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13 Lucrative Side Hustles For Women in 2024

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Are you a stay-at-home woman and looking for side hustle ideas to supplement your monthly income?
It’s always a good move to start a side hustle, especially if you are depending on only one source of income.
We see many instances where many stay-at-home women just start a side hustle from nothing and scale it to beat their regular job income and end up leaving their primary job to focus on their side hustle business.
So, if you are looking for those kinds of legit side hustles for women, we’ve got you covered.
In this post, we’ve listed 45 proven and high-potential side hustle ideas for women of all age groups that help them earn extra money in their free time and achieve their financial goals.
Depending on your hard work and execution, these side hustles can generate anywhere between $100 – $50,000+ per month.
So start working on the one that matches your skillset and executing well to achieve your side hustling goals.
And let’s discuss how to pick a perfect side hustle before jumping into the big list.
Best Side Hustles for Women To Try At Home
1. Blogging

Income Potential: Up to six-figure income potential per month

Talking about the best side hustles to do from home, I suggest you start with what worked for me first.
Blogging is a promising side hustle that has a six-figure income potential and generates multiple sources of income for you throughout your journey. Feels surreal, right?
In the beginning, we thought the same, but just see the below stats where blogging placed us within a couple of years!
Overall Mediavine Ad Income
Note: This is only my Ad revenue; you can earn more than this with other potential ways like Affiliate marketing, Sponsored posts, courses, ebooks, etc. (Read how I generated nearly $400,000 from this blog.)
With a lot of passion, a little patience, and time you can go places with this gig, and at a point, you can just sit and earn without doing anything.
What Is Blogging And How Does It Work?
To keep it short and clear, blogging is nothing but creating a website where you share content about any particular topic in your style.
As you observe, mine is a finance blog where we discuss different money-making ideas, business ideas, and more.
Similarly, you too can choose a niche that interests you or that you have good command over and start sharing your knowledge with the world through your blog.
How Does Blogging Work To Make Money?
The income opportunities via blogging are endless, and this is one of the reasons for this idea being at the top of this list.

Affiliate Marketing: You can promote products from different brands (who approach you to do it) using your own affiliate links, and when someone makes a purchase through that link, you will earn a commission.
Sponsored Posts: Write about others on your blog upon their request and get paid for doing it.
Advertisements: Ads displayed on blog pages will help you earn a good passive income.
Selling a Product: You can create and sell a product related to your niche on your website.
Selling Courses: You can create an online course and sell it to your audience.

So these are a few sources of income other than what you earn while people read your blogs. You get access to these income sources once your blog gains good reach and traffic.
By spending free time building a website after your permanent job and creating good content that attracts readers, you can make more than what you wanted from a side hustle.
And creating a blog takes less time than what it takes to decide and less investment than any other online business.
Literally, it takes only $2.95 per month to host a blog with Bluehost. (Which is way cheaper than our monthly coffee budget)
Guide To Start Your Blog In 20 Minutes!
That’s all; you are ready to launch your website and write and publish your articles.

2. Proofreading

Income Potential: Average of $50,000+ per year

If you have a sharp eye for grammatical and punctuation errors, this is the side hustle idea for you.
So we said it all? No!
What Exactly Is Proofreading?
Proofreading is nothing but the final evaluation of a written piece before sending it to publication.
Much content is appearing online and offline these days; all this content will be clearly filtered with proofreading before publishing.
This implies that many more online proofreading jobs are open in this field, and you can also find freelance proofreading opportunities on job boards such as FlexJobs or Fiverr.
One more best thing about this job is you can do it anytime you wish, with no fixed timings.
It’s not just the ease that this job offers but the pay as well that makes it one of the most desired side hustle ideas. As a proofreader, you can bag around $20 – $50 per hour doing this simple job.
However, you might be expected to have certain skills for you to get hired. And these are what they look for in a person they want as their proofreader.

Proper knowledge of Grammar, Punctuation, and Spellings
Ability to concentrate
Accuracy in work
Time management and organizational skills
Computer competence
Attention to detail.

How To Start Proofreading Side Hustle?
Every side hustle needs our proper efforts to prosper well, and so is for proofreading too. You can start with learning fundamentals.
This gig is always thriving, and people like Catlin Pyle are an example. She started making six figures as a freelance proofreader and has grown so much in the field that she teaches thousands of people to do the same successfully.
You can grasp all the required fundamental knowledge by attending her FREE Proofreading Workshop that helped thousands of students become full-time or part-time proofreaders. (Read the testimonials here)
Sign up For Caitlin’s Proofreading Workshop!
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3. Online Voice Acting Jobs

Income Potential: Earn $50 – $10,000 per project.

This is another one of the best side hustles for stay-at-home women and moms.
Voice-acting jobs are always in high demand; this simple gig where you provide a voice to the characters or the advertisements can create wonders for marketing or product agencies. To be more precise:
Voice-acting jobs, popularly known as voice-over jobs, are where you contribute your voice to a commercial, cartoon, audiobook, videogame, or even for events, etc.
The availability of these jobs is always on the higher side, as many industries need voice-over actors. You can surely add this to your list of side hustle ideas if you have fluency and a decent voice.
Usually, these voice actors work in recording studios where they record scripts by reading out using microphones and audio equipment.
Changing trends also opened doors for online voice acting jobs where you can work in the comfort of your home.
But to perform from home, you must be well equipped with some needful things like a mike, stand, headphones, editing software, etc.
Skills Needed For Voice-Over Jobs?

Must possess a clear and confident voice
Optional degree in voice acting, theatre, or voice studies
Well-versed in voice techniques
Ability to control the voice pitch
Eloquent script-reading skills

How To Become A Voice Actor?
If you are embraced with the above skills, you are halfway done to becoming a voice actor. What is the aftermath after this? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!
Being a beginner, you can try this FREE voice-acting course by Julie; she is highly experienced in this field and an authorized Audible producer.
This course can give you the foundation where you can hail high in this field and show your passion for earning fame and money at the same time. For what are you still waiting?
Join the FREE Voice Over Mini-Course!
4. Paid Online Surveys
Want to monetize your fun time or smartphone usage? If so, online GPT sites will do the job for you.
Well, there are many scam GPT sites there to waste your time by promising hefty amounts of cash for doing simple short tasks.
On the other side, a few legit survey platforms actually compensate you decent bucks for answering surveys, shopping through their platforms, watching videos, playing online games, reading emails, and more.
Two legit websites everyone should sign up for are

Swagbucks is also a popular GPT site with more than 20 million users worldwide. It has paid over $890 million USD in cash rewards to date.
On a typical day, you can earn $5 – $10 using this app on your phone, and occasionally, you can also find offers that pay $50 – $250. Swagbucks offers a $10 welcome bonus to all new users & you’ll get $3 per each person you refer to join Swagbucks.
InboxDollars works similarly to Swagbucks, and this site has also paid over $80 million USD in cash rewards since its inception.
You can earn as much as $20 per survey, while the average survey earnings on this site vary between $0.5 and $5. Having plenty of other ways to earn on InboxDollars other than surveys is what makes this site so special. Get a $5 instant signup bonus when you sign up.
Both websites allow users to cash out their earnings via gift cards or PayPal money. In case you want to explore more survey sites that pay instantly, here are a few more websites according to user ratings…

By signing up for one or multiple websites and grinding on the best offers, you can bag around $200 – $300 per month from this side hustle.
Note: Remember, this is totally a fun time side hustle to monetize your time spent on your smartphone. We don’t recommend investing your active hours as they don’t give you a reliable income.
5. Transcriptionist

Income Potential: Earn An Average of $47000+ Per Year.

One more profitable and no-commute job that is perfect for women who are looking for part-time jobs is a Transcriptionist.
Who Is a Transcriptionist?
As a transcriptionist, you will be typing down the content in audio files by listening to them. This process is called transcription. Usually, there are three types of transcription:

General Transcription: As the name suggests, you will be transcribing general audio files such as interviews, research audio, podcasts, etc.
Medical Transcription: Transcribing the voice reports dictated by physicians, nurses, or notes taken during medical lectures, etc.
Legal Transcription: Converting the audio files of legal proceedings, etc., to text format.

Transcriptionist Eligibility Criteria
Transcription is a job that has to be done with a lot of precision. The audio and text you will be converting into both of them should be the same in all terms starting from punctuation to tone.
This is the reason businesses hire people only with these special set of skills that are listed below:

Typing speed and accuracy
Good listening skills
Attention to detail
Ability to identify oral punctuation
Knowledge about the transcribing terminology
Lots of concentration, etc.

Got these skills in you? Jump right now to job boards and find some well-paying part-time transcription jobs for yourselves.
How To Become A Transcriptionist?
Even if you have not got them all, you can still get into this field by joining and learning from the right courses available.
One that tops the list is a Free lesson course by Janet from TranscribeAnywhere.
Enroll in the Free Mini-Transcription Course Now!
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6. Virtual Assistant

Earning Potential: $10 to $100 per hour

Another remote job on this list of side hustles for women is Virtual Assistant. As the name suggests, you need not be physically present at any specific place to offer VA services.
Usually, a Virtual Assistant helps with different administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, attending phone calls, organizing emails, handling social media accounts, etc.
This business can finely be a freelancing where it has equal potential as your full-time job. You can make up to $50 an hour.
Being a virtual assistant for a few hours a day, you can earn up to $500 fast in a week. To offer VA services, you are supposed to have a set of skills; cross-check the following and apply for one if you possess them.

Experience in MS Office
Scheduling(for example, familiar with Google Calendars)
Time management skills
Strong phone etiquette
Email communication skills
Organizational skills, etc.

How Much Can I Make From Virtual Assistance?

You will earn depending on the task you fulfill and the length of time you work. Some people earn as much as $10-$100+ per hour by offering virtual assistant services. Yes, that’s true!
Where To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?
You can find virtual assistant jobs on different freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or FlexJobs.
Check out this virtual assistant course by Gina Horkey, who helped hundreds of students land their first client within 30 days of training.
Read – How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business With No Money?
7. Start Your YouTube channel

Income Potential: Varies with ads and viewership

You all know how people are into visual content these days, and YouTube is the best place to encash this demand.
YouTube is the second most visited website, with 14 billion monthly visits and an average of 19 minutes of viewership.
So why watch YouTube when you can earn by posting your own videos on this ever-trending platform?
You must have competence over a task or information to share about something. You shoot all of that into videos in your downtime and post them on your YouTube channel.
Once your channel gains 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within a year, you will start earning through it.
Though you need to work hard to reach this target initially, the future revenue you will generate will be worth it.
How To Make Money On YouTube?
Once you have the required following, multiple income sources get generated via your YouTube channel for you.
A few of them are as follows:

Ad Revenue: The ads you get to watch before AdSense generates the video starts, and you will get paid 55% of the revenue generated through the ads that play before your video.
Sponsored Videos: Brands will pay you to promote their products in your videos.
Affiliate Income: Brands also pay you a commission when people make a purchase using your affiliate link for the product you recommended in your video.
Selling Products: You can generate sales for your own products by showcasing them in your videos.

When certain videos go viral, you keep on making passive income through them.
8. Teach English Online

Income Potential: Up to $26-$40+ per hour

The market for e-learning is constantly increasing; when it comes to teaching, women learn more interest and feel highly comfortable teaching students online.
There are several countries across the globe looking for native English speakers to teach their kids the language. Use this opportunity to add some teaching skills to make a reasonable income.
Eligibilities before you apply to any online English teaching job:

You must be a native English speaker,
Good teaching skills,
Personal computer with reliable internet connectivity and webcam.

Where To Find These Jobs?
You can find online English teaching jobs on different dedicated learning platforms like Magic Ears.
This is an accredited ESL certification program where you will teach mostly kids aged 4 to 12 on a 1-on-4 basis.
You have the flexibility to work whenever you wish in a day and can make $20 to $26+ per hour, along with the finest added opportunities.
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9. Babysitting/ Childcare

Income Potential: An average of $10-$20+ per hour

Who doesn’t love spending time with kids? These pure souls are always a source of joy and the best stressbuster for anyone. 
This is one of those side hustle ideas that are more suitable for young people above 18 years, so anyone who is a college student must definitely try this out.
As a babysitter, you are expected to spend time with toddlers making them feel comfortable and ensuring they are safe.
If you think you can meet these requirements, you can find babysitting opportunities online by signing up on websites such as UrbanSitter.
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10. Become a Makeup Artist

Income Potential: $7.25 to $94.45 per hour

Do you love doing makeup for yourselves and for others? Then you should definitely consider being a freelance makeup artist.
There’s a lot of demand for make-up artists these days, especially during weddings.
You can draw those offers by exposing your skills on your social media accounts and providing your details to contact you for bookings.
Moreover, there are no strings attached to getting into this biz apart from having some good makeup tools and cosmetics.
11. Data Entry Clerk

Income Potential: $10 to $20 per hour

That one part-time job available throughout the year is Data Entry jobs. You don’t need to have major qualifications to do this job except for a PC and typing skills.
Moreover, this is a remote job, so you can do it in your free time and even on your vacation. And anyone, from working professionals to students to stay-at-home moms, etc., can do this job.
Though this job is flexible, you need to find reliable offers. Just be aware of scams and move forward.
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12. Graphic Designing

Income Potential: Earn $25000-$48,000+ per annum

Design is the route to reach a maximum number of clients for businesses these days. You can make cash from this necessity if you have good design skills.
Like the big and established companies, small or start-up companies may not have a design section of their own.
You can reach out to such companies and help them gain exposure by offering your graphic designing services in your downtime.
Hands-on designing software or tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Inkscape, etc., can help you attract more clients.
If you are familiar with the basics, you can join trending designing courses to get started.
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13. Print And Sell T-Shirts

Interesting Fact: The global T-shirt printing market was worth USD 3.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.9% between 2022 to 2030.

The above figures reflect how promising this business is, right?!
Put in all your creativity to make some eye-catching designs to print on t-shirts and sell them to prospective buyers. You can market your designs on social media handles such as Instagram to reach more people.
While this gives you passive income, you can also move forward by printing your designs on t-shirts in small batches. You can earn a small profit on each unit, which will add up to become notable extra cash.
Taking up bulk orders from brands is also a great way to make that side income. You can even start your own printing service over time if your work makes a place in the market.
Some of the best places to print and sell t-shirts include:

Note: Here, earnings are highly varied along with your sale conversions.
Side Hustles For Women – Takeaways
That’s the list of the 13 best side hustles for women to try to make a supplement income every month.
All the opportunities mentioned here in this article are 100% genuine, tried, and proven to generate regular income.
Now the ball is in your court. It’s up to you which one you pick up to work on your weekends.
Some jobs like data entry or virtual assistant business give immediate results and income, but if you choose something like blogging or vlogging, they might gonna take some time to show you the desired results.
So, believe in yourself and keep going until you get what you are starting for.
Hello there, I’m Siva Mahesh, an MBA Finance post-graduate and a Remote Career & Personal Finance blogger for 5+ years. Over the years, my work has been featured on US News, Entrepreneur, MSN, Yahoo Finance, GoBankingRates, EverQuote, Legal Zoom, The Simple Dollar, Databox,, Business News Daily, Venngage,, and more. My primary mission is to help our readers maximize their earning potential with legitimate online business ideas, side hustles, and passive income ideas we publish on Dreamshala. Currently, more than 100,000 readers from all around the world visit this blog every month and learn new ways to improve their finances.

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