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Shuvendu’s call, “Bengal must be handed over to Narendra Modi”

In what way can the financial condition of the people of Bengal be improved, Shuvendu Adhikari has given his hadith on this day.

TMC Firhad Hakim attacks BJP Arjun Singh

Own report: Prime Minister Firhad Hakim has blamed the BJP for stopping and colliding with the car of MP Sunil Mondal in front of...

So many positions in the same family, then did not feel ashamed? Kunal Ghosh’s counter to Shuvendu

Own report- As the Ekushey elections are approaching, the grassroots and BJP leaders of the state are becoming more and more aggressive. The...

This time the Kalpataru festival in Kovid-Abhe is closed in Kashipur and Dakshineswar

Own report: Do not panic kopataruteo panic! Kalpataru festival is not being organized on January 1 in Kashipur and Dakshineswar. It is quite...

Shame on the TMC team for 21 years: Shuvendu Adhikari

"There should be a single government at the center and in the states. Otherwise, the economic condition of Bengal will not be good.

‘Who wrote the previous letter, why all the writing is new, let’s read’

"A very important thing has come to light in the Saradha investigation case. I have been saying from the beginning that there is...

MP Sunil Mondal Hackled, TMC-BJP clash in Hestings Kolkata

Own report: Unrest erupted in the BJP's Hastings office premises over the incident of blocking MP Sunil Mandal's car. Trinamool-BJP, the two sides...

Preliminary design approval of the bridge under construction by Rail

Own report: The state government has demolished the old bridge due to poor health. Construction of the new bridge is underway under the...
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