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1962 – Lata Mangeshkar – Mehfil Mein Meri

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It’s almost a month since I published the last post on the blog. And this is for the first time! Anyways, let’s start with today’s post. I’ll talk about Lata’s Hindi film songs from the year 1962. These were the films to get censored in 1962 and might not have been released in that year.

Before we go to the table of composers, let’s overview the year.There are 134 songs to consider from 41 films. There are 85 solos and 41 duets with male singers, 6 duets with female singers and 3 trios to consider.

If Lata Mangeshkar started singing again for C Ramchandra in 1961, it was in 1962 that her association with S D Burman was revived. Though her songs for the film, Bandini were recorded earlier, it seems the film Dr Vidya was released earlier, making it her first Hindi film with S D Burman after a gap of almost 4 years.Lata Mangeshkar was seriously ill for almost three months in 1962 which was attributed to an alleged slow poisoning by her cook. Some of the sites also mentioned a chronic sinus problem that prohibited her from singing. So whichever was the problem, Lata Mangeshkar was serious and couldn’t sing. And she used to consider it one of the toughest times of her life. It’s said that she herself wasn’t sure about resuming her playback singing. But her first song to get recorded after that gap was for Bees Saal Baad. More about the song in the later part of the post.

Without a further ado, let’s visit the table of composers.

Now, let’s have a look at the tables of duets.Firstly her duets in 1962 with male playback singers.

Now, let’s have a look at her duets with female playback singers in 1962

Now, let’s start the song list, arranged as usual composer wise.

1. Chitragupt –It’s a sort of record that Chitragupt was the composer to record her songs for the maximum number of films fifth time in a row. This time he shared the position with Shankar Jaikishan, who also recorded her songs for the same number of films. And coincidentally, both recorded 24 songs for 6 films.I’ve selected one song from each film, let’s visit.

Deewane Hum Deewane Tum – Bezuban (1962) / Chitragupt – Prem DhawanA gem from an obscure film. The opening music on saxophone creates a romantic aura, the beginning of antara changes the rhythm to that of Tabla and at the end again it turns into Waltz like rhythm. Listen to the last line of each Antara, it has been sung with such an energy still appearing smooth & romantic and the rhythm changes again. Such a wonderful orchestration.The onscreen pair is Helen and Aroopkumar.

Zulfein Ulajhi Hain Mere Kangana Se – Burma Road (1962) / Chitragupt – MajroohHere’s Lata in a sensuous mood. She hasn’t sung many of such songs. But nevertheless, she is spot on. What a rendition!The orchestration seems to have Indian & western styles fused together, the latter being used for prelude & interlude music. The rhythm shifts to Tabla in antara. This also happens to be one of my favourite songs picturised on Kumkum. Her expressions with the help of Lata’s voice show very well the lust & the desire.Here’s the link for video

Koi Bata De Dil Hai Jahan – Main Chup Rahungi (1962) with Rafi / Chitragupt – Rajendra KrishanA beautiful romantic song picturised on Meena Kumari and Sunil Dutt. One of the popular duets of Lata Mangeshkar and Rafi. Its excellent picturisation on a swing makes it an audio-visual treat.

Jata Hai To Ja – King Kong (1962) / Chitragupt – MajroohA perfect example of a simple but sweet melody! Listen to the brief music pieces in the antara, they sound so good!The song is picturised on Kumkum and Dara Singh. It’s commendable to note that Chitragupt never compromised with the quality of his melodies. Let it be a social by AVM or a so-called C grade stunt film like, Kung Kong, his songs were always A grade. And with Lata Mangeshkar singing it, the songs became even more beautiful.

Aaj Ki Raat Naya Chand – Shaadi (1962) / Chitragupt – Rajendra KrishanA sweet romantic song picturised on Saira Banu and Manoj Kumar. It has a typical Chitragupt touch to it.

Jalega Jahan Sanam Chup Rahiye – Aankh Micholi (1962) / Chitragupt – MajroohThe song may not be very popular, but it’s a good song. Has a catchy tune that is easily hummable. The song is picturised on Mala Sinha, disguised as male, while a bar dancer lip syncs to Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. Though she resembles Laxmi Chhaya, I’m not sure who she is!

2. Shankar Jaikishan –Shankar Jaikishan also had six films with her in 1962 and the number of songs were 24. In my opinion SJ were not the same. Their songs were still very melodious, no doubt! But a certain X factor was no longer there. Their standard was still very high, but if I compare their songs of the 50s and the 60s, the former certainly scores more for me!Anyways, Lata Mangeshkar had good relations with them and was still the main female voice of their songs. Today I’ve selected six songs, one from each film. And as was the case with last year’s list, there are more duets than solos in this particular section. Of course that’s my personal choice and I don’t claim it to be the best from that particular movie.

Lakh Chhupao Chhup Na Sakega – Asli naqli (1962) / Shankar Jaikishan – Hasrat JaipuriI know this song is picturised on a supporting character and there are more popular songs picturised on the main lead, like, Tera Mera Pyar Amar and Tujhe Jeevan Ki Dor Se. But I like this one the most since childhood when I wasn’t even aware of the name of the film or the main lead in the film. Not a romantic song, but I like the content of the song.

Mujhe Kitna Pyar Hai Tumse – Dil Tera Deewana (1962) with Rafi / Shankar Jaikishan – ShailendraThe duets from this film are still very popular and though perhaps the title track is more popular, my personal favourite is this one. Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar at their best, though I again feel, there was something repetitive about Shankar Jaikishan’s general treatment of a romantic duet. So for me their songs from the 60s are very predictably typical.

Aawaz Deke Humein Tum Bulao – Professor (1962) with Rafi / Shankar Jaikishan

Lakhon Taare Aasman Mein – Hariyali Aur Rasta (1962) with Mukesh / Shankar Jaikishan – ShailendraThe songs of this movie are fully opposite to what I said about Shankar Jaikishan in the above song. At least in my opinion. Lata Mangeshkar had three duets with Mukesh in this movie and I love all of those. For today’s list however I chose this soulful melody over the enthusiastic and romantic Allah Jaane Kya Hoga. The pathos in this song is heart touching.

Jao Jao Nand Ke Laala – Rungoli (1962) / Shankar Jaikishan – ShailendraA beautiful dance performance on a wonderfully sung semi classical song. The other solos of Lata Mangeshkar from this movie are also good.

Mehtaab Tera Chehra – Aashiq (1962) with Mukesh / Shankar Jaikishan – ShailendraI must add that I only recently heard all the songs of this movie, I was otherwise familiar with just a couple of songs. This romantic number, though quite prototypically SJ, sounds fresh.

3. S N Tripathi –Tripathi was confined to mythological and period films and could never erase that mark inspite of composing good melodies. He had 8 songs from 4 films in 1962 and the most prominent film was Samgeet Samrat Tansen, where she had three songs. The other films, Jaadugar Daku, Maaya Jaal and Sher Khan are not very popular. I’ve a couple of songs in this section, let’s have a look.

Sakhi Kaise Dharun Main Dheer – Sangeet Samrat Tansen (1962) / S N Tripathi – ShailendraLata Mangeshkar had one solo, one duet and one trio in this movie. I’ve chosen the solo picturised on Anita Guha. S N Tripathi was an underrated composer. His sweet melodies in Lata Mangeshkar’s great voice are indeed a treasure!

Aji Dekho Zara To – Maaya Jaal (1962) with Mukesh / S N Tripathi – Prem DhawanI must confess that I heard the song for the first time during research for this post. But immediately fell in love. Should listen if you want to know what a sweet tune means! Incidentally it was Lata Mangeshkar’s only song for the movie.

Roshan and Salil Chowdhary, both had three films each with her and the number of songs are 11 each. I’ve selected five songs in total, let me show how’s the division of songs,

4. Salil Chowdhury –I had favourites from all the three films, mainly Prem Patra which had five songs by Lata Mangeshkar including a couple of solos and three duets. I’ll start this section with one of my favourites from Prem Patra.

Ab Aur Na Kuchh Bhi – Prem Patra (1962) / Salil Chowdhury – Rajendra KrishanThe film is full of melodious songs and this song picturised on ever beautiful Sadhana is one of my great favourites. Not only are the lyrics good, the tune and above all Lata Mangeshkar’s expressions are so good! Just love it!

Chand Raat Tum Ho Saath – Half Ticket (1962) with Kishore Kumar / Salil Chowdhury – ShailendraWhat should I say about this song? Complete entertainment! Yet I was mainly focused on Madhubala and her expressions and beauty! Besides being exceedingly beautiful, she was a good actress too.

Unse Bichhad Ke Jab Hum – Jhoola (1962) / Salil Chowdhury – Rajendra KrishanI remember the film just for a couple of songs, one is Manna Dey’s Ek Samay Par Do Barsaatein and the other is this song! The lyrics of the song are very simple, but convey the agony so well! Lata Mangeshkar’s heart touching rendition makes it even more appealing.

5. Roshan –Roshan also had three films with her, the most prominent being Aarti with four of her songs. Though she had six wonderfully rendered and composed solos in Zindagi Aur Hum, not all are popular. I’ve just a couple of songs to present today.

Kabhi To Milegi – Aarti (1962) / Roshan – MajroohThe film had a couple of solos and a couple of duets by Lata Mangeshkar. This song is one of the most popular Lata Mangeshkar solos with Roshan. The song has an interesting picturisation. It starts as a song being played on a gramophone player, and suddenly Meena Kumari starts singing. So sudden that Pradeep Kumar is surprised. Jokes apart, the song is full of positivity and optimism. The echo effect in the verses is also good.

Tu Humko Dekh – Zindagi Aur Hum (1962) / Roshan – Veer Mohammad PuriThe film had a few wonderful solos by Lata Mangeshkar picturised on Nalini Jaywant and Chand Usmani. But my favourite is this soothing melody picturised on an unknown actress.

6. Madan Mohan –Lata Mangeshkar had a special bond with her Madan Bhaiya right from their first association and the alliance did offer wonderful melodies which we all still cherish. 1962 saw him offering her songs in a couple of films and both had great melodies. I’ve one song from each film for today’s list.

Jiya Le Gayo Ji – Anpadh (1962) / Madan Mohan – Raja Mehdi Ali KhanWhile the songs picturised on Mala Sinha, who played the main lead are more popular, this raag Yaman based composition is just too good. It’s picturised on a very young Bindu, who looks quite simple and sweet. Her co- actor is most likely Shaminder. What a beautifully composed and wonderfully sung song!

Main To Tum Sang Nain Milake – Manmauji (1962) / Madan Mohan – Rajendra KrishanA song of repentance. She’s wondering why she fell in love with him.

7. Dilip Dholakia –He was assistant to Chitragupt till 1972 and then he joined Laxmikant Pyarelal as assistant till the 80s. He was very popular in Gujarati films, though couldn’t get popular in Hindi films.He composed for a couple of films with Lata Mangeshkar in 1962 and Private Secretary is one of the known films of the duo. The other film, Baghdad Ki Raatein had three of her songs none of which are not known to me and I don’t have a particular favourite among those.

Ja Ja Re Chanda Ja Re – Private Secretary (1962) / Dilip Dholakia – Prem DhawanIf one is unaware of the composer, he would not be able to guess it! It surely is a wonderful song, it sounded to me like a Madan Mohan song, when I heard it for the first time. Lata Mangeshkar had four solos in this movie, however Snehasis Chatterjee’s book mentions a second version of this song, which is available only on film track.

8. S D Burman –Lata Mangeshkar sang again for S D Burman after a long gap and Dr Vidya was released in 1962, though perhaps songs of Bandini were recorded earlier. Lata Mangeshkar sang just a duet for the film, Baat Ek Raat Ki, while she had five songs in Dr Vidya.

Pawan Deewani Na Maane – Dr Vidya (1962) / S D Burman – MajroohA beautiful semi classical song! The second verse of the film version is different from the record version. And there’s extended prelude as well as postlude music in the film version. Beautiful dance by Vyjayantimala. In addition, Lata Mangeshkar had a duet with Rafi and three more solos to her credit. Her solos, Khanke Kangana and Jaani Tum To Dole are among her well known songs of this movie.

9. Ravi –Ravi started his career in 1955 with the film Vachan. Though he chose Asha Bhosle for his first film, he did offer Lata Mangeshkar songs in the 50s as well as in the 60s. She wasn’t his main female in the 60s, but whenever he offered her songs, the result was always good. In 1962, Lata Mangeshkar sang for him in just a couple of films and I’ve chosen a song from one of the films.

Ae Mere Dil e Nadan – Tower House (1962) / Ravi – Asad BhopaliOne of Lata’s popular songs with Ravi. As I said already, the majority of their songs are good and still maintain popularity.It’s picturised on Shakeela who looks quite beautiful! After watching the video, I’m intrigued about the film. Is it a suspense thriller? Who’s the lady in the photo?

10. Hemant Kumar –Lata Mangeshkar sang 7 songs for Hemant Kumar in 1962 in two films, Bees Saal Baad and Rakhi. I’ve already mentioned about Lata Mangeshkar’s illness in the introduction. Hemant Kumar was the one to record her first song after a gap of three months and the song not only became extremely popular, but also fetched her second Filmfare best female singer trophy. And the song was,

Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil – Bees Saal Baad (1962) / Hemant Kumar – Shakeel BadayuniOne of the most popular haunted melodies of Hindi cinema. The song builds quite an aura! Creepy!

11. Kalyanji Anandji –The duo had just 3 songs with Lata Mangeshkar in 1962. The prominent film was Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath, where she sang the happy and sad versions of the title track. Let me add the happy version here,

Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath – Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath (1962) / Kalyanji Anandji – Anand BakshiLata Mangeshkar sang both the happy and sad versions of the song. The opening music of this song is so energetic and fresh that I decided to add it.

12. Avinash Vyas –Though he was extremely popular in Gujarati films, he couldn’t make a mark in Hindi films. In 1962, he had just a couple of films with a total of 4 songs for Lata Mangeshkar.I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. Forget about the grade of the film, the actors on screen. Just listen to the sheer melody. A wonderful song! For me, it’s one of her best songs with Avinash Vyas.

Ja Re Baadal Ja – Kailashpati (1962) / Avinash Vyas – Madan BharatiIt’s difficult to say if the tune is sweeter or Lata Mangeshkar’s rendition! The interlude music is also so intense, just to suit the aura of the song. Listen to the echo effect in a few lines. That so well conveys Parvati’s voice getting echoed in the moutains.A perfectly sweet melody where Sumitra Devi (as Parvati) sings longing for Mahesh Kumar (as Lord Shiv).

13. Anil Biswas –After a successful career in the 40s and the early 50s, Anil Biswas faced a downfall in the 60s. He had just a handful of releases and in 1962, he had just one film Lata Mangeshkar with just a couple of songs.

Lagi Nahi Chhute Rama – Sautela Bhai (1962) with Meena Kapoor / Anil Biswas – ShailendraThe song is picturised on Jeevankala and Rani as dancers, and Rajkumar (not the ‘Jaani’ one) watches in the audience making weird faces. Snehasis Chatterjee’s book mentions it as a trio, with Anil Biswas himself joining the female singers. After Guru Dutt’s entry in the song, a short fight sequence ensues. Then at around 04.00 minutes, a male actor starts singing and has a few lines of his own. Perhaps that part, which was never included in the record version, was sung by Anil Biswas.

A longer audio version including the initial couplet is also available.

14. Naushad –Naushad was one of the composers who used to accept very few assignments in a year and used to believe in multiple rehearsals till the singer gets into the character. So we see his name very often with just one of two films per year with Lata Mangeshkar. After he offered songs to Lata Mangeshkar in Andaz in 1949, Lata Mangeshkar became his preferred female voice.1962 saw him composing for Lata Mangeshkar just for a single film and I’m adding one of her most popular duets with Rafi.

Dil Todne Wale Tujhe Dil – Son of India (1962) with Rafi / Naushad – Shakeel BadayuniThe song is picturised on Kumkum, who’s shown singing live, being broadcasted on a television set, while Kamaljeet sings his part in despair, watching her on television. It’s certainly one of the most popular duets by Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar.

15. Iqbal Qureshi –After starting his career in 1958 with the film Panchayat, Iqbal Qureshi composed for a few films in the late 50s, including Sadhana’s debut film Love in Simla. In the 60s, however, he didn’t get an offer from a big banner.In 1962, he composed just a couple of songs for Lata Mangeshkar for the film, Banarasi Thug. I’ve added a beautiful solo from the movie.

Yaad Suhani Teri – Banarasi Thug (1962) with Chorus / Iqbal Qureshi – Prem DhawanI agree, it’s not a great song. But the heart touching rendition by Lata Mangeshkar makes it memorable. The tune is a routine one, not something different, still the song manages to capture our mind and I think the vocal pieces by chorus do add to the overall effect of the song.

Would you add your favourite Lata Mangeshkar song from 1962?

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