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5 Best Finance Podcasts Canada

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Are you looking for a way to improve your financial knowledge? Then there is absolutely no shortage of resources. In fact, most Canadians prefer listening to podcasts to boost their inner financial geek. In Canada, you will find some of the Best Finance Podcasts.

In today’s time, there are various sources to get financial knowledge. Every person has a different preference. Some like reading books, while others prefer blogs and articles. But one source that is gaining quite a lot of attention these days are Podcasts.

They are simple to understand, easy to listen to, and very convenient. Did you know that a survey showed that almost 28% of the people in Canada listen to at least one knowledgeable podcast every month? Wow, right? 

It does not matter where you stand in terms of financial knowledge. The podcasts are designed in such a way that you will feel comfortable and learn a lot. In this blog, we have covered some of the best finance podcasts for you.

5 Best Finance Podcasts in Canada

Here are 5 Best Finance Podcasts that you must listen to at least once to understand the basics and complex concepts of finances. They will cover a lot of different topics ranging from tax, economics, management, and even personal finances. 

If you are thinking about setting a financial goal this year. Then these podcasts are going to be of great help to you. They will teach you how to handle your money and control your expenses and at the same time, enjoy your life fully.

1. Real Money Talk

You all have a credit card, right? Do you know how to manage it or get the most out of these plastic cards? Most of you do not. The podcast The Real Money Talk will offer you tips about your credit card and how you can get the most out of it.

The team of Real Money Talk claims that they are not experts on finance per se. But they have the skill to approach each topic in a manner that they can get to its heart. You can listen to them on a bi-weekly basis. 

The topics might vary but they cover enough to provide knowledge to new and experienced investors. You can tune in to this podcast if you want to know how to make smart financial decisions.

2. Simple Money

If you are a student and want to understand finance from its basics to all the complexities then Simple Money is the best podcast for you. There are many new entrepreneurs in need of financial advice. Simple Money will help you in such matters too.

The host Matthew Siwiec has kept all the episodes of Simple Money quite crisp and short. Despite the length, you will find a lot of practical knowledge about finance here. Matthew will cover all important and trending issues about tax, budget, and post-pandemic issues.

People that love to stay updated with all financial news and trending issues will find this podcast very engaging and useful.

3. MapleMoney Show

Another popular podcast in Canada about money management is the MapleMoney Show. Tom Drake is the host of this podcast and he helps Canadians in troubles related to finances and debt.

Various popular guests are invited from time to time to teach people about the different financial aspects. For people wanting to learn about personal finances, the MapleMoney podcast is definitely what you need. 

Whether you are struggling to pay off the debt, making budgets, or even developing sound financial habits, then this podcast is going to help you immensely. You can easily learn to control your debt and finances by listening to them.

4. Canadian Couch Potato

The Canadian Couch Potato is for all the DIY investors that have learned to invest themselves. After a certain point even they have to learn to get into complex trading practices like mutual funds and traded funds. 

Dan Bortolotti the host of Couch Potato caters to all the questions by the listeners. You will find many DIY investors on the podcast, sharing their experiences. This podcast is both informative and engaging. Because listeners can raise questions. Do check out some tips on how you can save money on groceries!

All individual investors will find that Couch Potato offers a comprehensive guide to investment-related issues. In order to improve your portfolio you can follow the Canadian Couch Potato.

5. Because Money

If you want to listen to something that digs into the deeper and basic lives of the Canadians and how they can handle finances then Because Money is for you. This podcast has completed six successful seasons.

The basic premise of this podcast is to talk about the financial conversations that happen at the dinner tables of Canadians. It is majorly because such talks are often ignored. One of the episodes of the fifth season is all about handling finances during breakups.

Breakups can cause people to handle finances poorly. They can make wrong decisions because their mind is clouded by depression and other thoughts. Hence, during that time they need the most financial advice to avoid any huge financial risks or mistakes.

All such issues are dealt with in this podcast. The hosts Sandi, Chris, and John will entertain you and take you on a nice financial journey in their podcast Because Money.

Best Finance Podcasts in Canada

Podcasts are a great way to enhance your knowledge. They are a perfect blend of information and entertainment. You will never feel bored if you listen to some of the Best Finance Podcasts. They will teach you a great deal about managing your money from an early stage.

All the people that wish to become finance-savvy must develop a habit of listening to podcasts every week. No doubt, it will be challenging but Canadian finance podcasts have made huge strides and made financial concepts easy to understand.

Be it an entrepreneur, a student, or even a retired person, having financial knowledge is important.

If you also love finance podcasts, then comment down your favorite below! 

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