May 30, 2024



Asset abundant, income inadequate! Definitely weak!

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I have met a number of greenback millioniares (1 USD million=7 crores) in India in the previous couple months, who are rather very low on dollars even for day by day charges. Just one of the people regular money was only 50k, when the whole belongings they are holding is extra than 10 crores.

Most of these ended up aged couples in the age group of 65-80 yrs. The young children were being married and settled both outdoors the nation or from time to time even in the place. The essential supply of present income was the pension of 20-30k for each thirty day period. In addition, just one family was obtaining a lease of 30k for each month from a flat that is worth 2 crores (1.8% rental produce).

One particular of the family members had ancestral property really worth 30 crores which is to be divided among 2 brothers and 2 sisters. These brother/sisters are now 70 calendar year old. They have 9 young ones, who are now 40-45 12 months aged. The 70 yr aged few would most likely hardly ever get pleasure from the riches from their inheritance. In reality, I question that even their youngsters who are now 40-45 yr outdated will get the funds from the family members property in their life span. The reason is simple- it is a major piece of land. There is no 1 ready to get this sort of a significant piece of land. And, even if they get a customer (they received some buyer in the earlier), atleast 1 or two of the little ones vote in opposition to the selling due to several factors (bid price tag is lower, or they would acquire it into a lodge someday). The division of land in smaller pieces necessitates an investment of 1 crore or so, and they don&#8217t have this kind of money at the moment, and likely in no way will. Regular money movement by pension of this relatives is only 30k.

Unfortunate it is, or not?


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