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15 Easy Ways to Make Money By Doing Nothing

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Are you someone like me who dreamt of earning money doing nothing? If yes! and you are tired of finding the right ways, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here!
Down the line, I’ve mentioned various ways to earn some extra money, but this time I want to simplify things by letting my readers know the genuine ways to earn money doing nothing.
But will this work for everyone? If this worked for someone like me who manages multiple income streams, I’m sure anyone reading this can make it.
However, I recommend you merge these passive income ideas with your other high-income skills to have the right fruitful earnings, as the earnings from passive sources may waver a lot.
So, without any further ado let’s find the real ways to know how to make money doing nothing.
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Genius Ways To Make Money Doing Nothing
Before getting on to the list of ways you can earn money doing nothing, learn the fact that not every idea mentioned below is backed by zero effort.
As, in some cases, you might be doing small tasks upfront and later money works on your behalf. To begin with:
1. Enter Free Contests to Win Instant Money
The quickest way to make money is actually winning money. And to win money, you can participate in several free online contests to win PayPal cash or gift cards worth hundreds of dollars with no effort.
Several websites and companies organize these contests to gain more popularity and branding online. So they strategically spend their budget on these contests which gain more popularity than traditional advertising.
Meanwhile, as the public, we can enter these contests with our name and email and get a chance to win big and surprising prizes. On a good note, the probability of winning these contests will be high because these companies are new and have less reach. So the competition is very low obviously.
Check out these genuine contests to enter and win real cash…

2. Get Paid To Play Games
Gone are those days when playing online games are considered doing nothing. Nowadays, gaming and earning have come hand-in-hand and have created various lines where you can get paid to play games.
These diverse options range from card games to bingo or adventure and can be anything else, and you won’t be left with minimal earnings.
Besides, you can conveniently claim your gaming earnings from platforms like Cash App and Paypal. Check the list below to learn how!
Online Platforms To Get Paid To Play Games For Free:

Freecash: Earn up to $250 as a signup bonus and up to $50 – $100 per game upon reaching required levels. Multiple ways to earn. Withdrawals via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Gift cards.
InboxDollars: With a signup bonus of $5, InboxDollars helps you earn money by playing games, filling out surveys, shopping, and more.
Kashkick: You can earn money by testing apps, filling out surveys, and playing games up to $0.5-$50 per task on KashKick.
Mistplay: This #1 loyalty-rewarding app pays for discovering new games and playing them. Here, The more you play the more you earn!
Appstation: Playing games and earning money has never been as easy as it happens with AppStation. You can earn 300-500 points for every minute you play on this platform.
MyPoints: Earn coupons, gift cards, promo cards, and cash rewards using online surveys, shopping, and playing games up to $1/4 points per game.
Swagbucks: Get free gift cards and cash rewards for regular online activities like playing games, surfing the net, shopping online, and more. Claim a $10 bonus here!

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3. Invest Money To Get Paid To Do Nothing
Have you ever considered the financial saying- ‘Do nothing for money, let profit take care of profit’? And will this be really possible?
I’d definitely say yes! I’m just like you who was hesitant back then to try micro-investing apps until I really realized its true potential.
Now with the proper planning and clear financial goals, these investing apps are not only helping you to save money but also aiding you edge your financial management.
Here are a few apps that can really help to invest and make sure you get easy cash for doing nothing.

SoFi: One of the best apps to save your spare change that offers an instant signup bonus of $10 by opening your account.
Acorns: Acorns helps you to round off your spending and add the rest to your investment portfolio for interest. Refer friends to Acorns to get $5 and give $5.
M1 Finance: Invest money with M1 and get a chance to win up to $10000. And, with M1 high-yielding savings accounts earn 5% API and also low interest rates on borrowings.

Note: Investing will be tricky without proper research, for which it is listed as one of the qualified traits in intermediate financial goals. So, make sure to take financial advice before making any qualified move.
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4. Try Passive Income Apps
When it comes to learning the ways to make money doing nothing, the very first thing that comes to my mind is to list passive income ways. Fortunately, today there are various legit passive income apps that come really handy.
Perse, I won’t be saying this can make you rich but can surely compensate for your additional pocket edge as it happened to me. What’s even advantageous here is that you can perform most of them by using just your mobile phone.
Swagbucks payment proof – Totally passive income
These apps may require you to share your data and insights to help the brands promote their affiliates and generate ad revenue. In return, you will earn amazing gift cards as well as impressive cash rewards.
Few Passive Income Apps To Try:

MobileXpression: Simply install its software on your mobile to earn exciting gift cards and cash rewards worth $5 every month.
Nielsen Panel: Keep the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel app on your phone to earn $60 each year and qualify for a chance to win a $ 10,000 monthly prize giveaway.
HoneyGain: Join HoneyGain to earn a $5 welcome gift and start earning by sharing your internet bandwidth. Earn $3 per 10 GB shared data and 10% lifetime referral income.
Pawnsapp: You can earn around $5-$140/month by just sharing your internet and taking valuable surveys on Pawnsapp. Also, earn 10% of lifetime earnings by referring friends.

5. Take Online Surveys
The most interesting as well as productive way to get paid to do nothing is by picking out paid online surveys. This seems to be a bummer for most of you, but let me assure you that these are seriously intriguing and easily rewarding.
I also spend my free time sharing my opinions through these surveys, and I’ll never miss adding them to any list of fun jobs to earn money. The simple reason is that they take less time and are flexible in nature.
My earnings from the Swagbucks referral program
Furthermore, you can also win instant signup bonuses, and your easy 5-10 minutes can get you $1-$10/survey.
Here is the list of online surveys to try:

Freecash: Sign up and get around $2.5 – $250 as a signup bonus. Get paid to play games, watch videos, and more.
Branded Surveys: Win an instant signup bonus of $5. Here survey earnings range between $0.5-$5/survey and take 5-10 minutes.
SurveyJunkie: Earn 150 signup bonus points and ace earnings up to $50 per survey.
InboxDollars: With a takeaway of a $5 instant signup bonus, InboxDollars helps you earn up to $20 per survey.
Toluna Influencers: Get 500 points as a signup bonus along with the chance to fill out surveys and sponsored polls. Also, earn 500 points for each referral.
Swagbucks: Recieve a $10 signup bonus, 10% referral commission, up to $35 per survey, and 20% cashback on online shopping. Learn more ways to earn from Swagbucks here.
Kashkick: Get a $1 instant signup bonus and up to $20 for each successful survey fill out.

As said ‘surveys are not mere online tools, it’s a part of the brand experience’. For this very reason, brands spend lots of bucks for your opinion.
So I recommend not to miss any of the legitimate surveys you find to turn into an added income stream.
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6. Proofread Documents / Blogs

We all at some point find ourselves verifying our written work for errors, don’t we? What if I say that you could do the same now and earn an interesting hourly pay in return?
Seems unreal, but it is entirely achievable. Demand for these proofreading gigs never keeps down, for the very reason that even an average Proofreader in the US may earn around $12-$39 per hour with the flexible schedules.
If you’re someone looking to start with a renowned platform you can try Amazon proofreading gigs where even a beginner can make around $20/hour. And the best part is that you may not require any degree to start your career in this field.
And to explore the maximum potential of proofreading you can begin with Caitlin Pyle’s FREE Proofreading Workshop and learn how to earn $50000+ with flexible working.
Many students have already started leading ahead with her free proofreading workshop and now it’s your turn to give it a try!
Join 7-Day Free Proofreading Workshop Here!
7. Use Reward Store Apps
Making use of reward store apps is another best way to earn easy cash for doing nothing. These apps not only offer us a big satisfaction with cashback offers but also help us keep a check on our expenses.
Though there are so many legit apps where you can simply upload your shopping receipts, here I’m listing out a few of my favorites.

Fetch Rewards: Along with a signup bonus of $3 or 3000 points, you can also win a $1-$10 cashback award by uploading shopping receipts on Fetch Rewards.
Drop App: Earn rewards for your shopping and unlock additional gift cards by linking your credit or debit cards to the Drop App.
Rakuten: Win up to 40% discounts on purchases on the Rakuten app along with a $10 instant signup bonus.
Upside: Get up to $20 by filling out surveys, playing games, and shopping using the Upside app.

I always recommend my users keep them as a browser extension and get paid to shop by uploading all the receipts.
Some of these platforms also notify you about current ongoing offers. And this way you can save some money and utilize it wisely.
8. Subcontract Your Work
As the saying goes ‘Don’t work for money, make money work for you’. This clearly applies when you try to find the right peer to subcontract your work.
This simply means that you will share your workload with the capable aid and make things go on point. With this, you can not only earn by doing anything but can help your aid to earn from their efforts.
Personally, I prefer subcontracting my research and writing work; which helped me in a more productive workflow and concentrate on my other work.
For instance, If you make $500 per week, you can keep $300 for organizing work and share the rest of $200 with your partner.
However, make sure to be more selective in fixing your contractor as this will wholly impact your earnings and productivity.
9. Rent Out Your Belongings
Renting out things is really something that helps you to make extra money doing nothing. And I absolutely love doing this, as it hardly takes your efforts.
To begin this journey, first, you need to decide the most profitable things to rent out and register with the legit renting platforms.
Considering the diversity of things to rent out the most unique thing that caught my attention is renting friendship via the RentAFriend platform. This could really help build new relations as well as help you to get added pay.
Other Most Profitable Things To Rent Out

Internet Bandwidth: Turn your unlimited Internet bandwidth into an income stream by sharing your excess free Wi-Fi data by using apps like HoneyGain, Peer2Profit, and Pawnsapp, to earn $1-$20 daily without doing anything.
Rent Your Car: Make your car an avenue of earnings by advertising with your car for $100-$500 a month. And, you can also rent it on platforms like Turo in your spare time to earn $50-$100+ a day.
Rent Spare Room: Rent out your idle spaces like a single room or entire house on platforms like AirBnb. The average earnings for a single room on Airbnb in the USA are estimated at around $1000-$3000+ a month.
Storage Space: You can rent out your free storage space in your home like a Basement, Attics, Toiletries, sheds, etc to make anywhere between $100-$200+ on platforms like Neighbour and Airbnb.
Parking Space: Parking spaces are most sought after renting out ways to earn some decent chunks. You can list your available places for free on platforms like ‘Your Parking Space’ and make around $50-$250+ per month.

10. Make Money Housesitting
Housesitting is something that always excites my interest and curiosity. This gig seems to be unique and worth considering to explore the ways to earn money doing nothing.
Here, the responsibilities often include babysitting, elderly care, or even pet sitting. Most of these short tasks can enhance your commitment and character enrichment.
Besides, I’ve seen many students work this way for their part-time earnings, this can really help them build better social relations by managing their additional side income ideas.
As this needs no experience or a degree, you can immediately pick trusted websites like House Carers, Nomadar, Mindmyhome, etc to earn anywhere around $50-$100 per schedule.
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11. Get Paid To Listen To Music
This is one of the most unique ways to earn money doing nothing. Most of us spend our leisure listening to music without knowing the fact that we can earn from this fun hobby.
Feels very unreal right? Even I felt the same when I first came to know that we can really get paid to listen to music. But soon I realized people are already making decent returns by listening to their favorite music.
Platforms like MusicXray, SliceThePie, MusicGateway, etc help you earn $0.1-$0.2 per song. And, earnings may vary along the terms and number of minutes you listen.
You can also review songs to earn money up to $0.5-$1 per song. This will be one of the finest and easiest ways to earn money from PayPal and gift cards.
12. Get Paid To Walk and Workout
Till now we only know that regular workouts can keep us physically healthy. But, do you have any idea that this can now even keep us financially healthy?
Yes! there are few legit platforms where you can get paid to work out. And considering their flexibility you’ve to do nothing extra other than sticking to your fitness routine.
Here are a few platforms to get paid to workout

HealthyWage: You can win up to $10,000 with health and fitness challenges offered by the HealthyWage tasks section.
Sweatcoin: Here you can get paid to walk with Sweatcoin’s in-app cryptocurrency which can be later redeemed as merchandise prizes.
Stepbet: Connect your fitness tracker to the Stepbet app and beat your fitness goals to win amazing rewards and gift cards.
Miles: Hit your target miles and win exciting gift cards, rewards, coupons, and raffles. Redeem your rewards via popular brands like Amazon gift cards, Starbucks, HP, etc.

13. Invest and Earn Dividend Income
Being one of the stock market investors one question that always daunted me was -‘ Is it possible to make money doing nothing in the investing field?
Down the line, I gained enough experience and got an idea about the term- ‘Dividends’. These are the monetary rewards that companies pay to their shareholders from their profits.
The beauty of them is that you really have to do nothing at all. As simply you buy the shares of reputed companies and relentlessly make money from their dividends.
This can sometimes start with as little as $100, or $500/month and even can range over $1000+/month.
Being a beginner, you can start with some legit apps like Sofi, Betterment, M1 Finance, J.P Morgan, Acorns, etc.
Note: Dividend income is considered to be one of the fastest ways to double your invested money.
14. Sell Your Old Belongings
Selling your old things for money is one of the finest financial hacks very less people follow. This activity not only helps you to declutter your place but also makes you organize to decide on things you really need.
But is flipping old things for money that easy? Yeah, it is, but only when you know the right places to sell them like Facebook Marketplace, Local consignment stores, Mercari, Offerup, etc.
These platforms make the selling process more convenient and lucrative.
Few Profitable Old Things To Sell Online

Apart from all this, you can also flip your used vehicles, sports items, special jewelry, etc for reasonable returns on sites like Poshmark, Craigslist, etc.
15. Become a Bed/Mattresses Tester
This would be one of my dream jobs to be placed in. All you have to do is get paid to sleep by analyzing the quality of the bed, mattress, pillow, and blankets.
It sounds really cool, isn’t it? Is there anything other than this where we can comfortably get paid for doing nothing? clearly no! right?
Perse, it is one of the easiest and finest jobs for lazy people! But will this lazy work reflect less pay?
No, an average bed tester makes around $44,000+ a year. So, why are you still waiting for? Be a bed tester and earn for doing absolutely nothing!
Advice on Making Money Doing Nothing
Simply doing nothing is not a waste of time, it is a proper opportunity to recharge and reflect back in the right way.
Though there are so many ways to earn from doing nothing, this must only be your choice of leisure time.
With the increase in inflation, no matter what, you must create second income sources to stay ahead of the competition.
Here are a few things to consider for this:

Lean On Multiple Ideas: As most of the above gigs require zero to minimal effort, I recommend you try multiple ways to earn your side income.
Plan For An Early Retirement: Set achievable targets to attract more money and plan a proper early retirement with hard work and consistency.
Balance With Fulltime Income: As earnings here may fluctuate with work availability, I recommend you fuse this with your active income to stay financially active.
Find Productive Gigs: Find gigs that help you to self-grow like getting paid to read, paying for writing, hitting weight loss, etc.

So, for now, don’t hustle much as you can really get paid to do nothing. I hope the above-mentioned list is something that finds you in the right earning spot.
And even if you are a student reading this, you can also explore options for not missing your routine like getting paid for doing homework, drinking coffee or water, watching movies on Netflix, etc.
Don’t overlook the chance to learn new opportunities to earn some quick money. If I miss out on any, you can simply search the web to potentially find any good ideas to perform in your free time or write back to us in the comment section.
FAQs on Make Money Doing Nothing
Can you make a lot of money doing nothing?
You can! but only if you rely on multiple income streams. However, the real fact is that it won’t compensate for your full-time income. Always make sure this is one of your side income ideas and must be done only in your free time to give more weightage to your pocket.
How can I generate passive income without investing any money?
There are various best business ideas that require no investment like survey filling, freelance writing, starting a YouTube channel, virtual assistant jobs, etc. Anyhow, they require some skills to get started with but mostly not your financial investment.
Can you really make money while you sleep? How?
Yes! you can really earn while you sleep up to $8-$15+ per hour. For this, you can try jobs like Bed tester, night caregiver, sleeping executive, etc. And even investing in the right bonds, dividends, real estate, and stocks can also help your wealth grow even while you sleep.
Hello there, I’m Siva Mahesh, an MBA Finance post-graduate and a Remote Career & Personal Finance blogger for 5+ years. Over the years, my work has been featured on US News, Entrepreneur, MSN, Yahoo Finance, GoBankingRates, EverQuote, Legal Zoom, The Simple Dollar, Databox, Business.com, Business News Daily, Venngage, Score.org, and more. My primary mission is to help our readers maximize their earning potential with legitimate online business ideas, side hustles, and passive income ideas we publish on Dreamshala. Currently, more than 100,000 readers from all around the world visit this blog every month and learn new ways to improve their finances.

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