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Hyundai Verna IVT Long-term Review – Luxury Without Breaking the Bank

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Hyundai Verna IVT Long-term Review – Luxury Without Breaking the Bank

Our Hyundai Verna IVT continues to impress. True, sedans aren’t as popular as they used to be, but the Hyundai Verna has stood out as being one car that is plenty versatile and also among the most comfortable cars to be in—and not just in its segment. Allow me to elaborate.

Hyundai have consistently shown a sharp upward growth curve when it comes to ergonomics and quality of material used in the cabin, apart from the generous equipment on offer. This 1.5-litre, four-cylinder petrol Verna IVT (Intelligent continuously Variable Transmission) is refined, quiet, and offers immense peace of mind to occupants with its supple seating, brilliant ergonomics, generous space, and commendable sound insulation, with a load of creature comforts. The ventilated front seats and rear air-vents are much-needed in the present weather and the rear collision prevention with warning and autonomous brake is a boon when moving around the residential spaces where children on bicycles move around oblivious to the cars moving about.
There’s a lot to be happy about in the Verna, but I especially appreciate the immersive audio experience, the wireless charging pad, and the steering wheel-mounted controls.
The large boot volume is a mega bonus. It swallowed virtually half my possessions with ease in a recent emergency and went about its business unperturbed, returning surprisingly good fuel efficiency and with more than adequate ground clearance, too.
Each day spent with the Verna IVT make me grow fonder of it. Even after 7,000 kilometres, it continues being smooth without a squeak or rattle; something some luxury cars five times its price can’t seem to manage after less than a quarter of that distance. I look forward to putting more kilometres on the clock.

Logbook – Hyundai Verna IVT
Variant: 1.5 MPI SX(O) IVTDriven: 7,003 kmLike: Comfortable cabin, space, refinement, ride quality, equipmentDislike: Not a fan of the two-spoke steering wheel

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