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18 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs For Side Hustlers

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Are you looking for realistic part-time weekend jobs that pay actually well?
If yes, you are in the right place.
Making a good income with weekend jobs seems unrealistic to so many people but in this digital era, it has become easier and possible to earn that five-figure salary working from home.
Earning $5k or $10k online is a dream for millions, but most people get stuck with their day job that pays way less than what they wish for.
So, in this article, I am sharing 10+ part-time weekend jobs that pay anywhere between $3k and $10k a month whether you work part-time or on weekends.
Most of these jobs can be done at home, require no special degrees or expertise to begin with, and provide you an opportunity to earn extra income every month even if you have a full-time day job.
So, let’s jump into the list without making further delay.
Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

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Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs For Side Hustlers
1. Share Your Opinion
Well, Sharing your opinion with survey platforms won’t make you rich but it can monetize your fun time and add some extra hundreds to your wallet every month.
Most people waste their free time on low-paying or fake survey websites and end up making no money. But on the flip side, you can earn decent money, even up to $50 per survey if you work with legit survey sites.
Practically saying, these survey sites are best for your free time and you can earn money by enjoying your stress-buster activities. You can also choose to work on these in between your full-time and part-time.
The money I received from the Swagbucks Referral Program. Completely Passive Income
The key trick to earning more from paid survey sites in less time is to sign up as many as you can so you can select the high-paying offers and work on them to maximize your earnings.
Here are some high-paying online survey platforms that you can also try are as follows.

Besides these seven, you can also try other legit survey apps like eSurveyBox, Survey World, and KashKick, as these also pay up to $10 – $50 per survey.
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2. Earn $20 – $35 An Hour as a Freelance Proofreader
Well, this job is for the grammar-hunting eyes in the crowd. If you are an avid reader with the ability to point out mistakes and errors in the text you read, you’ll fit the best as a proofreader.
But what exactly is proofreading? It’s a process of reading the written text (such as articles and books) and marking errors if you find any.
As of 2024, there are more than 1.1 billion websites on the Internet, and the content they publish daily must go through the process called proofreading to be error-free.
This is why the demand for proofreaders is very high, and these opportunities have never seen a drought in recent years.
According to Salary.com, proofreaders bank around $27 an hour on average, and it goes up to $35 an hour with time and experience.
This is one of the fun jobs that pay well, and to get one, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert at this. You just have to be better at the English language and grammar than an average person.
And what I like the most about proofreading is it comes with double-edged benefits. You get decent hourly pay and will acquire enormous knowledge by reading many articles and books.
How To Get Started as a Proofreader?
So if you want to get into the action with proofreading, I recommend you start with the learning process first and then focus on the earnings part.
One of the proofreading moguls, Caitlin Pyle, offers a 45-minute FREE Proofreading Workshop, which you can join for FREE of Cost. It will let you know all the secrets to making a six-figure income from this job.
Thousands of students who have enrolled in this course are currently working as full-time and part-time proofreaders making $1000 – $5000 per month. You can check their student success stories (more than 300 testimonials) on their website.
So, if you are interested in this job, I recommend you attend this FREE Workshop to learn the nuts and bolts of this job and how to get clients.
How To Find Your First Client?
You’ll get the most of the required knowledge from the above workshop to begin your journey as a proofreader.
You can also list your services on freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork, sign up for online job boards like FlexJobs, or apply on websites that offer online proofreading jobs.
Sign up For The FREE Proofreading Workshop!
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3. Earn Money Through Blogging
If you are looking for the best part-time weekend jobs, blogging is something you should definitely give a try.
Unlike other jobs, blogging allows you to work from anywhere as an independent person and still pays higher hourly rates than what you are expecting.
There’s a reason why blogging is at the top of this list. Even though it takes a few months to make actual money, once it’s started, it will pay you forever for the work you do only once.
That’s passive income. I make over $200 daily from this blog, and I don’t even work more than 3 hours a day. That’s like $70 an hour.
When I started blogging, I also had many doubts like most of you, but today after five years, this blog now makes around $7000+ a month and generated over $381,212.85 over the last four years. You can check my overall income report here.
Mediavine Ad Income Report
Want to start your own blog but don’t know anything about it? Let me explain this in detail…
What Exactly is a Blog, and What Bloggers Do?
In simple terms, a blog is nothing but an informational website that consists of useful content for a particular niche, mainly in the form of articles, images, videos, audio, or podcasts.
A blogger is one who creates blogs, manages content, updates, and always aids his readers in gaining knowledge through his work.
How Bloggers Make Money?
The luxury of blogging is that it generates income from various methods. Once you acquire a decent number of regular visitors, you can monetize your blog and make money. Here are some diverse ways you can make money from blogging…

Display Ads: Have you ever encountered ads on any website you are on? Those are called display ads. Revenue for these ads depends on the visitor expanse; the more visitors you gain, the more you earn.
Sponsored Posts: When your website reaches the popular mark by gaining a decent number of genuine audiences, various companies reach you to promote their services and products on your blog in exchange for fair money.

Income from one Sponsorship deal.

Affiliate Marketing: Here, you will earn commissions by mainly promoting the products of various companies on your blog. This is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money.
Courses/Training Services: You can share your knowledge through video/audio courses and get paid subscriptions in return.
Selling Products: One can use their blog to sell digital products like courses, webinars, eBooks, etc. This is one of the best ways to get close to your audience by helping them gain knowledge.

Can I Start A Blog?
Firstly, It’s a big Yes! This is the most common question for all beginners. Blogging works for people with all kinds of skills and from anywhere in the world. Once you create a blog and publish a certain number of quality articles, the income will be totally passive.
Through blogging, you share experiences and ideas, which can, in return, gain you fame and money. For those who are looking to start blogging, remember one thing, blogging is a life-turning opportunity where you can earn any figure you aspire to.
How Much Should You Invest To Start a Blog?
Starting a blog and maintaining it costs much less than anyone spends on coffee every month. It takes less than $100 investment to get started.
With Bluehost, you can create your own blog in under 30 minutes for just $2.95 per month. (you’ll also get a FREE Domain with Bluehost)
Never hustle fast; take your time to analyze other blogs, and focus mainly on the process. Your life can see unexpected heights by sparing 1-2 hours of your daily productive time with minimum investment.
Choose your niche and competitors wisely; you can learn many things through experience. Blogging is not about investing money. It is all about investing your knowledge and efforts.
If you are interested in starting your blog, take advantage of our detailed guide, How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2024. It’s totally free, and just one click away. You’ll find all the resources you need to start a successful blog and make thousands of dollars every month like us.
Start Your Blog With Bluehost Now!
4. Try Voice Acting Gigs on Weekends
A voice-over job comes with great income potential, and it can easily be turned into a great weekend or part-time job if you work on it in the right way.
Most people think voice-over jobs are for people with beautiful voices, but anyone who can modulate their voice and have impressive narrative skills can try these.
This job won’t require a recording studio at home. It takes a quiet place or room and a recording mic, and you are all good to go.
And if you look at the market, you’ll find an impressive number of opportunities with hefty pay rates.
Source: Fiverr.com
According to Voices.com, you can earn up to $325 for recording a 2-minute or 300-word ad, and the pay goes up according to the length of the recording.
As an online voice actor, you can offer a gamut of services that pay incredibly well, such as…

Audiobook Narrator (which pays up to $1500+ per project)
Voiceover for local radio commercials (Up to $100 per ad)
Voiceover for national radio commercials (pays up to $10,000 per ad)
Background voiceover for animated shorts ($100 – $10,000 per project)
Explainer voiceovers for apps or website trailers ($100 – $500 per task)
And more.

List out your services on Fiverr or join the voice-over job offering companies like voices.com to begin your journey as a voice actor. You can also try it as your part-time and grow with time and experience.
I also recommend you take your first step by Signing up for this Intro to Voice-over Intro Course to understand this industry in a better way. This intro course covers the nuts and bolts of these voiceover jobs and helps you find clients quickly.
Join the FREE Mini Voice-Over Course!!!
5. Online Transcription Jobs
Transcription is nothing but listening to audio files and converting them into text format by typing out what you hear.
Several companies in the medical, legal, and insurance industries often need records in writing rather than in audio files for ease of preservation.
And for that, the transcription industry is constantly booming all over the world.
It is one of the very few jobs that pay $20 an hour or more without having any strict requirements to enter this field.
Transcription Jobs Requirements

Strong listening and accurate typing skills.
Can maintain good ear and hand coordination.
Must manage at least 60 words per minute in typing.
Technical instruments like foot pedals, PCs, and headphones are a must.

Earning Potential

The average salary is around $40k+ per year for medical transcribers.
You can earn around $15 – $30 per hour while working from home.

How To Start

Join The FREE Transcription Course!!!
Also, Read 27 Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners – $15+/Hour.
6. Deliver Food With Postmates or Doordash
Well, if you are in a rush to find the best part-time weekend job, food delivery gigs are the best you can try anytime.
These jobs are evergreen, available in almost all cities, and give you the quick gratification of earning immediate bucks while doing the deliveries, which boosts you to work more.
The main reason for the demand for these jobs is that you can work on your own schedule, are totally time flexible and there are no targets at all. The more deliveries you make, the more money you make.
DoorDash is one of the best platforms for delivery drivers to begin their journey with.
You need a vehicle and driver’s license to apply for these platforms. Once approved, you can start working any time of the day.
Whenever you put an active status on your app, you’ll start receiving delivery requests. And you’ll get paid according to the number of deliveries you complete successfully.
Coming to the hourly earnings, on average, you can make up to $30 an hour delivering food. And any tips from customers will be an added bonus to your earnings.
How to Get Started?
Getting started as a delivery driver is a very simple process. Once you get your vehicle and license ready, you can download the Doordash app and complete the signup process.
Sign up for DoorDash Here!
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7. Become a YouTuber/Vlogger
Quite similar to blogging, but here you publish content in video format instead of articles.
We don’t need a special introduction to how YouTube works and how YouTubers make money. This platform handles over two billion monthly active users and generates billions of dollars in revenue every month.
In blogging, you’ll handle the hosting, domain, and all the stuff so it’s called self-hosting. But coming to Vlogging, YouTube handles all the hosting, storage, and all other things.
So, it collects 45% of the share from Ad revenue that is generated through your videos. So you get only 55% of what you generate.
But leaving the ad revenue aside, successful YouTubers make a lot of money from sponsored deals, promoting affiliates, and selling courses, ebooks, products, and all.
Based on your viewership and engagement, brands will contact you and offer hefty amounts to promote or suggest their products in your videos.
On average, YouTubers make $1000 – $20,000 per month, and again these figures are totally variable based on your niche, length, audience retention time, and a lot more.
It’s not that hard to become a Successful YouTuber; you need to have patience as it takes some time, similar to starting a successful blog. Just decide your niche and make outstanding videos in it.
8. Pinterest Virtual Assistant
Besides beautiful home decor ideas and mouth-watering food recipes, Pinterest has a lot more than that. It is more like a visual search engine than a social media platform.
Hundreds of millions of users use Pinterest every day, so it’s one of the best sources of free traffic for blogs and online stores.
The images you see on Pinterest are called Pins, and these pins are designed and uploaded by bloggers, store owners, or advertisers to get attention and traffic.
As a Pinterest virtual assistant, your job is to help small businesses and bloggers in designing publishing, and managing their Pinterest accounts to reach maximum users and customers.
As the majority of Pinterest users are interested in buying things, it’s equally a great opportunity for brands and businesses to promote their products.
So, you’ll help these bloggers, brands, and businesses reach potential customers by offering your Pinterest services.
As a Pinterest VA, you’ll work from the comfort of your home and make it anywhere between $10 – $30 an hour, or you can also charge $500 – $1000 a month per client for managing their Pinterest accounts.
If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest VA services, I recommend you take a look at the FREE Pinterest VA Course here.
9. Create an Online Course and Sell
Digital courses have become the new face of modern education.
All these digital teaching platforms have made it easy and affordable for learners to enroll and learn in a more convenient way than the traditional way.
If you want to try cinematography as your hobby or part-time, would you love to pay a $50,000 tuition fee and go to a film school to learn it?
You choose to spend a couple of hundred dollars to enroll in an online course that teaches as much as you need.
You’ll choose the second one, right? Me too. So are the millions of other people all over the world.
That’s why people are now enrolling in online courses like never before and learning the stuff they want sitting on their couches.
This sudden change in trend brings a golden opportunity for online course creators to make a fortune by creating and selling courses online.
No matter what skill you specialize in, if you want to share your special knowledge with the rest of the world, you can craft an awesome course out of it and teach people who are willing to learn the skill you already mastered over the years.
You can create online courses in any format, such as text, audio, voice-over, explained video format, or any combination of these formats. It’s up to you.
10. Become an Online Tutor
If you have a good grip on one or two subjects and looking for work-at-home part-time jobs, then becoming an online tutor is might just for you.
The demand for online tutors is on the rise as concerned parents are looking for good tutors who can take care of their children and help them better understand subjects like maths, science, music, foreign languages, and more.
Being an online tutor, you can earn up to $20 – $50 an hour, and you can even earn up to $100 an hour if you teach older students or SAT/ACT aspirants.
Check here for the best platforms to find online tutoring jobs.
11. Sell Creative Crafts/Stuff on Etsy
Etsy is a leading global marketplace for buying and selling artistic and creative goods online. This platform has generated $2.5 billion in revenue in 2024 alone.
Esty sells products such as arts and crafts, seasonal goods, DIY stuff, jewelry, clothing, home decor, handmade products, and more.
Well, this platform is not only for buyers; you can also sell any type of the above-mentioned products simply by being registered as a seller.
Thousands of sellers sell their own handmade or manufactured products on this platform and make good money every day.
In case if you are into art or DIY stuff, or have cheap access to any kind of the above-mentioned products, then you can join Etsy as a seller and sell your stuff there.
12. Teach English Online
If you are a native English speaker with a college degree or a licensed teacher, you can start teaching English to kids online. These kids are mostly from China or Japan, or other Asian countries and aged between 5-12 years.
All you need is a computer with an active internet connection and a webcam.
You need to teach classes via Skype or through the app itself. VIPKid is one of the most popular platforms for finding part-time weekend jobs for online tutors.
MagicEars is super flexible and offers good pay rates. You can earn up to $26 an hour teaching English online. This platform allows you to fix your own working hours provides lesson plans to tutors, and communicates with parents.
One needs to fill up an application, give a demo class, take mock classes, and pass the interview to get hired by MagicEars.
Well, MagicEars is not the only option; there are several other online platforms to teach English online.
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13. Data Entry Jobs
One of the most favorite part-time weekend jobs for millions of people out there. Because data entry is a kind of fun, you don’t need to scatter your brain over these tasks.
You literally don’t need any special skill or experience to get a data entry job, and they are available all over the world all the time.
According to Salary.com, a data entry clerk makes an average hourly wage of $18, and it can even go up to $22 an hour based on your experience and your employer.
How to Get Started?
If you want to try data entry jobs part-time and want to know where to find these jobs, you can go through our published article on data entry jobs and the best platforms to find these jobs.
14. Get Paid To Walk Dogs
Are you a dog lover? Do you go on walks every morning or evening or on weekend days? If yes, you should definitely know about this side hustle.
You can actually get paid to take dogs for a walk in your free time. Interesting right? Yes, for dog lovers, this is fun, and it doesn’t feel like work anymore.
If you are a dog freak and can handle them well, you can even take 2 or 3 dogs at a time to maximize your earnings.
How to Get Started?
You can sign up with platforms like Rover, which helps you find clients in your local area. You can earn up to $10 – $20 an hour for walking dogs.

15. Part-Time Remote Jobs
Part-time remote jobs are one of the best options for people who want to work in their free time without leaving their houses.
If you are looking for a normal part-time job, then I recommend you check and sign up for FlexJobs to get notified whenever there is an opportunity.
This platform offers work-at-home part-time jobs in various domains such as accounting, sales, retail, writing, data entry, content creation, and more.
FlexJobs has more than 50 job categories where you can choose according to your choice.
This website’s services are premium, and you need to pay a small subscription fee to be a member and for its services. Well, that small fee is worth considering the number of opportunities it brings to your doorstep.
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16. Run Facebook Ads for Businesses
This is what I used to do before getting into the blogging business. My job was to design ad banners for our client’s businesses and advertise them on Facebook.
Honestly, I never worked more than 5 hours per client per month managing their pages and running ads.
The only skill you need here is understanding whom your client wants to reach on Facebook and targeting your ads toward the targeted audience.
Apart from being a leading social media company, Facebook has a sophisticated and high-tech advertising system that works like a goldmine for businesses.
Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion active monthly users, which makes it a great place for businesses to reach potential customers through paid ads and creative content.
But most business owners don’t know how to reach potential customers via Facebook ads and waste their money targeting the wrong audience, and some people are not even aware of it.
This is where you need a Facebook Ad Manager to get help. A Facebook Ad manager sets up ads for your business and helps you get more customers and sales.
As an Ad Manager, you set up ads once, track them, and make changes whenever required. While this takes very little effort from your end, this comes with a very good pay rate. Ad Managers charge anywhere between $50 – $100 an hour.
How to Get Started?
Take a look at this useful course The FB Side Hustle, before you jump into it. It will teach you how to find local clients, how to set up ads, how to scale this business to larger clients, etc.
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17. Flea Market Flipping
If you want to make money without putting much effort, then try buying old stuff and selling them for profit.
Well, in this business, you visit certain places to buy old stuff at much lower prices and sell them online for a higher cost, which makes you a good profit at the end of the day.
Flea markets, garage sales, antique shops, or online platforms are the platforms where you can find old stuff at much lower prices.
Sometimes, you’ll find good things, in fact, the best deals at lower prices, which will bring a good profit when you resell them.
The money you make from this business totally depends on various things, such as

the number of products you flip in a month.
the type of product you find at the market
at which cost do you buy them
at which cost you sell them, etc.

How to Get Started?
Before you jump into this business, first, you need to visit flea markets and garage sales to understand the market. Once you understand what’s happening there, you can begin buying stuff from those places.
If you don’t know much about these markets and all, take a look at the Flea Market Flipper website, where its founders, Rob and Melissa, teach how to make profits by flipping items.
They made $43,000 in profits in their first year, flipping, and later year the profit was a whopping $133,000.
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18. Become a Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant (commonly known as VA) is a person who helps businesses offering paid services as an independent contractor or a self-employed person.
Nowadays, it become easier and more affordable to hire a VA than hiring a full-time staff in both normal and emergency situations for businesses.
As a virtual assistant, you’ll have to offer your services to your clients from your remote location. Some most common and in-demand services may include… (but are not limited to)

Admin/Managing Work: In this area, you might be required to manage emails, appointments, spreadsheets, and other important documents.
Content Creation: In this area, you may be asked to write articles, edit content, make or edit videos, track the publishing lineup, and more.
Data Entry: This is quite similar to admin work, but here, you need to work exclusively on managing spreadsheets, official documents, and other important files.
Social Media: No need to mention specially, but you might be handling the social media handles of companies/clients. You need to create appealing, sharable content and also need to engage with the audience.

These are some common services but not the end of the list. There are literally hundreds of services you can offer as a virtual assistant.
If you want to know what service matches your skill and what you could be better at, then download this list of 150+ services you can offer as a virtual assistant.
How to Get Started?
The average hourly pay for a virtual assistant ranges between $20 – $50 per hour, and this can go over $100 depending on the type of service you offer and the expertise you have.
If you want to get started as a VA, then I recommend you check out this 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success course.
Her course is so popular. It includes very solid strategies and practical ways to become a successful VA. Literally, following her strategies,  a lot of students got their first clients even before finishing the course completely.
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Part-Time Weekend Jobs – Takeaways
That’s the list of the 18 best part-time weekend jobs anyone can try to make a supplement income every month.
All the opportunities mentioned here in this article are 100% genuine, tried, and proven to generate regular income.
Now the ball is in your court. It’s up to you which one you pick up to work on your weekends.
Some jobs like delivering food or virtual assistant business give immediate results and income, but if you choose something like blogging or vlogging, they might gonna take some time to show you the desired results.
So, believe in yourself and keep going until you get what you are starting for.
Hello there, I’m Siva Mahesh, an MBA Finance post-graduate and a Remote Career & Personal Finance blogger for 5+ years. Over the years, my work has been featured on US News, Entrepreneur, MSN, Yahoo Finance, GoBankingRates, EverQuote, Legal Zoom, The Simple Dollar, Databox, Business.com, Business News Daily, Venngage, Score.org, and more. My primary mission is to help our readers maximize their earning potential with legitimate online business ideas, side hustles, and passive income ideas we publish on Dreamshala. Currently, more than 100,000 readers from all around the world visit this blog every month and learn new ways to improve their finances.

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