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The first half is about building a safe foundation with good communication and intimacy skills. The second half are more focused on sexual practices and explorations which sometimes though not always, culminate in sexual intercourse.

Surrogate Partner Therapy F Rojas September 14, Resources. Surrogate Partner Therapy F Rojas September 11, The Sun: Mare Simone, calls herself a "sex surrogate" and has devoted her working life to helping men, women, and couples overcome problems in the bedroom. As a qualified sex surrogate, she has given lessons in love to more than 10, clients over the past 23 years   Surrogate partner therapy is a type of therapy that involves someone standing in as a patient's sexual partner. It is a three-way relationship between the client, a licensed sex therapist, and a partner surrogate. Patients who have intimacy problems and sexual hang-ups will sometimes seek out sex therapy to Robert Porter

The final session is traditionally a completion ceremony which is a celebration with gift-giving, acknowledgments and appreciation. Mission accomplished.

He was no longer a virgin.

Amazing, determination to be self expressed! What I learned from being a sex surrogate is invaluable and I would recommend this service [and profession] to anyone who wants to learn and practice love and intimacy skills in order to become a better lover with greater confidence and knowledge.

  Newsome, a full-time sex surrogate and therapist from Staffordshire, England, helps others explore their sexuality and develop skills through one-on-one, hands-on Alexandra Klausner   Once known as sex surrogates, surrogate partners help clients to overcome the emotional blocks that result in sexual dysfunction and fear of Edward Guthmann Working with a Surrogate Partner helps you develop more accurate & nuanced body-awareness, more self-confidence, and a greater capacity for physical and emotional intimacy. In addition, Surrogate Partner Therapy offers you unparalleled opportunities for experiencing, practicing, and integrating new relational, social, sensual, and sexual skills

I have seen many men and women transform their lives for the better by learning how to express their love physically and emotionally. Being their partner in this process and to hold and support them while they heal and awaken is such an honor for me; and a blessing for all. The process naturally creates a deep intimate and safe foundation for powerful shifts and growth opportunities.

Knowing the profession as I do, I wish they portrayed a more conscious model of ending the relationship rather than the drama of the surrogate running away to hide her emotions.

In my surrogate practice our last session was a celebration of gratitude for the intimate times we shared. Our last meeting would be often dinner together to close the ties gracefully and wish each other well. Parting tears was a natural side of a healthy process of breaking up. Working so intimately with a sex surrogate, opens many doors and in some cases wounds from the past much like in a real love relationship will surface in order to be healed.

I am often asked the question about what happens if a client falls in love with me or in the event that a mutual love connection occurs between myself and clients.

Traditional therapy refers to this as transference and to be avoided. This process which can trigger mutual feelings of vulnerability so it must be treated with extra sensitivity.

Male sex surrogates

And have been on both side of the journey so I know how important it is to be treated with care and grounded, supportive love so that profound growth is the outcome. which I am also an advocate of is very similar in many ways to the practice of Sex Surrogacy. I feel blessed to be adept in both areas and am so happy that this service is finally coming out into the light with dignity and respect.

John HawkesHelen Hunt and William H. Macy See full cast and crew.

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Written and directed by Ben Lewin and produced by his wife Judi Levine, The Sessions is inspired by a true story and and follows man in an iron lung who wishes to lose his virginity to a professional sex surrogate. The Fox-distributed film was awarded winner of the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

Monique and her amazing husband Nate Darling are both so open to transform and evolve her love life, that it is a great honor to work with them. They are such an inspiration and joy to witness. She comes from such a warm heart space that anyone who experiences her is immediately put at ease and present to receive her gifts. As a receiver as well as a qualified coach herself, she teaches us how to get the most out of the process of healing our past by saying yes to love, even when fear is lurking.

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She is so loving and leads with her heart that, success comes easy. Nate is also wonderfully willing to be transparent and vulnerable in his process, that he helps others through his courage and strength to see that opening to more love and intimacy is a profoundly transforming event.

Their example is a gift to everyone that has the opportunity to experience them. The best way to learn is through experience. They so bravely revealed their personal process in learning to love more on TLC-TV with me - so many benefited and learned vicariously through their courage.

Since then I have been flooded with calls from other couples and individuals who are inspired to open the door to discover the possibilities of more love and pleasure that are available to them as well! We will post a recording of the show for those who missed it, as soon as we receive it from the network.

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Documenting this work with the Darlings for TV and all the supportive comments from all our friends, has inspired me to continue working with them gratis to further their progress; and to offer this opportunity to other couples at no charge in exchange for the opportunity to document their process as well. It is so valuable to witness another having an authentic shift, that I want to create an entire documentary on the transformational power of love and authentic intimacy.

Seeking support and other coaches who are interested in this Documentary project. Please contact me if you are interested. Or if you know couples who would like to be a part of this project and get coaching for free!

If you have access to this article and can FAX or SEND it to me, I will give you a free 60 min consultation by phone, Skype or in person!!! I was moved to tears of joy to hear her version of my story which was clearly respected and represented me in a light that made me feel validated and elated! I love my work and the people that I am able to work with and so I cherish the opportunity to express and educate others about sexual enlightenment in a way that gives them an accurate picture of what I offer and the types of conditions that I have been able to help people improve upon.

While I wait for the magazine to arrive at my doorstep, so that I can post it here on my blog; I invite you to view it on the magazine stands in the UK. Tabloids exaggerate and tell crazy numbers about interesting stories, to get attention. So what inspired this blog post is that I want people to get to know the real me, beyond the tabloid that spread my name worldwide, overnight, in an a less than desirable way.

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At the time, I was outraged that my personal life had been so distorted and exposed to the world. I was bombarded by the media with tons of requests for interviews, TV shows and documentaries. I declined many of them because the intimate nature of my work was personal and private.

Faces of Berkeley: Cheryl Cohen Greene, Sex Surrogate

But now I feel blessed and am grateful that I had the exposure. It certainly opened up a lot of doors for me, however, I just wish it was better now, because it turned my life upside down. Inside Edition wanted to interview me, which I thought was great, but only if they got the right angle. They wanted me to have a client on the show and I wanted to be sure that that would be a safe and respectable environment for her.

I had a great female client in mind to show another view of my work and its importance for women. I thought it would redirect attention towards providing women with profound sexual transformations, a service that is much needed by many women who have had sexual abuse in their past.

She was a victim of marital rape who eventually left her husband in spite of restrictions of her religion. For some reason,I never got called back after correcting the lies in the article below - which is astounding because is it not equally, if not, more important of a story? I hope to have the opportunity to present this meaningful and profound healing ct of my work with both men and women. The Sun : This woman has had sex with more than a thousand men - and most of them are the husbands or boyfriends of other women.

Working with Tantra, there are many ways to exchange sexual energy. Many of which do not involve any exchange of sexual fluids or intercourse. When I was practicing as a sex surrogateI worked as part of a therapy team, usually with a psychologist or psychiatrist on board.

We worked on his entire well-being including his intimacy and sexual skills. Occasionally intercourse was a part of their training to help them to hone their skills, become fully integrated and ready for their significant other. On a few occasions I worked with virgins who came to me to learn and have their first experience. In these cases,I would have intercourse with the client as their initiation.

After several sessions,as the culmination of a series in the art of love and pleasure. In some ancient cultures from India and several other countries, at the age of puberty, every young man and woman would have a private sexual educator to educate and assist them in their sexual development. I think all men could benefit from such education and introduction to sex at any age. The more evolved you are when you begin, the higher you can soar!

As a qualified sex surrogate, she has given lessons in love to more than 10, clients over the past 23 years. My comment : I said I have intimate relations with most of my clients sometimes intimacy is with touch and other times just in conversation.

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Your idea that sex surrogacy equals sexual penetration is based on ignorance that there is only one way to be truly intimate. And in the process healing wounds from any ghosts that may exist from their sexual past. The Sun : And while she estimates she has had penetrative sex some of them, she insists there is nothing illegal about what she does. I actually awaken them to become better lovers. And then send them home to love and sleep with their wives. I am in no way a prostitute as sex surrogacy is legal, as long as it is done in a therapeutic and healing atmosphere.

A clear distinction between a sex surrogate from prostitution is how beneficial the session was for the days and weeks afterwards.

I hope to leave them better than I found them. What did they gain from my teachings and services? Did they heal or learn something meaningful? And will it transform their lives for good in the most joyful and important ways? That is my aim and intention with each client I see. I am helping improve and change the sex lives of thousands of men, which means I am also helping improve the sex lives of their wives and girlfriends.

In the same way, I feel drawn to helping others have an intimate sex life. My job is so fulfilling and enjoyable. Seeing my customers leave with a new-found sexual confidence is a wonderful sight. Single Mare, world traveler, based in Southern California and sees clients internationally conducts around sessions online and in person.

She sees people from all walks of life.

  By Rosie Garelick. Published March 12, PM (EDT) (MJTH via Shutterstock) I saw a male sex surrogate for five months last year. It started with a Author: Rosie Garelick   Currently, about 35 to 40 percent of IPSA surrogates are male, Blanchard told MyHealthNewsDaily. "There's been a steady increase in women taking Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins   Of the estimated 75 surrogate partners in the United States, about 20 are men, according to the International Professional Surrogates Association, a small, Los Angeles-based Julia Scheeres

They have either been recommended to see me by a sex therapist or former client, they find me online, or they seek me out through tantra and sexual surrogate organizations. Before they see me, they all have an STD test, and must always use a condom with me. I also have some women come to me. I show them how to pleasure themselves and make them love their bodies.

Some visit me for a few sessions, while others have a series of 12, depending on the extent of their problems. Or the extent of their desires.

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All of my sessions start by chatting, I sometimes touch their hands or rub their feet to help them feel relaxed and comfortable with me. During the next few sessions I move to giving them back and shoulder massages, so the client relaxes further while talking about their problems. Following that, we do a mirror exercise. This is where the client and I will both take off our clothes and look at our bodies in the mirror. Usually, they feel very timid about their bodies and find it difficult to look at themselves.

But when they realise I am not judging them, they begin to open up and feel confident.

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At that stage I move on to front body massages. This is the stage of lovemaking, so they can learn how to control themselves and solve their sexual problems.

My job is basically to make people realize their problems are not just physical. They are in the mind and have a lot to do with self-confidence. Mare has not always been so sexually open. At the age of 19, she was raped by a male friend after accepting a late-night lift home from a party.

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To o afraid to report the attack, she lost her confidence in men and sex. When she married her first husband, Victor, ten years later, she still could orgasm with him. She recalls:. Overnight I went from being outgoing to being introverted.

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When I did date, I found making love brought back unhealed memories. When I married Victor, our sex life was never great and after four years we divorced but we have remained friends. It was then that a friend recommended I start reading about tantric sex and sexual surrogacy.

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Learning about this unknown world of sexual healing made me feel that there was hope for me to get my sexual confidence back. Mare took a weekend course in Tantra Yoga where she learnt about tantric sex, an ancient Hindu practice that concentrates on a slower form of sex. I could enjoy sex without feeling dirty, ashamed or guilty. She continued studying tantra and was certified in two lineages one being The Source School of Tantra Yoga where she studied with Charles and Caroline Muir for several years; and the other Ipsalu-Tantra Kriya Yoga.

She also did a two year long training program with Dr. When I was a software engineer I could tell people what I did and they would have a pretty good idea about what that meant. But if I tell someone that I'm a surrogate partner, they either have no idea what I do or the ideas they have are incorrect.

Some people think that an important part of it is being a master of sexual technique, whereas that is really irrelevant. I participated in an online discussion group a few years back. There were a lot of misconceptions and accusations going on about it.

So I stepped in and said, "I'm a surrogate partner; and what this work is about, at least as I see it, is mostly about helping people acquire skills that support their having a more intimate, connected, passionate life.

I basically was saying that very little of the work is sexual. There was a survey that said surrogates spend maybe 10 to 15 percent of their time in activities that could be considered sexual.

Most of the time it's about communication and relaxation and relearning how to touch and build trust. I thought I gave a really great explanation.

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And yet, the next response was someone coming back and saying, "Looks like prostitution to me. I did my training in with IPSA International Professional Surrogates Assn.

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It's a day intensive training which is part of the certification process. After you complete the training, you become an intern; and I'm currently in that stage. All of my clients are referred by a psychotherapist. The sessions are generally an hour and a half and maybe we'll go to two hours later on. The clients I've seen are in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

It's difficult to get started in this work. First of all, surrogate partner therapy is somewhat controversial, even in the therapeutic community. And second, many people have the idea that surrogate partners are all female. There's a couple of important differences between male clients and female clients. With male clients, I think they typically come in with a complaint about something related to sexual performance.

With female clients, there's other things going on like negative body image, fear of failure, fear of intimacy. Those are always going on for male clients as well; it's just a matter of the proportion.

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