June 23, 2024



Interview: Sanjay Leela Bhansali (‘Heeramandi’)

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kinda underwhelming… . when Brangan and Bhansali get together we expect the mughal-e-azam of interviews, this was more like mere mehboob or worse Bahu begum. Though Brangan tried valiantly, there are some issues with Bhansali that failed this interview.
He has a persecution complex : he considers every question (especially about his filmmaking choices) like an attack on him and does not consider it as a genuine attempt by the interviewer to understand his process.
Secondly, he can sometimes get downright pretentious: when i walk by the ICU my body pains and i come home in total pain, dying….. WTF yaar.
And sometimes he’s just tongue tied and don’t know how to react to a question, maybe its too much of an invisible or complex process for him that he cannot articulate or he is used to some truly dumb questions from the likes of Masand and so on that Brangan’s kind of questions bafflers and rattles him
I guess you found it the need to have that last word about Saawariya just to assure him that you’re a genuine fan who understands these little things about his films that nobody hardly notices or mentions 🙂
hmmm… Meeting and interviewing your idols is always tricky….

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