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12 Interesting facts about Tyres

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Here are some interesting tyre facts that are sure to surprise you.
You probably know which tyres are the best for your car. But you need to know a little more about these amazing pieces of technology. Here are some interesting tyre facts that will surprise you.
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1. Tyres are naturally white
We know that tyres are made of rubber and hundreds of other compounds. The color of natural rubber is white. The first rubber tyres were originally white in color until a compound called carbon black was added to rubber during the manufacturing process. Carbon black radically increased the tensile strength and durability of the tyres and changed the color of the tyres to black.

2. Who introduced carbon black to the work?
Have you heard of “Crayola”, the company that makes crayons and markers? The company was formerly called the Binny & Smith Company, after the founders Edwin Binny and C. Harold Smith. In 1904, a tyre company in England’s South Carolina A chemist named Mote used small amounts of carbon black to add a dye to tyres and possibly replace the zinc oxide that was used at the time. B.F. Goodrich began experimenting with these carbon black tyres. They found that adding carbon black not only changed the tyre’s color, but also significantly increased its strength. B.F. Goodrich then placed a large order with the largest carbon black producer – Binny & Smith Company, thus introducing carbon black into the production of conventional tyres.

3.Where Did The Name Tyre Derive From?
Can you think of tyres as the coating on a wheel? The same logic is used to derive the term “tyre”. Tyre is an abbreviation for “dress”, which means dress for the wheel.
Image Source – https://www.facebook.com/tyrewaale01

4. The largest tyre in the world?
The largest tyre in the world is 80 feet long and weighs around 10,886 kg. It is located in Allen Park, Michigan, USA Don’t miss your chance to see it in Michigan!

5. Tyres are recyclable
Rubber is an important natural resource. Recycling  tyres helps preserve the environment while making the best use of this valuable resource. Recycled tyres are used to make roads, playgrounds, fuel, shoes, and more.

6. The date of manufacture is printed on the tyres.
Did you know that you can tell when your tyre was manufactured by looking at the sidewall of your tyre? For example, you will get a 4-digit stamp. 2118, means that the tyre is manufactured in the Twenty-First Week of the year 2018.
Image Source – https://www.facebook.com/tyrewaale01

7. Tyres that will never flatten
Have you heard of puncture proof tyres? In 2005, Michelin revealed the “Twill”, an airless tyre concept. The word “twell” comes from a combination of “tyre” and “wheel”. It was introduced in vehicles used in agriculture, construction, landscaping, etc., but not in conventional passenger cars. In 2017, Michelin introduced the “UPTIS” (Unique Puncture Proof Tyre System), a version of Twill designed for commercial use. It seems that punctures will soon be a thing of the past.

8. Tyres that can work even after a puncture.
Runflat tyres are a type of tyre that can run between 70 and 80 km after being punctured. Most BMW vehicles are equipped with RunFlat tyres.

9. Tyres produced per day
Around 6.8 million tyres are produced every day around the world.

10. The man who invented his own tyres to break the land speed record.
Mickey Thompson was an American car racer. In 1960, he was set to win the world land speed record when he realized that there were no tyres available that could sustain a top speed of 500 mph. He began designing his own tyres and won the world land speed record by traveling 406.6 mph on those tyres.

11. Most expensive tyres set
Do you think your tyres were expensive? Take your time to read more. A set of tyres made by a Dubai-based company, Z Tyres, holds the record for being the most expensive tyres in the world. A set of 4 tyres costs $ 6,00,000. The 24-karat gold and diamond-encrusted tyre broke the record for Michelin’s Bugatti Veyron tyres as the most expensive tyres in the world. Before the Z tyre, Michelin’s Bugatti Veyron tyres were the most expensive tyres at a cost of US $ 42,000. The Bugatti Veyron was designed to run at a top speed of 406 km / h. And Michelin successfully delivered tyres to maintain this high speed. Speed certainly doesn’t come cheap!

12. Who is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world?
What is your guess? Michelin? Bridgestone? No, it’s Lego, the toy company. LEGO makes around 700 million tyres each year, leaving the real tyre manufacturers behind. These tyres certainly do not fit your car, but these toy tyres are still considered rubber tyres and therefore, despite being miniature, make Lego the largest tyre manufacturer in the world in terms of number of units. produced per year.

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