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Infused Onion Oil For Luscious Hair – Earth Raga

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All people desires luscious hair that flows freely in the wind. The teenage me was blessed with thick and extensive hair with out even undertaking anything to care for it. It shamelessly grew like a desperate lover putting up with the unwell-remedy of the toxic partner. Sure, I was thankless. I never ever took care of my hair and alas! My hair gave up on me. Right after my three pregnancies, whatsoever relation I had with my hair broke. That’s when I understood about a new organic method that was launched into the planet of hair treatment -Onion oil. Onion Oil advantages are so considerably so that we will be surprised to see the lost strands increase back. How is infused onion oil so valuable for your hair follicles?

Infused Onion Oil Advantages

Onion oil has been in use as a treatment for headaches, respiratory sickness, blading, and so forth. The onset of technology and the human inclination to cultivate a predisposition towards nearly anything promptly modified everything. The relevance of onion oil just shrunk to oblivion. Of late, the benefits of onion oils have started out to shock all people, and items with infused onion oil have been on the increase. Right here are the main benefits

Improved hair expansion

Onion oil is wealthy in antioxidants. They in switch lower use and tear in our human body, hair becoming a portion. This implies that onion oil assists the hair follicles mature again.

Dandruff manage

Sulphur existing in onion oils helps in hair development and progress. It improves the blood move to your hair follicles. This makes the hair thick and potent. It allows in curing bacterial infection and dandruff.

Prevents early greying

The nutrition in Onion prevent the cells from oxidizing and that’s why stop early greying.

Additional shine to your hair

Frequent use of onion oil adds a organic shine to your hair.

No far more split finishes

My hair made use of to have extreme split ends which make them look harmful and inadequately preserved. The goodness of onion oil aids us in running this.

Products and solutions with infused onion oil

With the escalating awareness about the goodness of onion oil. there are several hair treatment goods with infused onion oil. Having said that, additional normally than not, they will be laden with substances and absence the goodness of onion oil. Due to the fact I have ventured into the wellness life style, I have been a supporter of all Vegan products and solutions. That’s why, even though opting for a skincare or haircare merchandise, I would desire plant-derived products and solutions. My research for genuine plant-derived products finished in Earth Raga, an ayurvedic skincare brand that is fully commited to nature.

Their merchandise are ethically sourced and their motivation to the earth and ecosystem is commendable. Their Onion Hair cleansing shampoo and Onion Hair conditioner are goodness compressed into a bottle. In addition to onion oil, the shampoo has plant keratin that prevents frizz, rosemary oil, almond oil, and ginger extract. In the conditioner, aloe vera extract, plant keratin, and pea protein are an addition to onion oil.


I have pretty thin and dry hair. It has been a month since I begun working with the shampoo and conditioner by Earth Raga with infused onion oil. My hair has commenced wanting considerably healthier and bouncy. It has obtained its natural glow again. There are no a lot more break up finishes and dryness. I also purchased Ubtan Turmeric Sunscreen SPF 50 matte. The product is lightweight and receives absorbed into the pores and skin. My facial area started out owning significantly less tan due to the fact I began using this sunscreen. The USP of the sunscreen is that it does not leave any stickiness.

General what I have seen about the Earth Raga products and solutions is that they are committed to nurturing the world as well as the customers. Try out the solutions by Earth Raga which comprise infused onion oil and permit us know the results. Permit your hair have the goodness of onion oil and enable the strands mature relentlessly. Flaunt your tresses due to the fact you attained it this time.

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