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British Rapper Mumzy pays a tribute to Rekha in new single that fuses love and legacy

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British Rapper Mumzy pays a tribute to Rekha in new single that fuses love and legacy

British-Bangladeshi singer, songwriter, rapper, composer, and record producer. Mumzy Stranger unveils a captivating new single titled ‘Rekha’, a heartfelt homage to the iconic Indian actress Rekha. Releasing today on all streaming platforms as part of the ‘Desi Trill Presents… Brown Is Everywhere’ project, the song transcends genres, weaving a tapestry of romance and admiration.

“Rekha has always been a huge inspiration for me” says Mumzy Stranger. “Her grace, beauty, and talent are unmatched, and I wanted to capture a bit of that magic in this song”, says Mumzy.

“Romance is beautiful and no matter how difficult it seems, I think it’s wonderful… it’s worth it”, states Rekha.

‘Rekha’ is a sonic love letter, a mesmerizing exploration of pure, exquisite love. Accompanied by stunning visuals featuring Mumzy alongside his muse, the song evokes the essence of Rekha’s screen presence, crafting a contemporary love story imbued with timeless elegance. Mumzy masterfully blends captivating music with captivating visuals, creating a love song that transcends generations. ‘Rekha’ epitomizes the enduring beauty of cinematic romance while paying tribute to a legendary figure in Indian film history.

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