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How To Make $5000 Fast – 18 Super EASY Methods (2024)

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Are you tired of failing to make money online even though you tried very hard to? Maybe you are wasting energy on the wrong ideas.
Making money online has never been this easy as it is today if you focus on the right ideas.
But how do you know if it is the right idea or wrong idea if you have no prior experience? And how to avoid falling for scams in search of online money.
Don’t worry, this guide is all you need. In this article, we will guide you through the best online side hustle ideas and methods you can use to earn real cash every month.
I’ve previously shared all the tested ways to make $3000 fast. But this time, let’s push it a bit harder and explore all the possible ways to make $5000 or more fast.
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Best Ways to Make $5000 Dollars Fast Online
It is easier to make money online these days than old-school offline methods. Besides, working online will give you the freedom to do multiple jobs at once, increasing your overall earnings.
So, if you don’t know how to make $5000 fast while working online or remotely, try any of the methods mentioned below, depending on your skill set and interest.
1. Proofread/Edit Documents
Proofreaders are the final filters of any publication, whether it be online or offline (print media). Offering proofreading services is one of the bright ideas to make $5000 fast online even without an actual job.
It is among the highest-paying freelance jobs as well, where even a beginner proofreader can start making $20 to $25 an hour right after entering this industry.
Experienced proofreaders who are doing high-paying proofreading jobs earn up to $50+/hour.
A screenshot of a proofreading gig on | Source: Natalie V (Fiverr)
You can check on the above screenshot that a proofreader from Belgium is quoting $105 to proofread and edit a 1,500-word article.
Even if you quote around $50 per 1,000-word article, it will take 100k words to earn $5K, which is also possible within a month.
However, it is required to sharpen your skillset and gain some insights into this industry before you take your first step, as the competition is fierce.
So, it is better to take this FREE Proofreading Workshop to accumulate all the fundamental knowledge before you jump into the world of proofreading.
Signup for FREE Proofreading Workshop Now!
2. Try Food Delivery Gigs
If you have a bike, a scooter, or a car, you can start delivering food in your locality and make around $30/hour. Additionally, there are a few flexible food delivery jobs available, which pay even more.
DoorDash is probably the most popular name in this food delivery industry, as it is easy to make $500+ a week with DoorDash. And with our tested DoorDash hacks, you can even cross $1,000 a week.
So, it will hardly take more than five weeks to make $5000.
a screenshot image of DoorDash earnings | Source: Reddit
If you live in a place where several DoorDash hotspots are available, you can earn nearly $5K within a month. Besides, age is no bar in DoorDash, as they even provide delivery jobs for retirees.
It is also easy to join DoorDash, as you need to submit your basic details and go through a quick background check before you start delivering as a Dasher.
There are three other delivery aggregators that provide high-paying jobs like DoorDash.

If you prefer to deliver groceries and daily staples over food from restaurants and eateries, there are even delivery jobs like Instacart available that you can also try.
However, according to my own experience, it is better to club multiple delivery aggregators to get more orders and income.
Try DoorDash Now
3. Start A Blog
Let me share my personal story here! You may not even believe it, but Dreamshala made $380,000+ and counting in just a little over four years. Yes, I’m now comfortably making $80,000+ a year from this blog alone.
Ad Income Report of Dreamshala
This story started in 2018 when I first got to know about a great money-making hobby, blogging. I was in neck-deep debt and took my last $100 loan from a friend of mine to start this blog.
And now, I’m comfortably making close to $10,000 a month. So, to earn the targeted $5000, it will take just two weeks.
Me Scuba Diving in the Maldives while making passive income from my blog
It is also easy to set up and launch a blog in just 30 minutes, all thanks to the power of AI and affordable hosting service with a free domain name from Bluehost.
However, it is better to brainstorm some solid blog niche ideas that match your personal interest before you jump into this field.
Then, stay consistent and concentrate on generating organic traffic by providing user-first content.
You need to have some extra patience to make 5000 dollars online as it will take time for a blog or a vlog (YouTube or Twitch channel) to take off.
But once you start making money from your blog, there will be no looking back.
Start Your Blog With Bluehost Now!
4. Become A Pro Voice Actor
Do you know how much Will Smith earned for giving his voice to the genie in the Aladin movie? It is an astounding $12.5 million upfront, plus profit sharing from the overall ticket sales.
Okay, let’s not talk about the celebrity voice actors! Even some of the voiceover jobs for beginners are among the highest-paid in the entertainment industry.
A screenshot of types of Voice Acting Gigs | Source: – Ross Huguet
You can see on the above screenshot that a male voiceover actor is asking $500 for a Television Ad which can be done within 10 minutes with the right studio setup.
Even if you quote around $50/hour, which is the ongoing industry standard rate, it will take your 100-hour effort to cross the targeted $5,000.
There are a few types of voiceover projects also available where you can make up to 2-3 grand in a single shot. Some of those are:

Audiobook narration ($2,000+ per project)
Voice acting ($10,000+ per project)
Animation voiceover ($10,000+ per project)
Radio and TV commercials ($500+ per project)
Movie, games, and app trailers ($100+ per project)

However, it is better to take this FREE Voice-Over Course to get some inside knowledge before you enter this industry. It will also help you to get your first voiceover project.
Join Free Voice-Over Course Now!
5. Participate In Market Research
Well, this is not gonna pay the $5000 per month but it helps you get there very quickly.  But why I am putting all these here? I have a reason.
Would you leave free money on the table? No, right? Exactly. You can earn instant signup bonuses and get free money for joining and using these apps.
Apart from these, you can also get paid for doing your daily activities like playing games, watching videos, reading emails, answering surveys, and more.
You may not know, but most of these trusted survey apps offer up to $50 per survey.
And, if you have good expertise on any topic, you can also sell your opinion as an expert on Respondent, where you can earn around $75 – $150 per hour or task.
Some of the other trusted survey networks that you can also try are as follows.

All these networks offer up to a $10 signup bonus as well. However, you can also try eSurveyBox and SurveyWorld, as they also offer up to $25, although there are no signup bonuses.
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6. Become A Freelancer
It is high time that you choose to work under someone for the rest of your life or become your own boss and do what you actually want to do. And if you choose the second one, freelancing is undoubtedly your best bet.
My own journey started as a freelance social media manager in 2018, right after I completed college. Even when I was a beginner, I was quoting $200-$250 per client while handling 12+ clients simultaneously.
For that same position, social media managers are now charging up to $1,000 per client per month on some of the best freelance job boards. So, at this rate, it will take just five clients to achieve that five-grand target.
A screenshot of freelance gigs posted on
But, if you don’t know how to make $5000 fast by freelancing alone, check if you have any of the below-mentioned skills, as these are the highest-paying ones.

Programming / Coding / Web Development
Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
AI Prompt Engineering
Digital Marketing / SEO / SEM
Photo & Video Editing
Graphics Designing

If you have any of these skills, you can create your profiles and gigs on the best freelancing apps like Fiverr and Upwork. Besides, you must also stay active on LinkedIn and highlight your core skills to get some B2C connections.
7. Turn Your Hobby Into A Side Hustle
If you love doing something or have a passion for it, try to turn your hobby into a well-paying side hustle and make $5000 fast from it.
In most of the side hustles, you can comfortably make around $25 to $50 per hour on average. So, at the base rate, it will be 200-hour work, and at the top rate, it will be around 100-hour work.
So, it will take around 2.5 to 5 weeks to cross the $5000 benchmark. However, there are a few side hustles where you can generate more than $5K within a week.
Some of the high-paying side hustles that you must try this year are as follows.

Writing: You can earn around $30 – $100+ per a 1000-word article as a beginner.
Transcription: Type audio files into text and get paid up to $30 an hour. FREE Transcription Mini Course.
Translation: Find legit translation jobs and earn up to $30 an hour for your work.
Bookkeeping: Make $20 – $50+ as a virtual bookkeeper for online businesses. Find jobs here.
Virtual Assistance: You can offer 100+ different services and earn up to $100 per hour based on your service. Some openings here.

If you are artistic in nature, you can even get paid to write poetry. Besides, if you like to write in a tabloid form, some magazines pay up to $1K/article, which you can also try.
8. Try Odd Jobs
Odd jobs are not traditional white-collar jobs, where the competition is extremely fierce, especially in the global economic crisis. These jobs are not traditional and are often under the table.
List of services you can offer on TaskRabbit. Image Source: TaskRabbit website
However, there are fun jobs available in this sector as well, such as dog walking, where you get work satisfaction besides generating a handsome income. Most of these jobs pay $25 an hour or more.
So, at this rate, it will take around 200 hours of work (five weeks if you work 40 hours/week) to generate $5000 or more.
However, there are even odd job apps like TaskRabbit and Swagbucks available where you can make that money within a week or less. Some of the highest-paying sectors in this industry are:

The best thing about most odd jobs is that you get a chance to make extra income through tips from the clients. So, including tips, your hourly income can reach up to $30 or even more.
So, it is almost certain that if you have previous experience in the odd job sector and are also ready to put in serious efforts this time, you can even generate $5000 or more in less than a month.
9. Try Baby / Pet Sitting Jobs

We all had to babysit in the past, isn’t it? While some of us did that for free (or a very little pocket money) for our relatives, some even did that professionally during their high school or college days.
However, there are three distinct industries that cover this broad niche, which are as follows:

So, if you don’t know how to make $5000 fast, try any of these caregiving jobs. Now, let’s calculate how much effort we need to put in to make that much money in the shortest possible time.
Most of these sitting jobs will pay around $20 an hour on average. So, it will take 250 hours of your work to generate $5000.
You can reach your target even earlier as you get good tips from your clients which is another benefit of choosing this job.
10. Become An Online Tutor
If you have apt teaching skills but don’t know how to make $5000 fast, start working as an online tutor. But yes, you must obtain the necessary certifications to start teaching online.
Some of the most trusted and high-paying online tutoring networks that you can completely rely on this year are as follows.

The average pay for beginners in this online teaching industry is around $20 to $25/hour. But some of the highest-paying online tutoring jobs can make you up to $50+ per hour.
So, it will take around 100 – 200 hours to generate $5000 or more through online teaching.
But if you teach English to Chinese students or to Japanese students, you can make it in less than a month, as offshore students tend to pay much more than native students.
Even if you are not into active teaching but still want to stay in the education industry, you can get paid to do homework.
11. Sell Your Plasma
From the invention of life-saving drugs to the cure of lethal diseases, the demand for plasma is in almost every medical field. But sadly, scientists and medical practitioners have to rely only on donated plasmas.
So, to encourage people to donate life-saving plasma for a bigger cause, many companies offer lucrative incentives, such as gifts and cash benefits.
Although many high-paying plasma donation centers are available all over the USA, some of my personal favorites are:

Well, this may not get you a quick $5000 but it can surely help you in emergencies and help you reach your $5000 goal even faster.
Note: According to the American Red Cross, a person can donate a maximum of 13 times in a year.
12. Rent Out Your House, Free Space, or Car
Do you want to make $5000 fast in a completely passive way? Then this thing might suit your goals.
Financially smart people always invest in profitable physical assets, mainly because these assets appreciate in value over time. And it will be your savior as well in times of crisis.
Source: Neighbor
Among those assets, houses, cars, yachts, garages, and storage spaces are the best things to rent out for money.
So, if you want to make $5000 a month guaranteed, rent out the physical assets you have. There are several platforms available where you can list your assets for rent.

Airbnb: Up to $200/night per room in top destinations.
Vrbo: Up to $200/night per room.
Turo: Up to $25/hour for hatchback/sedan/SUV.
RVShare: Up to $120/night per RV or camper.
Neighbor: Up to $400/month to rent out unused space.

If you rent out rooms at $150/night, you need just 34 bookings to make $5000. And if you rent our cars or RVs, it takes even longer to reach your target.
13. Drive For Uber or Lyft
If you know how to drive but don’t know how to make $5000 fast, try ridesharing apps. Almost all the app-cabs take new drivers and cars without any waiting period.
You can instantly join these app-cab services and start making money with your van, sedan, hatchback, or SUV.
Although there are many ridesharing services available in the USA, the highest-paying ones are:

Uber: Up to $28/hour + tips and incentives.
Lyft: Up to $25/hour + bonuses.
Wingz: Up to $18/hour + tips.
Flywheel: Up to $20/hour.
Curb: Up to $17/hour.

If you include tips and bonuses, it is easy to make around $25/hour driving your car. So, at this rate, it will take around 200 hours of driving to make $5000.
If you drive for just 4 hours a day, you can achieve that target within 50 days. And if you take it as a full-time job, you can expect to generate that amount within a month.
14. Work Overtime
Do you know Elon Musk often sleeps on his couch either in his Tesla or SpaceX office? Yes, he sleeps less than 6 hours a day and often doubles up his shift timing to get the work done.
I’m not advising you to do that, as it is quite unhealthy, and only a few gifted people like Elon can cope with it. However, you can easily increase your work hours a bit.
If you are working for 8 hours a day for 5 days, try to work 2 hours extra each day and invest in a side hustle. Besides, try to take a single weekend off rather than a long one.
If you do that, you’ll get 18 work hours each week. So, if you are earning $25/hour, it is $450 extra each week.
It will take just over 11 weeks to reach the targeted $5000 if you follow this plan and work overtime for just 2 hours a day.
How To Make 5000 Dollars Fast In A Day?
The ways I’ve mentioned above will take a bit of time to generate five grand or more. But what if you need that money on an urgent basis? Yes, there are ways. Let’s see how to make $5,000 fast within a day.
15. Sell High-Value Stuff

Selling something precious from your collection is a tested way to make quick money. You can sell almost anything, from your unused clothing to collectibles.
You can sell your items on online marketplaces, listing sites, auction stores, pawn shops, and even local brick-and-mortar stores. And some of the hottest items that fetch the best price are as follows:

Jewelry and antiques
Fashion (Shoes, used sneakers, clothing & apparel)
Gaming (PlayStation, Xbox, Blu-ray, DVDs, & CDs, digital stickers)
Toys (Beanie babies)
Cards (Sportscards, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Pokémon cards)
Gift cards (VISA cards, Amazon cards)
Crafts (resin crafts, Fine China dishes)

A single precious piece of jewelry (let’s say a beautiful solitaire) is enough to fetch you $5000 or more. The same goes for rare sneakers, antique furniture, and other rare collectibles.
Even if you have not-so-precious and rare but collectible items, you can easily make $5000 a day if you sell those in bulk. But don’t forget to compare different platforms to get the best price.
16. Take A Personal Loan
Borrowing is not a solution, but it can be a savior in times of crisis. And if you take a personal loan from your friends or family members, you can save up some money on interest.
However, only ask the people who have the required deep pocket to lend you $5000 or more. And try to repay the money as fast as possible to ensure the trust factor remains undisturbed.
If you can’t arrange a personal loan, there are a few financial services that can give you a payday or long-term loan. Companies that offer the quickest loan disbursal are:

Most of these companies offer up to $15000 loan (after credit check) with flexible repayment tenures.
17. Flip Things For Quick Money
Flipping is when you buy a product at a lower price and then sell it off on online marketplaces at a higher price for profit. Let’s understand with a live example now.
Dropshipping Explained With Images. Image Sources: and
You can see on the first screenshot that an iPhone case is selling for $0.38/piece on AliExpress. The same case is selling on Amazon for $24.95.
So, if you buy from AliExpress and sell it on Amazon, you can make a profit of close to $15 per sale after all shipping and packaging charges. And it will take 300+ pieces of this iPhone to generate $5000, which is quite doable.
However, it is a bit tricky to find the right product and then sell it for the right pricing. But you can opt for this FREE Flipping course to get started!
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18. Ask for a Salary Raise
If you are doing a white-collar job that is paying you decent enough, it is better to ask for a raise from your company if you don’t know how to get 5000 dollars free.
According to Investopedia, US companies typically provide around a 4% increase per year.
But if your performance is praiseworthy and you have already established yourself as an asset to your company, you can ask for up to a 10% hike.
So, let’s say you are making $10,000 a month, and your company grants you a 10% hike. You’ll then make $1,000 extra each month. And in just 5 months, you can reach your target of earning $5000 without any extra effort.
Tips For Making 5000 Dollars Fast
If you work smart, you can truly generate more income than anyone with the same skillset.
So, here are some tested tips that you should follow to maximize your earning potential, especially if you want to make five grand in the shortest possible time.

Set Realistic Goals: Don’t expect to start working today and generating money by tonight. Set realistic milestones in front of you. Rather than aiming for $5K straight, break it into five $1K milestones.
Track Your Progress: Making $5K quickly is quite challenging, as you can divert from your path with a single negligence. So, it is necessary to track your progress in each step.
Try Multiple Gigs: Wise men always say that it is essential to have at least three different income sources to ensure financial stability in the long run. So, try multiple projects and gigs at once.
Work On Soft Skills: Soft skills, like negotiation, are equally important as hard skills. If you want to maximize your earnings through the gig economy, you must polish your soft skills.

You must also keep a tab on your expenses, as a penny saved is a penny earned. So, boost your earnings with a little extra savings to see the magic in real-time.
If you have the right skill set and some hours to spare each day, it is better to take up any skill-based jobs or freelance projects, such as writing, proofreading, VA, or editing.
If you need it on an urgent basis, the only ways are to sell some high-value items or take a personal loan from your friends and close ones.
However, if you don’t know how to make $5000 fast as you already have a full-time job, you can generate that money through passive income by renting out your home, car, or even storage space.
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