May 30, 2024



Life, a Canvas – The Meteor Yard

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If daily life is a canvas, I want to fill it with the shades of brightest colours and some of the dark shades to give it contrast.Because at the stop it should really be sensible not just a pretty portrayal
The shades of brilliant colours will represent the factors of
Dim shades will represent the reasons of sadness.
Due to the fact there will be occasions when I will be content or sad depending on the scenario.
Good reasons of these can be nearly anything or anybody be it me, pals, relatives, love, my self-expansion or this entire world.
Filling colors into my daily life is my activity and if a person else is striving to fill colours into my existence it’s good until they are attempting to fill dim shades.Its my everyday living and I know what colours I want in my daily life.
I’m hardly ever likely to give somebody the command more than my life.

Cherry Blossom In India

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