July 23, 2024



Mahindra Bolero Neo – 5 Things That Stand Out

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Let’s explore the five things of Mahindra Bolero Neo that stand outIn the world of sub-4-metre SUVs, the Mahindra Bolero Neo is quite a unique one. It has a bunch of features that make it really different from others. From how tough it is to how capable it feels, this SUV has its own separate fanbase. Let’s check out five things that make the Mahindra Bolero Neo really stand out.Rear-Wheel Drive: The Bolero Neo gets a rear-wheel-drive layout. That helps it grip the road better, especially when driving off-road or in hilly areas. This sets it apart from the other cars in its price point that come with a front-wheel-drive configuration.Durability: The Bolero Neo gets a body-on-frame construction. This makes it super tough and able to handle all kinds of rough roads and tough situations without breaking a sweat. The vehicle can withstand a lot of abuse and that’s why this and even the standard Bolero are a hit with their target audience. Due to the durability and reliability of the vehicle, it is also the preferred choice for various bodies like the police, paramilitary forces and the vehicle is even used as an ambulance. In fact, the ambulance version is made by Mahindra themselves and is a neat package!Great Suspension: The Bolero Neo has a strong suspension system that keeps it riding smooth even when the road isn’t. It uses a multi-link setup at the back, which keeps the ride settled over really broken and uneven terrain. The vehicle also comes equipped with a mechanical locking rear differential which helps the vehicle move easily out of tough spots, adding that extra bit of off-road capability. Powerful yet Efficient Engine: The Bolero Neo runs on a torquey 1.5-litre mHawk diesel engine. It’s great for both city driving and long trips because it’s a reliable workhorse and also doesn’t drink up too much fuel.Pricing: The Bolero Neo comes at an attractive price of Rs. 11-14.50 Lakh (On-Road, Mumbai) which makes it value-for-money for the kind of USPs it offers. While the vehicle gets a basic interior with just the essential features, the cabin does feel quite functional.Overall, the Mahindra Bolero Neo is a reliable SUV meant for tough use. It can handle a lot of wear and tear without giving up. So, if you need a tough companion for all your adventures, the Bolero Neo might just be the perfect fit!

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