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The only thing that I really had going for me was our showers together in the mornings. I don't think she fully realizes that after all our years together, I find her even more beautiful each day than the day before.

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Category: Incest. Having the double headed dildo halfway inside her sopping wet pussy hole. Adrienne was looking down at her sister who just wrapped her mouth around the other end and started sucking on it fast and hard.

I'd started setting my alarm clock for 45 minutes early so that I can have enough time in the morning to let him fully clean out my asshole. He loves licking my asshole almost more than I adore him licking it so I never have to hesitate to ask him to lick it for me. I cherish going to bed and waking up to his tongue in my "Lick my ass!" I closed my eyes and moved my heard toward it. I had her cheeks held open, and gave my licks a final lick before moving in. My lips kissed between her ass cheeks and then my tongue slithered out and against my wife's hairy ass hole. It was disgusting. Embarassing. Awful. Still, my tongue wormed its way into my wife's asshole   A young man becomes the sissy-boi to the Football coach. Helps woman with groceries; fucks Mother & Daughter. Jessica convinces her master to take her. I desperately want to rim her. Linda continues her shame & Johnny tells a dirty story! and other exciting erotic stories at!

Adrienne could feel the dildo move inside her, rubbing and pushing against her soft insides as her sister Julie was moving it with her tongue and mouth. In their bedroom when they should be asleep, but what is going to bed and sleeping without a good cum?

I strained my eyes to peer through the windshield of my car as I made my way slowly along the treacherously slippery road. Every few moments I could feel the car slide from side to side and my heart would jump before regaining control once again.

My field of view extended only a few yards beyond the hood of my car and my visibility was severely hampered by the endless stream of snow blasting against my windshield.


Maybe if I was drunk. Her wrists were tied together and secured with her own pantyhose to the headboard. He had left the room, with her kneeling as best she could, legs spread wide, giving him a perfect view of her now glistening pink slit, and more importantly the tight pink rosebud above. Then I pulled them out and stuck them in my mouth, tasting her ass even better.

After this I followed the same ritual, but now offered my fingers to my mothers: "Want a taste?

Then the wetness, his thrust, his tongue deep into my... // Khia

I never knew my own ass tastes so good. I'm sure gonna enjoy it more from now on.

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But first I'm gonna enjoy this," I said and closed my mouth over her brown shitter. Then I proceeded to suck on her butthole hard, making obscenely loud smacking and slurping noises. Like that.

Suck my ass. Goddamn, I've never felt anything like this. Someone sucking my asshole the way you do. I drilled my tongue back where the sun never shines and savagely twisted my head, cleaning out her ass with my tongue. I pulled back and noticed my mother squeezing her ass muscles, pushing out a thick yellowish drop of ass juice. I didn't hesitate for a second and lapped the drop off of her swollen pucker. Then my mother caught me by surprise as she let fly a meaty, long lasting fart, straight into my face.

The hot gas blew partially into my nostrils, partially into my mouth.

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The seconds following that, as I lay stunned between my mother's thighs, a funky odour filled the room. I couldn't deny I had indeed fantasized about my mother blowing farts into my face.

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But somehow I never thought she would do this. I thought she would draw the line somewhere. Lucky for me I didn't have any written fantasies about watersports or scat, or things could have gotten really messy. After the element of surprise had passed, I decided to enjoy this to the fullest, and inhaled my mother's intoxicating fart smell.

Then I continued closing my mouth over her brown poopchute. I continued sucking and slurping away at that still swelling pucker. Suck that ass of mine! Again she pried into my soul with her brown eyes. What makes you hotter than anything? Look into my eyes and tell me.

As I gazed into her lust filled eyes: "Everything that concerns you. Sucking your tasty asshole, drinking your ass juices. Sucking your toes, with and without stockings. But what I would also love is for you to tongue fuck MY ass, for you to taste and smell my asshole.

I can hardly wait to feel your soft, wet, warm tongue sliding into my butt, mom.

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I laid back on the bed, pulled up my legs, bending at the knees, and spread as wide as possible. Never in my life had I felt more exposed as I did then. Each part of body, normally covered or clothed, was now open and offered for my own mother to view.

She could look straight into my ass.

She looked at all of it. I felt her gaze floating over my crotch, my cock and balls, and a shudder of pure pleasure thundered through me as I could just feel her eyes concentrating on my hairy brown asshole. Like a panther on the prowl my mother slowly crawled towards me, right until her face was just about 4 inches away from my buttocks. She should have been able to smell my ass at that point. She laid a hand on each of my butt cheeks, and pulled them apart as much as possible.

Then I felt how she brought her nose between my globes, moaning extremely hot, inhaled the smell of my brown starfish. I was right after that that she pressed her nose hard against my pucker and snorted long and hard.

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I shivered because of the feeling, but also because this wild situation. Can I please taste it? Then you have to tell me how much you enjoy the taste.

My mother licked at my browneye with the tip of her tongue. I shivered again at the sensation of that wet squirming tongue on my hole.

lick my anus." I got quite excited when I heard this. She layed flat on her stomach. I spread her big, fat, round ass cheeks and began to lick her pink, puckered, hairless asshole. It tasted so good. I slid my tongue up her tight bunghole bringing out quite a reaction from my aunt. "Ooooh yesss! Eat my ass baby! Eat my horny ass! Oh, your Mother's Night. Translated from the Dutch original, written by myself. It was a Friday night in a random week; it was , and I climbed out of bed to get myself a glass of water. I walked down the stairs to the 1st floor, when I heard the muffled sound of a voice coming from my mother's bedroom   A new friend helps me with my girlfriend's intruder fantasy. Story of my first scat experience. Sharing my boyfriend's huge cock with my girlfriend's asshole. If you don't make that call, someone else will. and other exciting erotic stories at!

The feeling caused me to repeatedly pinch my sphincter, that way teasingly pinching the tip of my mother's tongue with my asshole. This is something I didn't have to say twice as she buried her face in the crack of my ass, and lapped thirstily along my crack from bottom to top. Globs of warm saliva drooled down my crack onto the sheets, and I enjoyed immensely as she started violently digging into my tight hole with the tip of her tongue, like a pig looking for truffles.

think, that

Sloppy sounds rose from between my cheeks thanks to my ass-eating mother. My anus got more and more slippery as she continued digging into my butt. With hard bobbing motions she thrust her head up and down and I could feel her tongue going deeper inside each time she entered; in between she twisted her head to lubricate the inside of my ass with her spit. Moaning and slurping my mother feasted on her son's smelly asshole as I bounced on the bed, grabbed the sheets in my clenched fists, and started yelling.

My mother spat a huge amount of her saliva on my swollen pucker and squished her tongue back deep inside.

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Her drool gushed out alongside her tongue going in. More than half her tongue was locked in my ass, and was wiggling inside as she looked, right over my cock and balls, into my eyes. Again she took her tongue out, this time with a noisy plop, but now she closed her mouth over my somewhat gaping asshole.

Loudly smacking and slurping she began to suck on my shithole. I floundered on the bed like a de-hydrating fish because of the feeling that had to resemble a vacuum cleaner on my asshole, only a warm and wet one.

Lick my ass stories

I could no longer control myself and let go of a huge fart, straight into my mother's mouth. But not for a second did she take her mouth off my ass, instead just kept sucking.

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She swallowed away the warm gas, along with the ass juices I could feel dribbling out of my hole. She grabbed my cock and started beating me off, after she smeared the precum from the head of my prick all over my cock.

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With the middle finger of her other hand she started finger fucking my ass. This went slick, thanks due to the excess saliva that was still over and in my pucker. A filling feeling is what she gave me, especially after she added her index finger.

consider, what

As time went, her jerking right hand went faster and faster, as did the two digits in my butthole. After about two minutes she shagged my ass like mad with her fingers and jacked my cock off as if she was trying to break a world record.

I could no longer hold back and my jizz shot from my balls to my shaft, which started spewing cum like a fountain.

My loins were flying up and down on the bed and I hollered loudly, my cum shot into the air for more than a yard, a personal record for me. My mother dove forward and started licking furiously around and over the head of my cock, my semen shooting at the roof of her mouth.

She kept swallowing her boy's load and licked and sucked every drop that coated her tongue. When I was done she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it completely clean, moaning and enjoying. COVID RESOURCES. LIT CAMS Free Tokens ADULT TOYS VOD MOVIES.

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