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Erica was asked by Collider. I think she just happened the way she was supposed to. You need that juxtaposed to the perfection of Superman. She just has this absolute loyalty for what is good and right and just, and it parallels what Superman is and what he embodies.

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You know what's really unsettling? These days Erica is playing the Kryptonian mother of Melissa Benoist's Supergirl. How is that even possible? There was a lot of anticipation for 's Superman Returnswhich introduced Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel, who followed very much in the vein of Christopher Reeve.

Kate Bosworth played Lois in a storyline that was more or less a sequel to Superman: The Movie and Superman IIbut the problem is that she looked and was so young that it was impossible to believe her as a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Of Lois, Kate explains in a press conference interview, "She's definitely the type of woman that thinks she doesn't need to be saved ever.

She'll just take care of things on her own. She's very independent, very driven, and very strong-willed, which can be slightly frustrating for the men in her life. But it was a very fun character to play.

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As a woman, to play somebody that is so independent was a real pleasure. Back inDC Comics and Warner Bros launched a series of made-for-DVD movies that are still going strong to this day. Things kicked off with Superman: Doomsdayadapting one of the most famous comic book stories ever in which Superman dies battling a creature from Krypton, though he's eventually resurrected.

Adam Baldwin voiced Superman, while actress Anne Heche as in Ellen DeGeneres' ex voiced a grief-stricken Lois. She might be best known as Lucy Ricardo in the touring production of I Love Lucy: Live on Stagebut animation fans know her from a wide variety of animated series.

One of her guest appearances was as Lois Lane in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. That show, which really lightens up the image of Batman and is something of a throwback to the Adam West Batman series of the s, saw the not-so-Dark Knight teaming up with different DC characters, with Superman appearing in Sirena's episode as well.

Kyra, best known as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on the long-running TNT series The Closervoiced Lois in the animated film Justice League: The New Frontierwhich was set in the early s and essentially shows the Justice League coming together for the first time.

More recently, the actress has been in 10 episodes each of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Ten Days in the Valley. Christina definitely captured the imagination last TV season with her starring turn as Beth Boland in NBC's Good Girls and before that with the role of Joan Harris in the acclaimed Mad Men. Well, in she voiced Lois in the animated film All-Star Supermanin which, due to a trap from Lex Luthor, Superman is slowly dying and it tracks his final days of life, as well as his time with Lois Lane.

It's actually as moving as it sounds like it would be. She first voiced Lois for the animated film Justice League: Doomthough it's very much a small, supporting role. She would be back as the character in the films DC Super Heroes: Batman Be-Leaguere DC Super Hero GirlsLego DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drainand Lego DC Super Heroes: The Flash Anyone remember just how adorable Amy Adams was in the film that really put her on the map, Enchanted?

It was a wonderful introduction to an actress who would excel in so many dramatic roles, and really mold the character of Lois Lane into a modern woman - though one who, admittedly, does tend to get herself in trouble and often requires rescuing from her Superman, Henry Cavill.

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She first played Lois in Man of Steelfollowed by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand Justice League No word on whether she'll get the chance to reprise it again. In a video interview provided by the studio for Man of SteelAmy explained about Lois, "I think it's very interesting that it actually takes this person from another world to make her more human.

His humanity actually brings about a change in her and probably gives her a stronger sense of humanity. I would think as the story continues, she becomes a stronger and more well-rounded human being. She's pretty focused when we find her and is pretty dead set on what she believes to be the most important thing, which is telling the truth. But she comes to really respect humanity and identify more with humanity by her experiences with Clark. Although she's appeared in a wide number of films and TV shows, it was her role as Abby Sciuto on NCIS that Pauley is the most known for.

Leaving the show at the end of last season, it will be interesting to see where she goes from there. But between those episodes of NCISshe brought Lois to vocal life in the film Superman vs. The Elitewhich really stands as a testament to that character's place in the modern world which, it should be said, he does a nice job of establishing - and it's not far from what it's always been.

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Just go in there and deliver. I think I have a little bit of Lois Lane's spunk and determination. For episodes, Stana played Detective eventually Captain Kate Beckett on the comedy drama Castleplaying up against Nathan Fillion's mystery writer Richard Castle, who teams up with her to solve crimes. Inshe voiced Lois in one of the strongest of the made-for-DVD animated films, Superman Unbound.

The history of the character plays into the performance, and then I just have to fill in the blanks in between. You know, everything has to be communicated through your voice, so you commit more in your voice and you might move your body around differently in order to get the right sound to come out.

Lois Lane isn't a secretary at the Daily Planet fetching Perry White coffee, she's a no-nonsense newspaper reporter who gets out on the beat and finds the hard-hitting scoops. She isn't afraid of Superman and more importantly, she isn't afraid to put herself in harm's way to understand him. She's intrigued by Superman and where he comes from in Man of Steelas well as the global threat he may pose, and she never lets her personal feelings get in the way of locating the truth.

While the spectacle never disappoints in Superman Returns, it's the heart of the film that captures fan's imagination. It soars on the basis of nostalgia and fond memories of Richard Donner's Superman, and features a Lois Lane to match. RELATED: You'll Believe A Man Can Fly: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Superman Bosworth's Lois Lane has the resourcefulness of Margot Kidder in the Christopher Reeve films, as well as a certain spunk, which she uses to challenge and confront Superman after he shows up on a rooftop after a five year absence.

A key component to depicting Lois Lane effectively is to give her agency, and her portrayal in Man of Steel feels independent of Superman. Her character is both in service of the storyline, and fulfilled as a character who is developed on her own. She doesn't need Superman to save her, and doesn't go looking to catch his attention.

She has her own story arc that doesn't rely on him coming to her rescue, because she's more than capable of taking care of herself.

In Superman IILois Lane and Superman conceived a child, and the offspring of Superman featured in Superman Returns has his father's superhuman abilities. Lois raises and protects Superman's son in the many years he's absent, eventually finding a loving partner in Perry White's son Richard. Her fiance isn't the antithesis to Superman, he's very similar except in one respect; he's there when Superman isn't. He shows up, and Lois picks a man who makes an effort when it counts, not in saving the world, but just one family.

Lois Lane is one of the most well developed female characters in comic books, and her strength transcends genre fiction. Margot Kidder showed audiences exactly why Superman would fall for a gutsy veteran career woman, and Amy Adams made a valiant attempt to follow in her footsteps.

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Lois has appeared in various media adaptations and is among the best-known female comic book characters. Actress Noel Neill first portrayed Lois Lane in the s Superman film series and later reprised her role in the s television series Adventures of Supermanreplacing Phyllis Coates from season two.

Margot Kidder played the character in four Superman films in the s and s, Kate Bosworth in the film Superman Returnsand Amy Adams in the DC Extended Universe.

Man of Steel 2013 - Clark meets Lois Lane

Actresses who have voiced Lois in animated adaptations include Joan Alexander in the Fleischer Superman animated film series and Dana Delany in Superman: The Animated Seriesamong others. Writer Jerry Siegel first conceived Lois Lane inwhen Siegel and Joe Shuster were still developing Superman. The Torchy Blane movies were popular second features during the later s.

On the conception of Lois Lane, Siegel stated in the Time magazine:. My wife Joanne was Joe's original art model for Superman's girlfriend Lois Lane back in the s. Our heroine was, of course, a working girl whose priority was grabbing scoops. What inspired me in the creation was Glenda Farrell, the movie star who portrayed Torchy Blane, a gutsy, beautiful headline-hunting reporter, in a series of exciting motion pictures.

Because the name of the actress Lola Lane who also played Torchy appealed to me, I called my character Lois Lane. Strangely, the characterization of Lois is amazingly like the real-life personality of my lovely wife. Artist Joe Shuster based Lois' physical appearance on a model named Joanne Carter.

Carter had placed an ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper in the Situation Wanted column, advertising herself as a model.

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Shuster's depiction of Lois was modeled on her hairstyle and facial features. She was a great inspiration for me, though. She encouraged me, she was very enthusiastic about the strip; it meant a lot to me. Joanne Carter married co-creator Jerry Siegel in On working with Joe Shuster for Lois Lane, Carter said in the Nemo magazine interview: "Joe was redrawing the strip, and it was going to be more realistic, rather than cartoony.

I used to model for him every Saturday until he had enough drawings. He made so many stock drawings that it got to a point where he didn't need any more.

We became such good friends by that time we decided we would always stay friends. Lois Lane made her debut in Action Comics 1 June the first published Superman story.

She has one younger sibling, her sister Lucy Lane. cts of Lois' personality have varied over the years, depending on the comic book writers handling of the character and American social attitudes toward women at the time.

In most incarnations, she is shown to be an independent person who is smart, determined and strong-willed. Her physical appearance has varied over the years, depending either on contemporary fashion or media adaptations.

From the late s through the s she was depicted with auburn hair in the comic books. In the s, Lois had a newspaper comic strip, Lois Lane, Girl Reportera direct spin-off of the Superman comic strip running at the time. A similar title comic series began appearing in the Superman comic book instarting with Superman InDC Comics gave Lois a comic book series, Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane. The series focuses on her solo adventures and start publication in April In the s, the series was one of DC's most popular titles and was the top ten best-selling comic books in America.

Inshe received her own young adult novel series written by author Gwenda Bond. Published by Switch Press the series include: Lois Lane: FalloutLois Lane: Double Down and Lois Lane: Triple Threat. Released inLois Lanea issue series by writer Greg Rucka and artist Mike Perkins investigates threats and conspiracies in the DC Universe. Published by DC Comics in AugustLois Lane and the Friendship Challenge by Grace Ellis and Brittney Williams is a graphic novel for young readers. In the s, after Clark proposes to Lois and reveals to her that he is Superman, [12] [13] she married him in the comic book Superman: The Wedding Album Dec.

In the Golden Age comics, Lois was an aggressive, career-minded reporter for the Daily Star the newspaper's name was changed to the Daily Planet in Action Comics 23 in After Clark Kent joined the paper and Superman debuted around the same time, Lois found herself attracted to Superman but displeased with her new journalistic competition in the form of Kent. Starting early as the s, Lois began to suspect that Clark Kent was Superman, and started to make various attempts at uncovering his secret identityall of which backfired because of Superman's efforts.

The first such story appears in Superman 17 July-August Lois gained her first series of stories without Superman starting with Superman 28 May-June[18] Lois Lane, Girl Reporterrunning in the Superman comic book for a number of years, had Lois defeating bad guys and getting front-page stories on her own, without any help from Superman. In the Golden Age comics, Lois had a niece named Susie Tompkins, whose main trait was getting into trouble by telling exaggerated tall tales and fibs to adults.

When the reading audience of superhero comic books became predominately young boys in the mid to late s, the focus of Superman stories shifted toward science fiction inspired plots involving extraterrestrialsfantasy creatures, and bizarre plots. Lois' main interests in various late s and s stories became vying with her rival Lana Lang for Superman's affections, attempting to prove Clark Kent and Superman were one and the same or otherwise getting Superman into marriage.

Superman's rationale for resisting her matrimonial desires was that marrying her would put her in increased danger from his enemies and that she could not keep his secret identity hidden. Regardless, Lois married several times in the Superman stories of this era, including to a Superman impostor from Kandor, the villainous Zak-Kul [21] and a man from the future.

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Lois became more and more popular during the s, and after appearing as the lead character in two issues of DC's title Showcase in[23] DC Comics created an ongoing series for the character, titled Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane [24] beginning in April and running for issues until October Most stories were about Lois' romance with Superman, and were drawn by artist Kurt Schaffenberger ; indeed, Schaffenberger's rendition of Lois became cited by many [25] [26] as the "definitive" version of Lois, and he was often asked by DC editor Mort Weisinger to redraw other artists' depictions of Lois Lane in other DC titles where she appeared.

The series Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane became one of DC's most popular titles, the third best-selling comic in and While Lois suspicious of Superman's secret identity as early as Superman 7her suspicions grew during the early Silver Age, with many stories in her series focusing on her attempts to prove Superman and Clark Kent were one and the same. By the end of the s, as attitudes toward women's role in American society changed, Lois' character changed as well.

In Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane 80 Jan. She engaged in more adventures without Superman being involved and was much less interested in discovering Superman's secret identity. Lois had a series featured in The Superman Family an anthology title started in the mids after the cancellation of Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane and Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen from to In her series, Lois regularly battled criminals and often defeated them using her quick wits and considerable skill in the Kryptonian martial art of Klurkor, taught to her by Kryptonian survivors in the bottle city of Kandor.

Lois Lane was the backup series in The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl in to During the Silver and Bronze Age, Lois' backstory became more fully fleshed out, with various stories explaining her life before becoming employed at the Daily Planet.

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This backstory was attributed to the Lois Lane of Earth-One. As summarized in various stories, Lois was born to Sam and Ella Lane and grew up on their farm in the small town of Pittsdale.

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The snake was scared away by one of Kal-El's baby toys which had landed nearby in one of Jor-El's experimental rockets. During Lois' adolescence, she won a youth contest run by the Daily Planetwith the prize being a trip to Metropolis to spend a week working as a cub reporter for the newspaper.

There, she first met Clark Kent of Smallville, who was the other winner of the contest. Lois found Clark dull and became more interested in asking him for information about Superboy after learning Clark came from Smallville. During the week in Metropolis, Lois made a bet with Clark to see who would get the most scoopswhich turned out to be Lois, as Clark was forced to constantly go into action as Superboy.

Lois met Superboy for the first time while uncovering a criminal enterprise for one of her stories. At the end of the week, Clark paid off Lois' bet an ice cream sundaeand the two returned to their respective hometowns. There, Lois met Lana Lang, a fellow camper, for the first time.

Upon finishing high school, Lois left Pittsdale and attended Raleigh College to study journalism. While in college, Lois worked for the student newspaper, the Raleigh Reviewas a reporter and eventually its co-editor. Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen later joined the Planet ' s staff but Lois remained the newspaper's star reporter, [41] winning the Pulitzer Prize.

After the - miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths writer John Byrne revised the Superman legend and eliminated the Silver Age version of Lois from continuity.

Before this happened, a final non-canonical imaginary story Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? was written by Alan Mooremeant as a send-off for the pre-Crisis versions of the characters, including Lois.

Published at the same time but in Earth-One continuity was a two-issue miniseries, Lois Lanein which she investigates missing children. Lois underwent a character alteration beginning with John Byrne's The Man of Steel miniseries, which significantly rewrote Superman's origin and history.

In this modern version of events, Lois was portrayed as a tough-as-nails reporter who rarely needed rescuing. She was depicted as strong, opinionated, yet sensitive.

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Lois' first real relationship in this version was with Jose Delgadowho she later came to know acted as a vigilante. Delgado eventually recovered. He and Lois would have several on and off experiences together before the relationship completely disintegrated, due to Delgado accepting help from a Lexcorp subsidiary ARL. Another major change made was that Lois did not fall in love with just Superman, although she was attracted to him.

In the original Silver Age stories, Superman had been the man who disguised himself as Clark Kent. In this newly revised concept, it was Clark Kent who lived a life in which his activity as Superman was decidedly secondary. Lois initially resented the rookie Clark Kent getting the story on Superman as his first piece when she had spent ages trying to get an interview.

This sometimes ill-tempered rivalry remained the case until The Adventures of Superman - and Action Comics Following Clark's brief rampage under the influence of the EradicatorLois was hesitant to forgive Clark for "selling out" to Collin Thornton and running Newstime Magazine, but forgave him in a span of mere minutes when he returned to ask for his job back. Clark elected to repay Lois by finally letting go of his self-imposed inhibitions and passionately kissed her.

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The two became a couple, and eventually, Lois accepted a proposal of marriage. DC Comics had planned on Lois and Clark being married in 's Superman vol. Partially as a result of this, Superman was killed in Superman 75 instead, dying in Lois' arms after a battle royal with the monster Doomsday.

After a period of time, Superman returned to life, and both he and Lois resumed their relationship, though not without a few problems such as a brief reappearance of Clark's former college girlfriend, the mermaid Lori Lemaris.

Lois eventually decided to take an overseas assignment to assert her independence and not be dependent on Clark, who had begun to overprotect her. When Clark became convinced Lois was in danger, he and her father Sam allied to aid her secretly.

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When Lois returned to Metropolis, she had been through several life-threatening exploits and was slightly amused when Clark informed her his powers had been depleted, and that he was her editor due to Perry White 's cancer. Upon discovering Clark still had her wedding ring within a handkerchief, Lois warmly broke down, teasing Clark and finally agreeing to become his wife.

Lois and Clark were finally married in the comic book Superman: The Wedding Album Dec. Since their marriage, Clark and Lois continue to be one of the strongest relationships in comics.

Lois Lane Actresses: Stars Who've Played Superman's Girlfriend

Inthe couple took the next step in adopting a newly arrived Kryptonian boy, who they named Chris Kent. The boy is later discovered to be the son of Jor-El 's foe, General Zod. Although initially uneasy about raising a super-powered child, Lois has shown immense aptitude of being 'Mommy Lois. In the second issue of Final CrisisLois and Perry are caught in an explosion triggered by Clayface destroying the Daily Planet and Lois is critically injured.

In the third issue, it is revealed that only Clark's heat vision is keeping her heart beating. Clark is visited by a mysterious phantom who insists that he must depart Earth immediately if he is to save his wife's life.

The story is continued in the 3D tie-in comic Superman Beyon where the female Monitor Zillo Valla stops time around Lois, allowing Superman to leave her side for a while, recruiting him and several of his multiversal doppelgangers in a mission to save the entire Multiverse, promising care for Lois. After defeating the dark Monitor Mandrakk, Superman brings back a distilled drop of The Bleed and administers it to Lois through a kiss, restoring her to full health.

Lois is later seen in Final Crisis 6, one of the few still free humans. After the events of Superman: New Krypton Superman must leave Earth for an undetermined amount of time swearing off his Earthly connections in the eyes of his fellow Kryptonians to keep an eye on General Zod the New Kryptonian military commander, but he secretly tells Lois he still considers her his wife and will come back to her. In the issues of Action Comics Lois has reunited with Christopher Kent who has aged to adulthood in the past months and became the new Metropolis hero Nightwing.

Lois doesn't believe that her sister is dead and refuses to accept the news until she has irrefutable proof. Lois asks Supergirl for a recovered piece of Superwoman's costume.

Lois hands her expose in and the government is after her for treason. With agents on her tail, she makes a mad dash for it. When Lois is in custody, her father Sam Lane is there to greet her in an interview room in an unnamed facility. Sam tells Lois the only reason he has been lenient with her is because she is his daughter, while he does love her the planet will always come first over his family and threatens to make her disappear forever if she continues.

Lois returns to the Daily Planet under cover of night and explains all to Perry.

She points out the whole paper is at risk and everyone connected to it if her expose runs. Perry understands and though he must protect the paper he is first and foremost a good journalist and nudges Lois in the right direction; he won't run the story but noted it must get out to the people somehow.

Enlightened, she quits the Daily Planetas Lois gets her edge back. Lois learns her father's forces destroyed New Krypton. She is kidnapped by Lucy and taken to Sam's secret base. In the war between New Krypton and Earth, Supergirl finds them and threatens to kill Sam.

Lois stops her, saying her father will be judged for his war crimes. Refusing to go to trial, Sam takes a gun and commits suicide.

Lois says while she will not miss her father, she will miss her sister. In Superman: Grounde Superman begins a journey through America to reconnect with the American people, and Lois, though confused at first, supports his choice.

Lois later travels to Rushmark and finds an old college friend Brian, who invites her to have dinner with him and his wife. When Lois leaves Brian's home she is met by Superman.

The two reaffirm their love to each other and go to Chicago. Lois wants to publish an article, which would reveal the workers' illegal activities, but Superman forces her not to. Feeling betrayed, Lois returns to Metropolis and does not speak to Superman for a while.

Loise lane she male

Superman apologizes to Lois about what happened in Des Moines. Lois replies that she wrote the article anyway, saying that she was a reporter before she was his wife. Knowing that his wife did the right thing, Superman kisses her. The two then return home.

InDC Comics relaunched its titles and its main continuity was rebooted with the New Lois now works for Morgan Edge heading up the media division of the Daily Planet.

She views Clark as a friend and is unaware that he is Superman. Lois investigates the story of twenty people who developed metahuman powers after being kidnapped by Brainiac. Her search leads her to a U.

senator, who revealed to be one of the Twenty. The senator dies, but not before transferring his powers to Lois, who falls into a coma. During the fight, Lois learns that Clark is Superman but falls back into a coma.

After defeating the Psychic Pirate, Superman brings Lois back to the hospital. The power overwhelms the Parasite, causing him to collapse. Lois awakens from her coma but she does not seem to remember Superman's identity. Lois is the main character in the Superman: Lois Lane 1 one-shot. In this story, Lois' sister, Lucy, asks for her help in finding her roommate Amanda Suresh, who had been kidnapped by a mysterious group called "the Cartel.

As Lois investigates the Cartel, she gets captured and taken to the Cartel's headquarters. There, Lois finds out the Cartel had been capturing people who had been mutated by the drug.

Lois escapes and rescues Amanda when the captured monsters cause a riot. As she returns home, Lois finds out Lucy had been taking the drug. As Lucy apologizes for putting all three in danger, Lois chooses to publish her story about the Cartel. Some time after this, an organisation led by the mysterious 'HODOR-ROOT' learn Superman's secret identity, prompting him to share that information with Lois. When HODOR-ROOT try to analyse Clark's new 'Super-Flare' power, Lois reveals his identity to the public in the hope of removing their blackmail card, but this forces Clark to go on the run, hunted by criminals and law enforcement as some apparent side-effect of his Super-Flare has depleted his powers.

Superman eventually learns that his depleted powers are due to Vandal Savage infecting him with a form of radiation that inhibits his cells' ability to absorb solar radiation, subjecting himself to kryptonite as a form of chemotherapy.

With his powers restored, Clark reconciles with Lois, accepting that she exposed his identity for good reasons.

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In the New Futures En set five years in the possible future of the New verse. Lois is considered the most successful freelance reporter on the planet and her blog "The Fast Lane" is one of the most read and well-respected sources of news in the world.

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