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IISc physicists obtain a new way to stand for ‘pi’

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IISc physicists obtain a new way to stand for ‘pi’

Unlocking Pi By Quantum Physics by IISc physicists

The discovery of a new sequence representation for the irrational amount pi has emerged from exploration into quantum scattering of superior-strength particles, supplying a less difficult way to extract pi from sophisticated calculations. This breakthrough will come from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), where by scientists delved into string idea to explain specific bodily phenomena.

A Historic Relationship

This new formulation remarkably aligns with the pi illustration proposed by 15th-century Indian mathematician Sangamagrama Madhava, who recorded the to start with-at any time sequence for pi. The analyze, led by postdoctoral researcher Arnab Saha and Professor Aninda Sinha from the Centre for Significant Vitality Physics (CHEP), was a short while ago released in Bodily Overview Letters.

Serendipitous Discovery

“Our principal target was not to uncover a new way to glance at pi,” says Professor Sinha. “We had been checking out substantial-strength physics in quantum theory, aiming to acquire a design with much less and extra precise parameters to recognize particle interactions. Finding a new point of view on pi was an thrilling shock.”

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