Coronavirus: Covid may cause eye sight loss in patients was ”mild disease”


Own report: Corona infection can damage eyesight. Even the eyesight can go away. Although a patient’s infection is not very serious, fungal infections can occur in his eyes. That is what the government said.

Recently, 12 corona (Covid-19) patients at Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi were found to have fungal infections in their eyes. As a result, one’s eyesight is impaired and one’s jaw bones are severely damaged.

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Dr VK Paul, a member of the NITI Commission, said on Tuesday, ‘Corona is a deadly disease. It should not be taken lightly. We have to be very careful. Coronavirus symptoms are mild, but they can be serious.

According to an ANI report, 10 such corona patients have been found in the eye department of Sir Gangaram Hospital in the last two weeks. Half of them have lost their sight. In addition to Corona, 5 people had to provide critical care support for other complications. 5 people also lost their lives.

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Dr Manish Manjul, an ophthalmologist at Gangaram Hospital in Delhi, told the media, “Such fungal infections occur when the human immune system is weakened. With that in mind, the corona patient is given steroids. This reduces the level of cytokinin in the body. This cytokinin causes fungal infections in the body.


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