy locks of mane.

Eyes of the man were hidden behind lenses, something that Greed detested, having her fix the mirrors of it before ravaged lips parted "Family and Demons make der Home der. Ya might meet many Family came and went around the corner of city.

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The rest of his words would have her incline her head slightly before she rd out, hoarse tone carrying queries "Ya didn't come to find da Demons but ya be looking for somet'ing" she states, the words holding the certainty she always gave to her beliefs. Fixing mismatched gaze on features, steps drew her closer as she spoke in hoarse whispers "Der be somet'ing coiled in ya. A tenseness she associated with her usual beliefs of all having Demons within themselves that too many keep trapped.

She seemed like someone from supernatural movie that crawled right out of the screen and into the real world. As his cigar was low he'd drop it to the ground and stomp it out. Narrowing his eyes at the woman he'd lift himself to his feet and pull off his sunglasses letting his silver orbs rest on the woman clearly.

He had been restraining something and only two people have seen that beast inside him. Was she spying on him? Ram was becoming even more cautious now, his hand would fall to rest on his knife but he neither unsnapped it's restraints nor gave any sign that he was going to pull it out.

Same soles anchoring themselves to concrete and pulling the man to full height of frame. Drop of hand would be noticed, a gesture long seen.

A sign for many.

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The gesture coming with not pull of the blade, however, would have her focus return to the words spoken. Heels so rarely worn offered at least on advantage, when perched upon them, mismatched gaze were able to better sight features and gaze revealed at the lift of glasses. Diving into the silver pools, the Demon listening in attentively to words, pairing them to reaction, letting them tell her of the truth of own words.

The sentiment would bring elation, ravaged lips slowly pulling into grin, revealing the rows of rotten enamel beneath. Soot and blood painted features in proximity, putrid breath would whisper "I watc' and see all in city" murmurs holding true beliefs to them as Sisters and her held the disillusions the decaying eye they took from the.

Emerald and Gold of her eyes latched upon the Silvers of one's own, fixing them with devouring interest as she murmured "Wat be it dat has ya caging it? He didn't get a chance to do this upon first meeting in the cells as her appearance and her scent drove him from even locking eyes with her. But now he was paranoid. The fact she knew he had something inside he hated made him suspicious.

His fingers would curl around the handle of his blade but still he wouldn't draw it. As time progressed he was eyeing her face and all the markings on it. He would take note of her teeth and the rotting smell emanating from her. Ram was already planning what he could do to silence the girl perhaps even mark her but that mark would just join the ones she already has.

Sighing he shut his eyes for a moment and shook his head before opening them again. Not something that normal folks should see especially a woman Violence that so often rocked her with needs was a call she understood all too well. Pupils would, for a few seconds, drown irises in black as the sensation acted upon her almost like a drug. Raggedly breathing, she took in the emotion with a violent passing of elation before her focus fully returned to words being spoken.

She could see him slowly taking on her frame, her face, the marks of violence and wars that made Greed who she were and yet His face softened, words spoken next stating of the restraints he needed to display.

The knowledge that anyone who restrain themselves for her could only but conjure the loud sound of mirth, the rough texture of laugh cascading past maw. Emotion so sincere had the oddity upon head sway dangerously as she seemed to be truly gripped by the expression of glee. After a few seconds had passed, some semblance of a breath would be caught, making for raspy and.

Soot covered and scars marked, one of her hand would attempt to lift to man's shoulder, coming to rest upon it if allowed as she would draw her face closer. It would be to his ear, however, that she would try and lean to whisper "Wat does yer Demon need? Mine always wants more. It wakes me in the morning wit blood on mah hands and it wants me to seek more of it.

It has me delirious wit pleasure when I split flesh open and reveal wat be beneat'. It demands for me to take all I desire, all dat time.

And it never grows tired. It always wants more and more and more and more I give it all it desires. All I desire. I keep it strong His hand on his knife would begin shaking as he was fighting the urge to pull it out and stab the woman.

As her raspy voice whispered into his ear he took in every word. He had heard the women address each other in the cells but it never clicked then until now. His hand would stop shaking and he lowered his silvers looking down at her face. He had already taken in the markings and rotting teeth and the scent but strangely enough he wasn't bothered by it.

He wouldn't normally open up to anyone but he felt this woman understood. it wants to take people overpower them make them feel helpless it sees a beautiful woman and wants to dominate them decimate them It wants to rape and torture them destroy their mind break their body take that which is beautiful.

Goosebumps would rise from his skin as he spoke openly about the thing he was keeping at bay. the beast that had already destroyed a beautiful woman not too long ago Beneath her palm she could feel the form losing some of its shudders and tenseness as, finally, the words poured free.

Spoken without restraints. Confessing of his sins. And Greed collected all of them, possessively, seeming enthralled by ever new deviance revealed, breathing pushing past cracked and broken lips. An incline of her head would be made as he described all of needs, the movements having crown of thorns dig deeper into scalp, conjuring a flesh trail of crimson to slowly follow the counter of her brow, glide upon her cheek, take the curve of jaw and drown in mess of moss mane.

The reaction his body had to the description of his needs would not be noticed, having Greed's lips pull in a sliver of grin before she would lift hand from shoulder.

correctly. What

The callused texture of palm would attempt to cradled the stubble covered jaw, cradling it as she have name to the Sin "Wrat' Instead praising the sin identified and hidden within. After few moments of silence, murmurs arose again "It be too beautiful a Demon to be kept caged. Why do ya do it?

The query would linger between two, gaze burning in intensity as she observed the silver pools, diving in their depths.

Her smile put him off his game this was for sure. He had no idea why he was being so open with the woman. It wasn't until she said wrath that he shook his head. it's triggered by my anger but it's not angry it's happy. He would be there during it's actions but it always felt like he was sitting in a theatre watching a movie. He turned his head completely as she asked why he'd keep it restrained and would take a slight step back removing his hand from his knife.

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it's an issue I can't let something like that run wild who knows what it'll do I know many women many beautiful women If it was free I'm sure they would be in danger I can't let that happen It is being fed.

Violence and dominance and pain. It be wat it desires" the Demon keeping words of entity as separate for now, same as one had. Funnily enough, with beliefs of cult and freeing so many, Greed had soon acquired skills that therapist and shrinks might have too. It were felt that the man was not ready yet to acknowledge the truth. The Demon was not another being separated from him. He was the Demon. Seeing distance being made between frames and the words spoken next, brows would furrow and, it would be at that part of the discourse that shrinks and the Demon parted ways.

For one would offer drugs to dull the needs and techniques of restraints. That were not the gospel Greed preached.

Instead rasps of her voice arose once more. Perhaps not today but something certain to linger. As if Greed truly had seen it. What he had done. Truth were, she had heard so many speak of it. Of how they combat the needs.

Hold it back and It takes over. It devours ya. Ya put ones ya wish to protect even in bigger danger Speaking truth of words and yet Her tone betrayed there were something. Something more she wasn't telling him yet. Giving a sigh he nodded. She made sense, as much he hated to admit it she made way more sense than the VA doctors and psychologists did when getting him to talk.

It made sense his demon was born from combat and war. He was silent for a long moment before finally speaking out. I have medication but I don't wanna take them it makes me feel numb" He lifted his eyes back to the woman his silvers staring at her behind his bangs. I wanna know how to deal with this it's driving me insane. The acknowledgment of help needed were a sign in itself.

Of one accepting. Of Gospel taking roots. Following the frame as it settled back upon the bike, Greed would turn to face him, vibrant intensity in gaze fixed on the locks slanted Silvers. Devour ya.

Den ya gotta learn to devour wit it. To give it wat it needs. Keep it sated. Find ones dat are not close to ya. Dat do not matter to ya and use dem for its needs. Give yer Demon wat it desires, keeping it well fed. Awaiting to see with curiosity what reactions would be gained from words. Demon always knew two kind: ones that accepted the truth and ones that fought it and what they were. He lifted himself from the bike again and sighed.

He would then close his eyes for long moments as he thought quietly to himself. He still kept his eyes shut as he spoke. give in and just let it be free Hid right hand would then pull his knife from it's sheath and would raise the blade letting her see the dried dark blood on the blade.

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a sweet innocent girl who came here wanting to start a life Full of dreams her pussy now stretched wide and her ass violated and now she's marked she has my initials carved into her flesh wanted to give her something to remember me by Looking up to the sky he would lick his lips before returning his gaze back to Esmeralda.

I want to show these little bitches their place I want to them to know that they were born for a specific reason and that is for pleasure nothing but He was biting so hard now that blood was forming around his teeth.

His hand with the knife would raise and he'd press his wrist to his eyes then groan shaking his head. It had been unexpected but Esmeralda was not speaking to Ram at that point. How last his Demon had been freed. What it had been fed.

Seeing how it animated him. The powers the memories had upon him. The fierceness of the statements and, finally, the blood to be drawn as silence captured him. If one expected a saving grace, a helping hand out of the path of insanity, then one had come to the wrong person. No, there were no disgust or rebuttal at the words.

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Instead Demon listened in rapt attention, features a mast of avid interest. Ravenous elation. Lips parting in slight and ragged breathing, gaze zeroed upon the blade and crimson displayed, letting the visions of it all take over. Lust were usually a dormant Demon for Greed for it awakened solely upon specifics demands: violence and dominance she forced upon others. So tale made called to many of her Demons, having her frame shivering slightly, digits barely contained at side.

She wanted to reach for own weapons. Own needs. that's when the gospel she spoke would prove itself. For, while the sentiments rocked her frame and played high with emotions, control did not sleep.

Demon kept herself and needs well sated. Instead, gradually, her whispers would arise, breathy, a sign of the sensations that ran through her "It has to be fed" she whispers with a finality that bored no arguments "It has to be given wat it needs and between one of yer own or a stranger Da choice be easy, isn't it?

Guilt will have ya t'ink of caging it and it will control ya den. Guilt doesn't serve ya, it cages ya. A few moments of silence would pass before she would state, the words explaining the situation in words that left but two choices "It will always need and will never leave. Eit'er ya feed it and lose guilt dat cages ya or Ya put end to yer own life, taking da Demon wit ya.

Greed knew very well of truth in what she were sharing. Ones did not accept her words easily or right away but she knew. Whatever came of today, her words would remain with the man.

Slow moving poison that would free him one way or another. Either with Death or Acceptance. Growling softly under his breath he'd open his eyes letting his silvers fall upon the woman. She knew her shit. He couldn't argue that, nor did he want to. She made too much sense, but he wanted to test it.

He'd give her a smile as his body would rush forward to close the small gap between them with his movement he'd attempted to use his left hand to grab for the woman's throat. If she would allow it, he wasn't trying to hurt her or apply any pressure just testing the waters as he always did. He wanted to see the woman's reactions, if she knew any sort of fear. He wanted to find out what sound she'd make with his fingers around her throat. However, if she dodged he would simply stop in his track and begin chuckling.

In the many words spoken, in the many visions of events and how one was enticed and lured to free itself, always in the possibilities this one had lingered. That Demon once freed would turn back upon Greed. Alike the coiled and frightened animal that went for what were nearest. Therefore it would not be a surprise to her when the hand would lift and coil forward, closing around her throat even if, reflex, had her start. Instead, it would be elation that split her soot and blood covered visage.

Vibrant and strong, having her shudder with the strength of it as gaze burned brightly in depths of orbits. One that chose to follow Demon could only awaken such an emotion. Demented extent of grin would peel and reveal rotten rows of enamel as rasps of putrid breath would part from her maw, slightly strained depending on the pressure put upon throat "I be not beautiful.

The words would hang between the two as she looked upon the man with the intensity of gaze, returning to him the words. Ones, silly ones, could see in the words fishing for compliments, perhaps, but those indeed would be silly. The words held many truth. First in physical ct itself. Beneath soot the visage held a ravaged display of scars.

Burn on her left cheek, broken nose and crooked, sunken cheekbone on right cheek, rotten enamel, stench of her breath and frame, greasy mane, scars upon scars upon scars Beauty could never be used to describe the Demon.

Other truth were more than skin deep. The Demon was not a beautiful being. She was a foul, greedy, violent, demented deviant. There were nothing to destroy. Nothing to mark. Only elation to be gained from deviance displayed. And last but not least of truth came final one.

She were not beautiful or innocent. She were not a prey to hunt upon. Demon had spoken of family and own deviance. This were not one that would be a hunt without a price. The weight of the words might be all captured or completely missed, gaze burning with the many. In kind it would seek to close around throat of other.

Callused flesh did not hold on too tightly, instead the metallic nails upon fingers closing on almost tenderly over the extent of neck if allowed.

Features taking on an almost adoring expression in their mask of ravaged state as she peered upwards to the Silvers of gaze. His fingers applied slight pressure around her flesh. He let his eyes move over her features and noted that marking this one would be worthless.

He had a fond respect for the woman over how she accepted his actions. His smirk would form into a smile as his wilver orbs fell to her raised hand as it would close around his own throat.

he chuckled not releasing her throat for a long moment before his fingers would slip from her flesh. Feeling her talons pressing against his skin he wouldn't move away. He'd slide his knife back into it's sheath. His features were nothing compared to her's he didn't have a scar on his face though his soul was scarred, his memories and dreams were plagued with death and war. he would lower both his hands before raising them both as if signal saying "What are you gonna do? He continued chuckling as his eyes stayed locked on hers.

Lips pulling wider. Pure elation coursed through her frame at the acceptance the movements displayed. Of how one understood all the Demon had spoken. All she had revealed. Digits would release her throat but the emotion of avid interest and pride remained. Truth were, if one had not lowered their palm, if one had continued actions, it would never had truly been alike what he had done to others. The Demon would be too pleased by the events, by the release of the needs, that the altercation would have been willing one.

A violent, combative, blood drawing meeting of bodies, likely to awaken own Demons, but one that would have been were elation and satiation would have been gained. In such a state of fervent elation, it would take seconds minutes? for the words to pierce through haze. For the movements of release and the sheathing of knife to be noticed.

The raising of palms and the. Take all dat ya be Yet, they held no edge to them, no threat. Simply baring of own needs before she murmured "Because I keep mah Demon free. Because I feed it. I am able to stop mahself from it. Fixing Silvers with Emerald and Gold she goes on "It allows mah to see dat potential in ya. Free ya. Bring ya to be all ya should be After long seconds she would question "Will ya hunt? Will ya seek one to sate its needs?

To give yer Demon somet'ing to feed? He was never afraid of dying. A Soldier can't be afraid of dying. He shivered at her words. The actions flashed in his mind almost as if he was doing it himself. Though it wasn't the kill that he enjoyed.

He loved the torture the act of torture. He loved seeing the fear and pain in the eyes of his victims, he loved seeing them writhe and struggle to escape as he played with them. a snack would be nice but had a full course meal already Through images like this, I hope others can see and feel that power and strength, no matter what the circumstances or environment in which you give birth.

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This mom has made it past the hardest obstacle: the shoulders. You can now see her baby's sweet, little shmushy face. What a beautiful image of her child being born, captured by Belle Verdiglione Photography.

More from CafeMom: 6 Reasons You Might Get Cramps During Pregnancy. Did you know that it's completely normal for a baby's head to come out a bit elongated? That's because there are two soft spots on the baby's skull - at the top and in the back - that can be misshapen from pressure during childbirth.

This process even has a name: molding. This mom photographed by First Light Birth Photography gently strokes her baby's head as it presents outside of her. Can you imagine anything more surreal? This mom photographed by Blossom and Bloom Photography is just beginning to crown.

You can see her doctor's hand gently feeling for the baby's head so he can direct the mother when to push. You got this, mama. This mother's birth photographer, Blanca Gonzalez, explains, "[Her family] traveled all the way from Mexico to use a midwife in El Paso, because [her doctors] told her twins could only be delivered by C-section. This doctor, photographed by Jami Hallamis helping to ease baby's head out. What an amazing beginning! Photographer Blanca Gonzalez tells us, "[This] breech baby is [from] a mom who had prepared for a home birth in New Mexico.

It is illegal to have breech babies at home in New Mexico, so she chose to travel to Texas [to have her baby]. More from CafeMom: Real Moms Speak Out About Being Judged in Raw Photo Series. These cookies may be set through our site by our advertising partners. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on other sites. They do not store directly personal information, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device.

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