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45 Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement For People Above 50

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Having a stress-free life and a high-paying job can’t go hand in hand. Don’t you think so? But what if I say that you can try various low-stress jobs after retirement to make money?
On top of that, you won’t even need to have any fixed time commitment or additional responsibility while doing these jobs. Yes, there are now various options available from all genre that suits your needs and expertise.
Besides, they can significantly boost your monthly income even if you consider those solely as side hustles to try after retirement.
So, without further ado, let’s dive deep to learn about all the best available options for retirees, stay-at-home parents, and pensioners to have a stress-free work life.
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Best Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement
Everyone looks for low-stress jobs after retirement as they want to have some work freedom after finishing their service life.
So, we have tried and tested all the possible opportunities to fetch the best ones for you!
Fun Jobs After Retirement
1. Camp Host
If you are looking for low-stress jobs after retirement, working as a camp host can be your ideal option. It can be even better if you have your own RV to move around to various national parks easily.
You can get this opportunity primarily in parks. But yes, water parks, amusement parks, county parks, and river banks are also other options. You can start finding this job on websites like Workamper.
Right now, you can easily fetch around $12 – $20 per hour working as a camp host. You will also often get handsome tips from the guests.
2. Tour Guide
Are you searching for low-stress jobs after retirement near me? Then, you should start working as a tour guide in your local area.
Just know about the local attractions and places of interest and start guiding travelers and tourists around the globe.
You need to have excellent communication skills to shine in this industry. Besides, you should also have great story-telling ability.
And if you have these, you can get tour guide jobs from websites like TransitionAbroad and CoolWorks.
You can fetch around $15/hour from this job right now. But, if you stay in Alaska, you can find a better-paying guide job in Alaska Summer Jobs this year.
3. Work At Resorts
You may not know, but resorts are also great places to work besides having a good time during holidays. It can instantly get rid of your 9-to-5 day job.
Besides, you can also host and interact with tourists and travelers around the globe.
According to a recent Glassdoor report, you can expect quite a handsome salary as the current average for resort workers lies around $46k/year.
Look for these resort jobs in your local Yellow Pages and social media groups. You can also directly approach your local hotels and resorts to offer your service.
4. Work On A Cruise Ship
If you are looking for fun jobs after retirement, nothing can be as good as working on a cruise ship. You will not just get a handsome salary but get to see exotic places as well.
So, if you have a dream to visit the Bahamas or the Caribbean, just hop on! From bartending to entertaining, you can do various work on a cruise ship.
According to recent estimates, you can easily earn around $25k/year to up to $150k/year, depending on your skills.
You should directly approach various cruise liners like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Princess to know about their recent vacancies.
5. Event Staff
Event planning can be stressful as you need to arrange so many things in the shortest possible time to make your client happy.
So, if you are looking for low-stress jobs after retirement, you should think twice before stepping into this industry. However, you can easily fetch around $15/hour on average if you work hard as an event planner.
Arranging a typical birthday party can earn you around $500, while a marriage ceremony can earn you thousands.
You can get various event staffing opportunities on websites like Snagajob. You can also contact your community center to find out if there are any local opportunities available.
6. Professional Cuddler
Cuddling is one of the unique retirement job ideas that are becoming extremely popular around the globe.
And if you are a caring mom or dad, this work can be a cakewalk for you. All you need is to hug and cuddle people looking for family comfort.
And in return, you can now around $40/hour on average. Besides, you don’t need to worry about your privacy as you can reveal your real identity only if you wish to.
There are now several websites available, like Cuddlist and Cuddle Comfort, that have these opportunities. Formerly known as Cuddlr, Spoonr is also a great platform for finding real cuddling jobs.
7. House Sitter
Some people travel a lot for their work or just for their passion for seeing the world. Besides, young students with their own houses also frequently travel, especially during the gap year.
These groups often need a professional house sitter to take care of their property. You don’t need any special skills to shine on this job.
Just do what you do in your own house, and you are good to go. And in return, you can make up to $100/day on average.
You can find several of these opportunities on websites like Trusted House Sitters and HouseCarers. Besides, you can also try Mind My House with a small fee of just $20/year.
8. Dog Walker
If you love men’s best friends, you should start dog-walking to earn money and also to get joy. All you need is to take the beloved canines for a walk in the nearby parks and lakesides on behalf of their owners.
Rover is the most popular app where you can find excellent dog walking opportunities in your locality. Besides, you can also try websites like WagWalking that also ensure this opportunity.
You can easily fetch around $15 to $30/hour on any good day. Most of these companies now offer around $20 for a 20-minute walk with fur babies.
9. Pet Sitting
You can consider it as an advanced-level opportunity for dog walking. But yes, it is truly among the best retirement jobs for senior citizens who don’t need any special skills other than loving cute animals and pets.
However, it can be great if you have animal training. People who look for compassionate and animal-loving guys to take care of their pets are the primary clients.
And in return, you can easily fetch around $200/day for a full-time pet sitting. Right now, you can get these opportunities on websites like PetSitter and PetSit.
There are now also many other coolest jobs with animals available around the globe, which you can surely try.
Low-Stress Retirement Jobs From Home
10. Blogging
Blogging is one of the most sought-after professions for Gen-Y as it attracts fame besides money.
However, it is also well-suited for retirees to blog about the immense experience they have gathered throughout their lives.
A typical full-time blogger makes around $30k to $50k/year on average from various sources.
I myself have earned $7k+/month from blogging, even in these challenging times. But yes, you do need to take the right approach to become a successful blogger.
Besides having a flair for writing and story-telling, you also need SEO skills and basic graphics designing skills. But these are not all, as you need several other things to crack high-paying clients.
So, don’t wait and start your money-making blog and start earning over $50k/year in no time.
Check our recent income report here.
11. Proofreading
You need to make a document completely free from any grammatical, punctuation, and syntactical errors as a proofreader.
So, you need to have native-level English proficiency with an excellent grammatical understanding to shine in this industry. These days, it is very much possible to make up to $5k/month just as a qualified proofreader.
There are now also several high-paying proofreading jobs for beginners available that pay better than the industry rates. But to crack these jobs, you need a few skills and need to know a few inside tricks.
One of the most acclaimed proofreaders, Caitlin Pyle, recently came forward to help aspiring proofreaders like you. She has trained more than 12k students in the last five years.
Now, she has launched a 76-minute free mini-course on proofreading that can solve all your queries.
Besides knowing the tricks to improve your proofreading skills, you will also know about the golden secrets to getting high-paying clients.
12. Online Paid Surveys
If you are looking for low-stress jobs after retirement in India, nothing can be better than participating in online paid surveys.
You can easily fetch around $100/survey, which takes around an hour to complete. However, the average lies around $5/survey.
You can find high-paying online survey jobs on websites like SurveyJunkie, Freecash, and Branded Surveys.
Many of the survey platforms, like InboxDollars and Opinion Outpost, offer signup bonuses of up to $10.
Besides a great monetary benefit, you will also have complete freedom while taking part in online surveys. You don’t need to commit to any fixed work hours, and there are no specific skills required.
13. Become a Transcriber
Transcription is where you need to type out the spoken words with minimal errors. Besides having a great typing speed (preferably more than 65 WPM), you also need to have native-level language proficiency to shine in this industry.
You can easily make around $18 to $25/hour on average as a transcriber. However, several professional transcribers reported earning around $5k/month. But to earn on that scale, you need a have a stand-out quality.
One of the highest-rated transcribers and the owners of Zoom Transcription Services, Janet Shaughnessy, has recently launched her 7-lesson free mini-course on transcription to help aspiring transcribers like you.
You will not only get to know about the right ways to sharpen your transcription skills but also know about the inside tricks to get high-paying online transcription jobs that can fetch you at least $15/hour.
14. Freelance Writer
Writers are not just immensely popular around the world but extremely rich as well. And in this era of blogs and websites, the demand for a good writer is always quite high.
But yes, you do need to have the right flair in writing to make your name. Besides, you also need to have strong adaptability and know the right ways to research any topic.
Once you sharpen those skills, you can even earn in six-figure just as a freelance writer. There are several high-paying writing jobs available around the world that pay you around $0.1 – $1/word.
15. Virtual Assistant
The demand for a good virtual assistant is constantly rising as more and more companies are now looking for talented VAs to do their small jobs.
In this industry, you can earn as much as a white-collar corporate job without living in the comfort of your home. You can now make around $15 to $20/hour on average while working as a VA.
Besides, you can also try your hands on several legit companies offering high-paying VA jobs around the world to get an even better payout.
But to get that, you need to cross some extra miles on the right way. To guide you through the path of success, one of the highest-rated VA, Gina Horkey, has recently introduced her unique VA course.
As she claims, you’ll kickstart your virtual assistance business from home within just 30 days or less.
So, don’t hesitate to join this free Virtual Assistance webinar to make a successful career in this industry.
16. Translation
If you have native-level proficiency in at least 2 languages, offering a translation service is definitely the best-suited option for you.
It is also among the best jobs for seniors over 60 as you can take this solely as a part-time freelance opportunity that also pays well.
You can expect to fetch around $24/hour while working as a freelancer. And if you take this as a full-time profession, you can around $3k to $5k/month on average.
However, you can also set up your own translation business and earn six figures. There are now several websites available where you can find these high-paying translation jobs around the world.
Besides, you can also offer your service right on your social media accounts on various platforms to attract high-paying clients.
17. Start An Online Business
If you don’t like to work under anyone or want to have complete freedom, you should consider starting your own business.
And in this tech-era of the 21st century, nothing can be better than setting up your own online space like a website or a blog and start making money.
You can just follow our step-by-step guide to start earning from blogs to kickstart your online business. And if you follow the correct path, it is not very difficult to make even $100k/year or more from this business.
In today’s world, ad revenue is not the only option from where you can make money from your blog. You can also try affiliate marketing to bag great rewards. But yes, you do need to have an expert’s guidance.
One of the best affiliate marketers, Michelle, recently introduced her free mini-course on affiliate marketing to help you set up a six-figure business.
Join this course right now to take your earnings from $0 to $50k/month in no time.
18. Sell Your Crafts
There are very few low-stress jobs after retirement other than making your craft and selling it online.
Depending on your skills and the uniqueness of your art, you can even earn thousands of dollars just to showcase your artistic abilities.
You can try websites like Etsy, which now provides an excellent platform for all the artists and artisans to sell their crafts.
Besides, there are several easy money-making crafts that you can also sell online or through your social media handles.
Flipping is also one of the best options if you don’t want to make the craft but to sell it.
All you need is to buy crafty items and art pieces from garage sales and flea markets and then sell them online for a better price. But yes, it is not as easy as it sounds.
So, Rob & Melissa Stephenson of Flipper University have launched their free mini-course on flipping that can help you to set up a successful business within just 14 days.
19. Airbnb Host
Tell me, is there a better option for a retiree than hosting travelers from around the world? No, there isn’t!
You’ll not only just have monetary profit but will also get to communicate with global travelers and share their experiences.
Yes, it is one of the best low-stress jobs for retirees that can be equally engaging and profitable. You just need to take some great pictures of your property, write a few lines to describe it, and then upload it on Airbnb.
You can easily make around $500 to $10K/month on average just hosting travelers. Besides, this company now also offers complete insurance to cover any cost to maintain and repair your property.
Best Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement Near Me
20. Gardener
There are very few low-stress jobs after retirement that offer great monetary profit and the true satisfaction of mind and soul. Yes, gardening can be equally fun and high-paying if you know the real craft of it.
Even if you don’t have pro-level skills, you can take several free online courses on gardening. Besides, you can find several great tutorials and informational videos on YouTube as well.
You can make around $15/hour on average while gardening in your area. However, you can also start your gardening, sapling selling, and bonsai-making business to generate even better income.
21. Painter
We all have to paint our houses, garages, and inner decorative walls at a certain point in our lives, isn’t it?
But what if I say that you can even generate a great amount of money just from painting? Yes, it is now very much possible.
There are websites like Simply Hired and wow1Day where you can find painting jobs. Besides, you can also post it online to let everyone know in your social media friend list that you are now offering a painting service.
You can expect around $20 to $30/hour, depending on your painting skills. And on average, you can easily fetch around $200 to $250 for painting a single room.
Read – Get Paid To Draw
22. Massage Therapist
If you are good at giving a relaxing head massage or a rejuvenating full-body massage, becoming a professional massage therapist can be the best choice. It is also one of the best low-stress jobs after retirement to try.
But yes, you need to be a certified massager to earn better than industry-standard rates. And once you become one, you can expect around $30 to $50/message session on average which typically lasts for an hour or so.
You can either check websites like Yellow Pages or look for social media groups to get clients. Besides, you can also print some flyers and distribute them in your locality.
23. Animal Shelter Worker
If you love animals and looking for low-stress jobs after retirement, you should try animal shelter work this year. You can either start working as an animal rescuer or work as a shelter caretaker to make money.
According to the current estimates, you can fetch around $15/hour on average while working in animal shelters.
However, there are several non-profit animal rescue organizations also there where you can offer volunteer service.
Many African national parks and wildlife sanctuaries now accept global interns to work in their animal firms.
Flexible Jobs After Retirement
24. Ride Share Driver
If you have your vehicle, then sharing your ride with fellow passengers is surely among the best low-stress jobs after retirement.
You’ll not only just grab monetary profit but will also get to know several people while sharing your ride.
You can either use Uber or Lyft to register your vehicle without any charge. However, both these companies charge a small commission to provide their service.
According to our estimates, you can easily make around $15 to $20/hour on any good day. And if you have a bigger vehicle, you can opt for more passengers and earn even $3k/month.
25. Pizza Delivery Driver
Delivering pizza to your neighboring area can be equally fun and profitable. You also don’t need to do a lot of hard work, which makes it one of the best choices for retirees as well.
Just grab the pizza from the restaurant or fast-food corner and deliver it to the customer.
You can expect around $15 to $20/hour on average if you stay in the USA, Canada, or any European country. It can be a little less in tier-2 countries.
Many legit companies are offering high-paying food delivery jobs these days. Besides, you can also directly approach pizzerias like Pizza Huts or Dominos.
26. Waiter/Waitress
Becoming a waiter and waitress is quite lucrative these days. You can easily make around $20/hour while working for any reputed eateries and restaurants, even in your locality. Besides, you can keep 100% tips that you will get.
But yes, you need to know about the right etiquette in the hospitality industry to make your name. Besides, you should also have a great personality with excellent communication skills to earn a better rate than usual.
There are websites like Indeed and Monster Jobs where you can get such opportunities. Besides, you can also directly approach restaurants to know about their current vacancies.
27. Handyman
Handymen are the ones who can repair and fix anything in our house.
From plumbing to heating panels, from large appliances to swimming pool filters, just name any, and handymen are the ones who can take care of these things.
There are websites like Meet A Handyman where you can get high-paying repair projects. Besides, you can also join your local Facebook and Telegram groups to explore opportunities in your area.
Right now, you can make around $20/hour while working as a handyman. However, many people reported earning up to $70/hour as well.
28. Tutor
If you have the right teaching skills, then tutoring can surely be one of the best low-stress jobs after retirement.
But yes, you do need to have a strong academic background with excellent teaching abilities to make your name.
Opportunities are almost endless if you want to teach English to international students like Chinese or Japanese toddlers. However, you can choose any subject of your choice.
There are websites like Magic Ears and VIPKid where you can get high-paying online teaching jobs.
You can expect around $40/hour on average from the online teaching profession. However, many great teachers reported even earning up to $80/hour this year.
29. Substitute Teacher
If you are not fond of online tutoring and looking for an offline opportunity, you should try becoming a substitute teacher in your nearby schools.
It is also a great option for pensioners as it is among the most respected and low-stress jobs after retirement.
You mainly need to work as a teacher while a permanent teacher is absent for various reasons, including a paid vacation or maternity leave. And you’ll earn at-per their current salary structures.
It is now very much possible to earn around $20/hour on average as a substitute teacher. And you should keep in touch with the local schools to grab such opportunities.
30. Photographer
With the launch of budget-friendly smartphones and DSLR cameras, more and more people are taking photography as their hobby.
While it can satisfy your soul while clicking great pictures, it can be equally profitable.
However, you need to invest a bit to buy photography equipment at first. Besides, it will also be better if you can opt for an online or offline photography course.
There are several high-paying photography marketplaces where you can sell your clicks. According to recent estimates, it is not impossible to make up to $2k/day from photography assignments.
31. Plumber
Plumbing is surely among the low-stress jobs after retirement, as this one doesn’t require any time commitment.
Besides complete flexibility, you are also free to choose your hourly rate in this profession.
But yes, you do need to have excellent plumbing skills to ask for a higher rate than the usual market price. You can easily make around $25/hour on average, which goes up to $30/hour in a few countries.
Websites like Tradesman now ensure these plumbing opportunities. You can directly create an account here and start looking for plumbing works in your locality.
Jobs For Retired Professionals
32. Librarian
If you love books and want to spend time with them, becoming a librarian can be the ideal option for you. It is also one of the low-stress jobs after retirement that also pays well. You can make around $25/hour on average.
However, the average salary for a librarian now stands at around $50k/year. And in many tier-1 cities, it goes as high as $75k/year. But you do need to have a degree in library science to grab such high-paying jobs.
You can try websites like Indeed to apply for the current openings. Besides, you can also directly approach your local libraries to know if they have any vacancies or not!
33. Consultant
Consultation is one of the highest-paying freelance job opportunities these days as more and more people are now looking for expert advice before they try their hands on anything.
So, you can now use these in your favor and start making money as a consultant. A top-rated consultant of any genre can easily fetch around $100/hour, with many people even crossing $150/hour or more.
You can start advertising your consultation service through various social media handles. Besides, you can also print some flyers and distribute them to your community center and offices.
34. Bookkeeper
Bookkeeping is a type of accounting job that you can easily do even after your retirement. This job not only offers complete flexibility but also better work freedom.
All you need is to maintain the balance sheets and general accounts in this job. You should have a finance or accounting background to get started as a proofreader.
But once you start, it is not very challenging to fetch around $25/hour on average. However, top bookkeepers earn around $60/hour.
But you need to know about the inside tricks to have high-paying clients.
And to help you with that, the founder of Bookkeepers.com, Ben Robinson, recently introduced complete bookkeeping free series that can kickstart your career.
Once you know what to do and how to approach it, you can directly look for high-paying bookkeeping projects on websites like Belay Solutions and ClickNWork.
35. Tax Preparation
Many people find it difficult to prepare and submit their taxes, especially income tax. And in those cases, they take the service of an efficient tax prepare who can prepare the taxation files on behalf of their clients.
Besides, it is also among the low-stress jobs after retirement to try if you come from a finance background. There are several websites like Yellow Pages and Simply Hired where you can find these opportunities.
You can fetch around $15/hour on average at the start. And you can even fetch up to $50/hour once you have sufficient experience in this field.
36. Park Ranger
Do you love adventure? Do you feel the thrill when you see wild animals in the wilderness?
If yes, then become a park ranger to make your dreams come true. Yes, you can either start working as a ranger or can even work as a guide.
According to a recent estimation, the typical salary of a park ranger in the USA lies between $30k to $70k per year. Even if you take it as a part-time opportunity, you can easily make around $15/hour.
You can check the available vacancies on the USAjobs.gov website if you are a permanent resident of the United States. Besides, you can also check out the website of the forest department of your country.
37. Sports Coach
If you want to share your athletic experience and life lessons, there are no better options than becoming a sports coach.
Besides, you can even take it after bidding farewell from day jobs as it is one of the low-stress jobs after retirement to try.
You can make around $15/hour on average as a sports teacher in junior or elementary schools. But, the same position in professional clubs and universities can even earn millions as well.
There are websites like The Mentor Network where you can get these opportunities. Besides, you can also contact your local schools, colleges, and community centers to grab available vacancies.
High Paying Low-Stress Jobs For Retirees
38. Real Estate Agent
You must have already known that real estate is one of the most sought-after industries even in these challenging times. And now, you can also become a real estate agent to make money without putting in much effort.
You need three main things to make your name in this industry. First, you need the right understanding of land and properties.
Second, you need to have excellent communication skills. And third, you need the right kind of sales skills.
It is not difficult to make a six-figure income as a real estate agent. However, the average lies around $40K to $50k/year.
39. Mediator
There are primarily two types of mediator jobs; general mediator and court-connected mediator. And both these are considered among the low-stress jobs after retirement this year due to their flexibility and work freedom.
All you need is to work as a mediator between two parties to resolve their issues. And for that, you can charge around $100/hour on average, although top mediators charge up to $250/hour.
You need at least a bachelor’s degree in mediation to get started. Besides, you also need legal training if you wish to work as a court-connected mediator.
40. Interior Designer
Who doesn’t like to have their homes decorated? But for efficient decoration, everyone needs the right guidance from a true professional in this field.
And if you have that quality and design skills, you should consider interior designing.
You first need to have your academic degree in design or architecture. And then, you need to take the National Council for Interior Design Qualification test to get your interior design license.
It is pretty easy to fetch around $25/hour in the beginning. So, without any doubt, it is one of the best ways to earn extra money without putting in a heavy effort.
41. Analyst
Although it is not among the low-stress jobs after retirement, you can get a certain amount of work flexibility as an analyst. You can consider it as an advanced job position as a consultant.
Various companies and businesses now opt for analysts to scale their businesses and rectify their working procedures to yield more profit.
You, in return, need to take a close look at the business and then analyze it to give appropriate feedback.
You can expect around $25/hour while working as a freelance analyst. And for a full-time opportunity, it can go as high as $5k to $8k/month.
Passive Income Ideas For Retired People
42. Rent Out Your Extra Space
If you have some extra space in your house or even in your garage or backyard, you can use that space to make some extra money.
It is now pretty easy to take it as the primary source to boost your monthly income.
You can rent out your extra room of yours through Craigslist or similar websites. Besides, you can also put a social media ad on your handles to attract potential customers.
It is not very difficult to earn around $300 to $500/month if you rent out a single room. However, this can go manyfold if you rent out your entire house or villa.
43. Rent Out Your Car/Parking Place
In all the low-stress jobs after retirement, you need a limited time commitment and minimal effort. And renting out your empty parking space can fulfill both these parameters. Besides, you can also rent out your vehicle when it is not in use.
Needless to say, it may feel like the most surprising way to make money, but you can comfortably earn up to $500/month just from renting out your parking space. Various websites like JustPark now ensure this opportunity.
You can check out websites like Turo and Get Around to rent out your car. And now, you can make around $18 to $25/hour while renting out your empty car without the fuel price.
44. Volunteering
You won’t get money if you volunteer anywhere. Instead, you get the mental peace and satisfaction to contribute to the welfare of society. So, if you are now free after retirement, just start volunteering.
You can contact your local animal rescue group or homeless care groups to volunteer your service. Besides, you can also join any relief team if there is any natural calamity nearby.
It is also a great idea to check out available volunteering opportunities in your local social media groups. Besides, you can also contact your community centers.
45. Self-Publish Your Own Book
Trust me; you should share your life experiences when you have some free time after retirement. Besides, you should also cultivate your writing creativity if you have the right flair in it.
And if you can write a book, fiction or non-fiction, you can grab the maximum profit if you self-publish your book on various platforms.
Besides physical books, you can also publish your book in eBook format on websites like Amazon Kindle and Google Books.
But, the most trending right now is audiobooks. If you want to grab some serious money, you can narrate it all by yourself and make the audiobook. But for that, you definitely need to have excellent voice-over ability.
One of the very few Audible-approved producers, Julie Eickhoff, has recently launched her free mini-course on voice-over to help you kickstart your career in the VO industry.
You also get the right tips to publish your audiobook as she has already published more than 100 audiobooks since 2011.
How To Get Hired For A Retiree Job
You must have already decided what to do after retirement. Still, it can be pretty tough to get hired as a retiree. But yes, you can do these three things to increase your chance of recruitment.

Try Job Portals: Don’t hesitate to try different job portals like Indeed and Monster, as they often have special jobs posted for retirees.
Search Classified Sites: You can also search various classified ad sites like Craigslist and Yellow Pages to know about the job offers in your area.
Join Job Groups: Don’t forget to join various job groups on different social media platforms, especially Facebook and Telegram, to get tailored jobs for retirees.

But, if you want to work and grow independently, you can also try our tested financial hacks to become rich in the shortest possible time.
You must have already understood that there are various low-stress jobs after retirement available right now. However, you need to identify your core area of expertise and then select the jobs accordingly.
Don’t fall for a higher payout or a better hourly rate if the work itself doesn’t excite you. If you chase money, you may get bored in no time. So, it is better to chase your dream work opportunity after retirement.
And that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to post your feedback in the comment box below.
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