The people of Bengal are the next Chief Minister of BJP, clarified Amit Shah

বাংলার মাটির মানুষই BJP-র আগামী মুখ্যমন্ত্রী, স্পষ্ট করলেন Amit Shah

Own report: Bhumiputra will be the chief minister of BJP in Bengal. Amit Shah clarified on Saturday in response to the ‘external’ attack of the Trinamool. He reminded, ‘This Bengali belongs to Rabindranath Tagore. To him the whole world is a house. This kind of narrow politics has never happened in Bengal before.

Gerua Shibir has jumped into Bengal with all its might to get the assembly vote closer. Experienced leaders are coming from outside Bengal. Then the Trinamool (TMC) started targeting the BJP’s central leaders as outsiders. The party leaders say, “The BJP wants to put the non-Bengali leadership above the Bengalis.” The Trinamool leader said, “Those who are coming to spread violence from outside Bengal are outsiders.” Amit Shah’s response was, ‘Amit Shah will not fight in the election. That said, I can’t come here to preach! Can’t talk to people! This is not the culture of Bengal. This land belongs to Rabindranath Tagore. To him the whole world is one house. Such narrow politics has never happened before. I will also say don’t worry Mamata Didi. The BJP workers of Bengal will fight against you. They will lose you. ‘

Shah also said that Bhumiputra of Bengal will be the chief minister in the BJP power. In his words, ‘the people of this land will be the Chief Minister.’ Who will be? However, the Union Home Minister did not want to break it. His comment, ‘Anyone can be.’

Who is the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate in Bengal? There is a lot of speculation about Sourav Ganguly and Shuvendu Adhikari. Shuvendu joined the BJP on the same day. Naturally, that speculation will intensify in the coming days. The names of Mukul Roy and Dilip Ghosh are also floating. However, Gerua Shibir does not want anyone to be the chief ministerial candidate before the vote. Kailash Vijayavargiya recently said, “The BJP will go to the polls in the face of Narendra Modi.” Even before this, the Chief Ministerial candidates in several states have not been decided yet. Narendra Modi was the campaigner. In West Bengal too, Gerua Shibir is going to walk that path without taking any risk. Will be chosen after the vote, the Chief Minister. Shah said that that face would be the landlord of Bengal. “We will form a government with a majority of seats,” he said.

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