June 18, 2024



ICAI Imposes 5-Yr Debarment for Mobile Telephone Use in Might 2024 Exams

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The Evaluation Division of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) issued an significant announcement on 4th June 2024, concerning stringent motion towards candidates who engaged in unfair techniques all through the Might 2024 Chartered Accountants Examinations.
The announcement highlighted the stringent policy of the Assessment Division, prohibiting the possession of cellular phones or any digital gadgets inside the assessment centers throughout CA Exams. Even with these polices, selected examinees had been discovered in possession of cellular phones throughout the May 2024 exams.
On discovery of cell telephones and interaction channels such as Telegram groups and WhatsApp groups on the devices, the Assessment Office took instant action. All cell phones were confiscated, and stories ended up compiled from the Evaluation Centers and other functionaries.
The Assessment Committee of ICAI seen this violation seriously, recognizing it as tarnishing the institute’s impression. Therefore, the committee made the decision to debar all candidates concerned in taking mobile phones into the examination corridor from appearing in Chartered Accountants Examinations for the next 5 years.
The announcement serves as a reminder to pupils to meticulously follow the Instructions to Examinees furnished with their acknowledge playing cards. Compliance with these instructions is essential to preserve the integrity of the examination system and uphold the popularity of the institute.
Examination DepartmentThe Institute of Chartered Accountants of India4th June, 2024
Issue: Stringent Action from candidates for adopting Unfair Indicates in the course of CA Evaluation
As per the plan of Examination Division of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, amid many others, possession of Cellular Cell phone or any other digital gadget / gadgets are strictly prohibited within the assessment centre through Chartered Accountants Exams.
During May possibly 2024 Chartered Accountants Examinations, it was observed that specified examinees were uncovered in the physical possession of the Cellular Cell phone and some telegram team/WhatsApp group/other channels of interaction ended up discovered in their mobile telephones. All the mobile phones had been confiscated, and stories were taken from the Examination Centre and other Functionaries.
The Evaluation Committee of the Institute, has taken a major check out of above and decided to debar all this sort of candidates, who were being involved in tarnishing the graphic of the Institute by using cell telephones within the assessment corridor, for the next 5 decades from showing up in the Chartered Accountants Examinations.
In look at of the earlier mentioned, students are advised to go by way of the Guidelines to Examinees presented together with the confess card, thoroughly and familiarize themselves with the identical to make sure the compliance in letter and spirit.
(S. K. Garg)Director (Examinations)

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