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102 Year-Old Woman Driving Her First And Only 81 Year-Old Car (Video)

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Have you ever seen a 101-year-old lady drive a car? We believe not many of you would say yes to this question. This is because there is only one person who has done this. Her name was Margaret Dunning from Plymouth, United States of America. Recently, we came across an old video in which this 101-year-old lady was seen driving her 1930 Packard sedan in her neighborhood.

101-year-old lady driving her car
This video of the lovely 101-year-old Margaret Dunning driving her 1930 Packard was shared on YouTube by The New York Times on their channel. This video was shared 11 years ago, and it is an interview of the old lady who loved driving her sedan around her city despite her age.

It starts with the lady introducing herself as Margaret Dunning. She then states that she lives in Plymouth, USA. At the time this video was recorded, she was 101 years old. After her introduction, she introduces her beloved 1930 Packard Straight 8 740 sedan. This car was Dunning’s first car.
Her experience with the 1930 Packard and driving
Following the introductions, Dunning explains that she loves driving. She highlights that she enjoys driving because the revving of the engine feels exhilarating. She then talks about old cars and mentions how old people have a sense of horsepower. Dunning adds that these old cars were recognized by their engine exhausts.

She then states that newer cars do not have this distinction and she can’t tell apart one car from the other. Next up she shows her 1930 Packard Straight 8 740 sedan. The first thing she highlights is the unique map light which comes out of the dashboard. She stated that this was an innovative feature back in the day.
Dunning then goes on to talk about how she still takes care of her car. She mentions that she can still do the oil changes by herself and also change spark plugs. Next up, she states that she loves hanging out with her friends and jokes that she likes it particularly on the “Polishing Day”.
What happened to Margaret Dunning?

Sadly, a few years later after this interview aired, Margaret Dunning passed away. It was reported that Margaret Dunning died on May 17, 2015. She took her last breath in Santa Barbara, California, United States, six weeks before her 105th birthday. The cause of her reaching the hospital was injuries sustained from an accidental fall.
1930 Packard Straight 8 740

For those who may not be aware, the Packard Straight 8 was one of the most iconic cars of its time. It was available in various body styles including sedan, limousine, coupe, and convertible. This massive car was built on a sturdy chassis. It was designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride back in the 1930s.
Powering this legendary car was a straight 8 engine which came with various different displacements. These displacements differed depending upon the model years. It ranged from 6.3-liters to 6.9-liters. Horsepower ranged from 90 to 110, and it was offered with a 3-speed manual gearbox.The post 102 Year-Old Woman Driving Her First And Only 81 Year-Old Car (Video) first appeared on Cartoq.

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