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55 Legit Online Typing Jobs To Do From Home

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55 Legit Online Typing Jobs To Do From Home

Ever found yourself daydreaming about a job where you could work from the comfort of your couch, maybe in your pajamas, with a steaming cup of coffee by your side? Well, you’re in luck because online typing jobs might just be your golden ticket.
Imagine turning those late-night scrolls and typing sprees into actual, real money. Sounds like a dream, right?
In today’s digital age, the opportunities to earn from home have exploded, and an online typing job is one of them.
Whether you’re a speedy typist, a transcriber, or just someone looking to make some extra cash without stepping out the door, there’s something out there for you.
These online typing jobs can offer you anything between $10 an hour and go up to $50 an hour based on the type of project you work on and your skillset obviously.
Stick with me, and I’ll guide you through the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and everything you need to know to kickstart your journey into the world of side hustle gigs.
Grab that coffee, get comfy, and let’s dive in! 
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What is a Typing Job?
Anything that requires you to type is a typing job, as simple as that!
Let it be typing a document or form filling; any typing job needs you to do one primary thing; type fast and accurately!
You can find specialized online typing jobs for students or even freshers, but you do need a good typing speed, even in those as well.
But these jobs have a special benefit; they offer both full-time and part-time opportunities.
How Much Can I Earn From a Typing Job?

On average, you can earn around $10 to $15/hour if you dedicate your time sincerely to doing these projects.
Although you don’t need any certification or academic qualification to do these online typing jobs from home, you do need better-than-average typing speed if you want to earn more.
There are many typing jobs like proofreading and editing that can fetch you up to $60k/year. More creative typing jobs like blog writing or creative writing can fetch you even more.
14 Online Typing Jobs You Can Do From Home
Transcription Typing Jobs

If you’re looking for a legit online typing job this year, transcription is as flexible and comfortable as it gets.
The job is simple: listen to audio or video files and type out what you hear. You’ll need a good typing speed and accuracy to do this well.
But here’s the catch: transcribing an hour of audio or video can take about 3 to 4 hours. That means it’s tough to transcribe more than 100-120 minutes of content a day. But don’t worry, there are some great perks too!
According to Salary.com, transcribers make an average of around $47k per year. While the average hourly rate is about $15 to $20, you can potentially earn up to $28 per hour.
However, to hit those higher rates, you need to really hone your transcription skills, not just your typing. To help you out, we’ve put together an awesome FREE course.
One of the highly acclaimed transcribers, Janet Shaughnessy, recently launched her completely FREE Mini Transcription Course to help you.
She has more than 10 years of professional experience and has already mentored thousands of transcribers around the globe.
Best Places To Find Online Transcription Jobs:
1. Rev
The most popular and genuine platform in the transcription industry. You’ll hired via a small quiz and sample test. Once hired, you can earn up to $20 an hour. Read our full review here for more information.
2. GoTranscript
Offers genuine non-phone transcription jobs. Payments are paid via PayPal every week. This company pays around $36 per audio hour. Read our detailed review here.
3. DailyTranscription
Another company from the US offers transcription services in the legal, education, and entertainment industries. You can earn up to $900 per week from this company. Join here.
4. PlayMedia
PlayMedia also hires US people only. The payment will be made on an hourly basis at an approximate rate of $10 to $30 an hour. Check the openings here.
5. BabbleType
This company is open worldwide but only hires experienced candidates through their tests. The payment is made through PayPal weekly. They pay around 0.40 cents to $1 per audio minute. It depends on the difficulty of the audio file. Apply here.
6. AccutranGlobal
This is open to Canada and the US only. Cheque payment or wire transfer is the mode of payment at Accutran Global. Payment is made once a month, ranging from 0.005 to 0.01 dollars per word or $24 per hour of audio file transcribed. Check the recent openings here.
Check here to find 27 High-Paying Transcription Jobs, even for beginners.
Online Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is absolutely a great online typing opportunity for everyone. This job requires no greater skill than catching the errors/typos/mistakes in the content you read.
Literally, there will be no shortage of these jobs as we can see how much content is getting published on the internet every single day.
Millions of blogs, news articles, videos, and podcasts get published every day, and every piece of these requires a manual inspection as a last step to ensure the content is error-free. That’s where editors and proofreders come to rescue.
Whether you are working for a low-paying job or looking for a stress-free side hustle, you can give it a try. It requires no special degrees or experience. And if you have an eagle eye for catching mistakes and the ability to fix them, you are all good to go.
As a proofreader/editor, you can earn anywhere between $20 – $50 an hour based on your skill and experience. Working on bigger projects like books could pay even more.
Want some free knowledge? Check out this FREE Proofreading Workshop by Caitlin Pyle, who went from zero to six figures as a freelance proofreader.
Websites To Find Online Proofreading Jobs:
7. ProofreadingPal
As the name suggests, this website hires proofreaders and editors. You must be a graduate or postgraduate student with at least a 3.5 GPA to be eligible for this company.
They’ll also hire proofreading experts and experienced people with at least 5 years of experience in the field. Once you are hired by ProofreadingPal, you can expect to earn at least $3k per month.
Check out the current openings on the ProofreadingPal website.
8. Book In A Box
They hire proofreaders to proofread books. Their openings are not regular, but if selected, their pay is very high.
You can earn up to $3000 for a project and $20 per hour for other smaller tasks. Currently, this website changed its name to Scribe Writing.
Sign up for Scribe Writing here.
9. Scribendi
This company lets us work from home as freelancers to proofread or edit content. The payment is made via PayPal, and the openings are only for US and UK residents.
The payment depends upon the amount of work or project you select ranging between $5 and $25 per project.
Check the latest job openings on the Scribendi website.
10. Cambridge Proofreading
Despite having an in-house proofreading team, this company occasionally hires freelance proofreaders from the US and the UK.
This website not only fixes grammatical and spelling errors, they also assures comprehensive improvement of the documents by correcting the tone and style of the writing.
Once you are hired here, you’ll have to meet the target of proofreading at least 10,000 words per week. You can expect around $14 to $30 an hour depending on the task you are dealing with.
11. Kibin: Usual openings are not provided. You need to fill out a form, and the company will let you know when positions are open. Pay is up to $10 per hour. Apply here.
12. Edit911: One must have a Ph.D in English or any other discipline related to writing. The pay is unknown as they keep it very confidential.
13. Enago: Similar to Edit911, Enago also hires Ph.D candidates and you should be a resident of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand to work for this company. Join here.
14. SmartBrief: An experience of a minimum of 3 years is mandatory for enrollment. You will be earning $15 per hour. You need to have very good language skills for the job.
Looking for more companies that hire? check below…
27 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners
9 Amazon Proofreading Jobs For Beginners – $20/Hr
Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is one of the real online typing jobs from home that has dominated the market for a very long time.
You definitely need flair in writing to achieve success in this industry. Besides, you should also have sufficient SEO knowledge and a creative mind to make unique and highly engaging content.
According to the current report of Glassdoor, you can fetch more than $30/hour as a freelance writer. And if you take it as a full-time opportunity, even $100k/year is also achievable.
As per my experience, beginner writers charge around $0.02 – 0.10 per word. Once you get good testimonials from clients, you can put them on your portfolio to get high-paying clients.
Freelance writing is not just a creative job; it can also provide a viable opportunity to make a living working from home.
Niche selection plays a crucial role in your growth as a writer. Niche experts make significantly more than those who write in every niche. So, stick to one niche, diversify your skills, and improve your craft every day to turn this job into a thriving career for you.
Some Legit Places To Find Freelance Writing Jobs
15. CrowdContent
Hires people from the US, UK, Canada, and Australian writers. Their pay ranges between 1.2 cents and 8 cents per word. Payments are made via PayPal every second Friday of the month. Join now.
16. Scripted
One of the best marketplaces for freelance writers and copywriters. Hires writers from all countries but one must pass a small test to get hired. The pay is up to $25 per 500 words.
Payments are made weekly via PayPal. Apply here to join Scripted here.
17. BlogMutt
This website is currently named Verbilo. You must submit your social security number to create your account. The pay ranges from $8 to $72 per article. They pay weekly through PayPal and hire only from the US. Sign up for Verbilo here.
18. Copify
Copify is one of the best marketplaces for freelance writers from the US and UK. To get hired, you need to upload your CV and give a 100-word test. Pays around $30 per 500-word article. You’ll be paid every week. Sign up here to become a Copify writer.
19. CopyPress
It is open to people residing in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and a few other countries. CopyPress follows fortnightly payments through PayPal.
Want more? Check out these 150 Websites To Find Freelance Writing Jobs.
Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

Virtual assistance is another great opportunity for people who are searching for online typing jobs. These jobs have been in demand for years, and no signs of going out of demand in the foreseeable future.
You can offer services like content writing, email writing, social media management, email management, keyword research, graphics designing, and more.
There are nearly 150 different types of services you can offer as a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you can charge around $10 – $50 per hour based on the type of service you provide. For premium services like keyword research, SEO management, and landing page writing, you can charge even $100 an hour.
To get started as a virtual assistant, first, you should have knowledge of picking the right service to offer, estimating its demand, fixing your hourly pay rates, and, most importantly, finding potential clients.
No need to worry. Gina Horkey is here to help you with that.
Gina has been a very successful VA for years, and now she is helping people to become virtual assistants through her 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success Course.
She has already taught thousands of students, most of whom have benefitted from this course. Her students are currently making $3000-$5000+ per month working as VAs.
There are several virtual assistant tasks that you need to type. Some of the most common among those are as follows.

Administrative work
Social media handling
Writing blogs
Data entry tasks
Scheduling tasks
Sending emails, etc.

Some legit websites that offer virtual assistant jobs are…
20. Contemporary VA
This company offers services mainly in the administrative sector. You need to check their careers page for frequent openings. These jobs are open for all country people and pay is around $10 – $18 per hour. Check their job openings here.
21. FancyHands
Open for the US only. Payment will be made through Dwolla every Tuesday. Pay is up to $10 per hour. Send your resumes to jobs@fancyhands.com to apply.
22. Time Etc
Open only for the US and UK. Your pay rate will be fixed according to your experience, which is between $11 and $16 per hour.
One must pass their interview and a little background verification process to work with this company. Full details are here on their website.
23. Equivity
Top-rated VA company. The basic requirements are a Bachelor’s Degree, a phone, and a laptop. They offer general, paralegal, and marketing virtual assistant services. Pay is around $10 – $21 per hour. Contact them for vacancies here.
24. 99 Dollar Social
As the name suggests, you need to handle clients’ social media handles remotely. Their average pay for VAs is around $12 an hour. Fill your application here if you are interested.
25. Belay
Good for WordPress website developers. A Bachelor’s Degree and five years of experience are mandatory. The average pay is around $17 – $18 per hour. Apply here.
Looking for more jobs? Check Online Virtual Assistant Jobs.
Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is undoubtedly among the simple online typing jobs from home that you can try at any time.
It is also among the first online jobs that went online a decade ago. From simple form-filling to OCR entries, data entry covers a large segment.
According to recent US government statistics, you can fetch up to $16/hour doing basic data entry jobs. However, the average lies between $12 and $15 per hour.
And a recent ZipRecruiter study also confirmed that the yearly average salary now lies around $69k.
Although data entry doesn’t need you to have any special skills, most companies will conduct background verification. They mainly do it as you may have to deal with sensitive data during your project.
But this job has a major setback; it can feel a little monotonous after some time. Here are a few tasks you’ll need to handle as a data entry clerk…

Spreadsheet Fill-Up: You need to add data to the designated field in a spreadsheet
Data Feeding: You need to feed data and information to any company’s server or mainframe
Data Verification: You need to tally the already-digitized data with the analog document to correct errors
Micro Typing Tasks: You may often need to type and save common bills and receipts

Some Legit Online Data Entry Jobs
26. Cass Information System
This company hires experienced people. It is a total location-based position for data verification and data entry works. On-site training is usually required before starting work with this company. You’ll get paid around $32k – $35k a year. Check their website for more information about this job.
27. Konsus
Currently renamed as SuperSide. Data entry, content writing, graphic designing, researching, lead generation, website development, PowerPoint designing, and software engineering are the main tasks here.
Pays around $59k – $64k per year to remote data entry clerks. Sign up for Superside for new opportunities.
28. Amazon MTurk
This is a place where you can find micro jobs known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) to work on. Each task takes a few minutes to complete. It’s a great place to find non-phone work-from-home jobs. Join MTruk here.
29. Xerox
Xerox is another location-based company providing non-phone work from home. All you have to do is type “work from home data entry” on their career page and hit the search button. All the available data entry jobs will pop up. Join Xerox here.
30. Great American Opportunities
As the name suggests, this company only hires people from the US. You will be required to fill out forms online; each gets you around $0.1 – $0.15. Weekly payments through wire transfer or direct deposit.
Check out the most trusted Data Entry Job Websites here.
Website Testing Jobs
Many companies look for genuine testers & reviewers to know the functionality and user-friendliness of their websites and apps. And for that, they hire website testers.
Your job is to identify the bugs, issues, and errors while surfing through a particular website or app.
It can take around 20 minutes to completely test a website. And for that, you can fetch around $10; thus, you have a chance to earn up to $30/hour.
The current average earning is $54k/year, according to a recent ZipRecruiter report.
You’ll get the most testing projects if you are from tier-1 countries like the USA and UK. But wherever you are from, you should only take it as a side hustle due to irregular project availability in most cases.
Some Legit Websites To Find Website Testing Jobs…
31. Userlytics – Pays around $5 – $90 per test. Your review will be approved once the client accepts your work. Payments are made every two weeks via PayPal. Sign up here for Userlytics.
32. UserTesting – You can get paid to test apps, websites, prototypes, and more. Each test takes up to 20 mins and you’ll get $10 per successful test. Pays via PayPal. Join here.
33. UserZoom – Once approved on this platform, you can get paid $5 – $10 per successful test. Payments are made via PayPal. You can sign up here.
34. TryMyUi – Currently renamed as Trymata. Pays up to $30 per test. Check openings here.
Check more well-paying Website Testing Jobs here.
Translation Jobs
Translation jobs are great online typing jobs for bilinguals or multilingual people.
The online translation industry has high demand these days, and with the right skills, you can be a part of it.
Here your job is to translate the stuff from English to other languages like German, Spanish, French, Chinese, or vice versa.
You will be asked to translate audio files, books, blogs, papers, etc. You can earn anywhere between $12 and $50 an hour working part-time as a translator and interpreter. Working full-time in this field can earn you a full-time salary of up to $82k per year.
Here you can find the translation jobs:
35. Interpreters and Translators Inc: This company provides translation services in more than 200 languages. You must have a great command of English and other languages. Once you are selected, you can make a high income from this home-based job. Pay is around $14 – $16 per hour. Check more info here.
36. Verilogue: Another company that offers translation and interpretation services, especially to medical companies. You will be paid every fortnight and the pay is around $5 per audio minute. Payments through cheque or direct deposit. If interested, you can send resumes to this email. info@verilogue.com.
37. Gengo: They make payments through PayPal every fortnight. Positions are open worldwide. Pays 3 – 8 cents per translated word. Check their careers page for more info about this job.
38. VerbalInk: Open for the US only and pay you via PayPal. Here you’ll have various tasks from transcription to translation. As a remote translator, you’ll earn around $10 per hour from this company. Check more info here.
See more places to find Home-based Online Translation Jobs.
Online Chat or Customer Support Jobs

Live chat agents have already become a vital aspect of customer service. While many companies employ direct chat experts, many also opt for customer service providers.
So, you can get these online chat jobs from both the end-client and third-party customer service agencies.
You can easily fetch around $15/hour as a chat support freelancer. According to a recent source of ZipRecruiter, the average yearly pay is around $26+k.
On top of that, many companies offer incentives and performance bonuses too. If you do it as a full-time opportunity, you can get many other benefits like 401(k), paid vacations, and a lot more.
You should have excellent typing speed and great communication skills to do these jobs. Many companies also prefer if you can handle multiple clients at a time.
Here are a few companies for reference where you can pick your choice from:
39. TheChatShop: This company hires people from all across the world as they own various businesses worldwide. An approximate pay rate would be from $9 to $10 per hour. Any person with the required qualifications can apply and start earning. Check their careers page.
40. Apple: Apple is open to US citizens only. Pays around $15 an hour. Check for more info.
41. ModSquad ($15 per hour)
42. LiveChat (depends on the project)
43. SiteStaff ($10 or even more per hour)
44. Smith.ai ($10 per hour)
Find more legit Online Chat Support Jobs from home.
Captioning Jobs From Home
If you have a great typing speed and looking for the best online typing jobs from home, you can definitely try captioning. It is mainly the subtitles that are displayed below the videos.
You need to ensure the quality of the captioning with minimal error. Besides, you may also need to take care of the notations like honking or laughing noises.
You do need to have an excellent typing speed, preferably more than 65 WPM, to do this job. Besides, you just need to achieve at least 99% accuracy in live captioning.
And most importantly, you should have excellent ear-hand coordination to enable seamless typing. You can fetch up to $24/hour while doing this as a freelancer.
However, the average hourly rate lies between $16 and $20 per hour. According to the ZipRecruiter report, you can earn around $58k per year as a Captioner.
Best websites to find captioning jobs…
45. Rev ($240 per month)
46. CaptionMax(depends on the project)
47. Captioning Star (up to $70 per hour)
48. Vitac($19 – $27 per hour)
49. National Captioning Institute(fixed salary plus other benefits)
50. Aberdeen($75 per hour for live captioning/$15 per hour for closed captioning)
Check here for more Captioning Jobs.
Micro Jobs
Not a great fan of fixed commitment? No worries; there are many platforms where you can get short-term online typing jobs.
These freelance platforms also offer other short-term projects that require human intelligence, like managing a Facebook page or even designing a PPT slide.
You can either bid on open projects or can showcase your skills to get one; it’s up to you. But yes, you can comfortably fetch around $10 to $15/hour on average.
According to a Glassdoor report, you can earn around $54k+/year even if you work as a social media manager.
Here are a few formats of micro jobs you get to do…

Email and Newsletter Service: You need to write attractive copies for customers and subscribers
Social Media Management: From Facebook to Tiktok, you may need to handle any social handles
Short Personalized Tasks: It can be anything, from designing a logo to scheduling a phone call

Platforms to find micro jobs…
51. Click Worker ($9- $10 per hour)
52. Amazon mTurk ($15 an hour)
53. Microworkers ($200 per month)
54. Rapid Workers ($2 per task)
55. OneSpace (depends on the task)
Check out more short-task sites for extra money.
How Can I Learn To Type Faster?
Almost all online typing jobs from home need you to have at least 60 to 80 WPM typing speed. And to achieve that, you need a lot of practice, obviously in the correct way.
Here are the best ways to achieve a faster speed with optimum accuracy.

Opt For Typing Lessons: You can find several video tutorials to achieve a faster typing speed on YouTube. Besides, there are websites like KeyBr that offer free tutorials with integrated typing tests.
Raise The Bar: Aim for a better WPM each day during your typing practice. If you can type at a 50 WPM speed, try to achieve 55 tomorrow and at least 60 by the end of this week.
Play Typing Games: You can sharpen your typing ability by trying out interactive typing games such as Secret of Qwerty or Epistory.
Take Typing Tests: You can take typing tests on websites like Typing, Key Hero, or TypingTest to correctly analyze your typing speed and the areas to improve.

What Equipment Do I Need?
Although you can type pretty fast on your smartphone or even on your iPad, you can’t achieve your maximum speed on those. You only get the best speed when you use a computer or a laptop.
So basically, you need a few vital things.

A good keyboard, preferably a mechanical one,
A noise-canceling headphone,
Foot pedal, if you want to transcribe,
Stable internet connectivity, preferably broadband.

Where Else Can I Find Typing Jobs?
We have already mentioned the best places to get typing jobs from home in detail. But there are a few others where you can get legit projects.

Contact Brands: You can directly approach global consumer brands. But always choose those brands that have larger following bases, forums, subreddits, and private message boards.
Become A Scopist: You will be responsible for transcribing the final trials, court proceedings, and depositions from steno reports. You can check the openings in your local courts and community centers.
Freelancing Sites: There are several job marketplaces like FlexJobs, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour where you can get various online typing jobs.

Are Work From Home Typing Jobs Right For You?
It is absolutely right if you have a great typing speed. And trust us, you can easily earn around $10 to $15/hour on average, even if you are a complete newbie in this industry.
But yes, these online typing jobs are especially suited for…

A full-time employee looking for a side hustle
Homemakers, pensioners, and students who need flexible work hours.

Other Ways to Make Money Online
Online typing jobs to work from home are not the only way to make money in this digital world.
There are several other ways that not only suit your interest but also pay according to industry standards. And we have discussed all the other ways here…

There are a few online typing jobs you can do from home, like editing, proofreading, writing, and VA, that you can take as a full-time profession.
But for the other genres like form filling, surveys, and website testing, you should strictly consider those as side hustles.
You also need to select your preferred online typing jobs according to your area of expertise and your interests.
You should also check out the terms and conditions before you start working for a particular website.
So, this is all, folks! Happy earning!
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