Dramatic Video Shows Lightning Strike Destroying A Tree


Dramatic Video Shows Lightning Strike Destroying A Tree

A tree goes up in flames before falling to the ground in this dramatic video

We all know about the dangers of lightning and how we must avoid standing under trees during thunderstorms. But if you need any more incentive to remember this, a look at the video posted on Facebook by the National Weather Service (NWS) in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is sure to do the trick. The clip shows a bolt of lightning striking a pine tree. In the incident that occurred on Thursday, you can see that the tree goes up in flames before it falls to the ground in several pieces. Take a look.

The tree in question was located outside the Wautoma High School in Wisconsin.

Along with the clip, the NWS Facebook page carried the message, “You just never know when lightning will strike. Here is a video from Wautoma High School this morning of lightning destroying a Pine tree. So the NWS slogan, ‘When thunder roars go indoors’; please heed that advice next time you hear thunder.” The weather service thanked news channel WLUK-TV FOX 11 for the video.

As per a CNN report, the principal of the school, Jennifer Johnson, confirmed that no one was injured in the lightning strike and that there was no damage to the school. Sharing specifics, Jennifer explained that the incident occurred around 8.30 am, just when grade 9 and 10 students were getting ready to take a test. She added that the students were “distracted but excited” to witness what happened.

The clip, which soon gained popularity on social media, had users in awe. Reacting to the video, one user commented, “That is why it is never important to take shelter under trees during the rains.”

Some were happy that kids were inside.

Then, there were a few who shared their experiences. “A group of cows got hit under a tree in my home state…Killed 9 of 11 outright and they had to put down the other two poor creatures,” read one of the comments.

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