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Maruti Suzuki Dream Series: Limited Edition Launch 2024

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Maruti Suzuki Dream Series: Limited Edition Launch 2024

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has boomed the market with its pristine launch of “Dream Series Limited Edition” for three of its existing models: Alto K10, S-Presso, and Celerio on june 4th. Along with all new upgraded features like 360-degree camera and (ADAS), Brand has also made notable shifts in pricing, making it deemed by a substantial number of buyers.
Significance as a Milestone in Automotive Excellence
As a premier model, 2024 limited edition marks a prominent change in Maruti Suzuki’s heritage of creating reliable cars.This edition does not just represent cars, it symbolizes the future of mobility, offering a phenomenal driving experience that sets new standards in the automotive world.
Blend of Advanced Technology, Sophisticated Design, and Exceptional Performance
The Maruti Suzuki Dream 2024 Edition fosters advanced technological features, especially designed to enhance both safety and convenience. From its futuristic design to its phenomenal features, every facet of this model is crafted to deliver a seamless and unforgettable experience. Let’s have a comprehensive look at all these three models separately.

1. Alto K10 Dream Edition

Exterior Enhancements

Chrome accents on grille and door handles
Sleek body edition

Interior Upgrades

Premium seat upholstery
Dual-tone dashboard
Enhanced infotainment system with touchscreen

Performance Features

Optimized fuel efficiency
Smooth and responsive engine
Enhanced safety features including dual airbags and ABS with EBD

Special Add-ons

Exclusive color options
Dream Edition badging
Discount of Rs 49,000 if selected over Alto K10 VXi+

2. S-Presso Dream Edition

Exterior Enhancements

Front, rear, and side skid plates
Bold body cladding
Unique alloy wheel design

Interior Upgrades

Custom interior color scheme
High-quality seat fabric
Advanced SmartPlay Studio infotainment system

Performance Features

High ground clearance
Efficient and powerful engine
Comprehensive safety suite including rear parking sensors

Special Add-ons

Distinctive Dream Edition decals
Additional warranty options
Discount of Rs 63.000 if selected over S-Presso VXi

3. Celerio Dream Edition

Exterior Enhancements

Aerodynamic body kit
Striking LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lights)
Attractive alloy wheels

Interior Upgrades

Pioneer music system
Ambient lighting
Enhanced infotainment with smartphone connectivity

Performance Features

Refined engine performance
Eco-friendly fuel options
Advanced safety features including ISOFIX child seat anchors

Special Add-ons

Unique Dream Edition color palette
Personalized Dream Edition insignia
Discount of Rs 58,000 if selected over Celerio LXi

Common Highlights Across All Dream Editions

Limited Edition Exclusivity

Each Dream Edition model comes with a upgraded security system
Special edition badges and branding
Each dream edition comes with a common price range of Rs 4.99L

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Improved cabin space and ergonomics
Latest tech features for an enriched driving experience

Customizable Options

Exclusive accessory packs
Personalized customization choices

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