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Mathew and Grace Hayden’s Parallel Parking Challenge with Mahindra Scorpio-N And XUV700 SUVs [Video]

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The former Australian cricket team player and current commentator Mathew Hayden is Mahindra Australia’s brand ambassador. Also, his daughter Grace Hayden is a presenter for the brand in Australia as well. Because of this, both Mathew and Grace are seen in numerous videos from Mahindra Australia, and most recently, they were seen facing off against each other in a new challenge. This challenge was to see who is quicker in reverse parallel parking Mahindra SUVs.

This video, as stated, has come courtesy of Mahindra Australia. It starts with a small glimpse showing the battle between the father and daughter with a lot of banter. Following this, they both introduce themselves and mention that today is their second challenge with the Mahindra SUVs.
The first challenge they both participated in took place in India. At the time, they were invited for a visit to the Mahindra Research Valley and Mahindra SUV Proving Track (MSPT) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In this challenge, they tested who was the faster driver on the track. During this test, they drove the Mahindra XUV700.

Reverse Parallel Parking Test
Following the introduction, they mention that this time around they will be testing who is the quicker person to reverse parallel park a Mahindra SUV. This challenge starts with Mathew Hayden taking the driver’s seat behind a Mahindra Scorpio-N SUV.

After this, Mathew Hayden starts driving the car. He quickly shifts his Mahindra Scorpio-N in reverse and steers to the left to enter the parking spot. Next up, he moves his SUV ahead and corrects the positioning. During this, Grace Hayden starts the stopwatch and, after the final parking, forgets to stop it.
Despite this, the time posted by Mathew Hayden comes out to about 23 seconds. Now, after some more banter, Mathew Hayden takes the stopwatch and Grace Hayden takes the wheel of the Mahindra XUV700. She also starts quickly and reverses the car into the spot.

However, she gets into a small situation and quickly corrects it to the final position. After she finishes, Mathew stops the watch and mentions that she posted a time of 16 seconds. After hearing this, Grace gets excited and mentions that she has managed to win the challenge.

Putting a stop to her celebration, Mathew Hayden mentions that she has done the parking wrong. He highlights that there is enough space in the rear for another car to pass (he said this jokingly). After this, he also mentions that the vehicle is way too far from the curb.

Hence, he adds a few more seconds to Grace Hayden’s time. During this funny banter, they mention that they can’t reach the end of the argument as to who is the better reverse parallel parker. So, they show the aerial view of their parking and ask the viewers to comment on which one they thought is better.
Mahindra Australia

Mahindra Automotive, as we all are aware, is the largest SUV manufacturer in India. Its SUVs like the Scorpio-N and XUV700 are extremely popular in the country. However, apart from India, the company is quickly becoming popular in international markets like Australia as well. Over the last few months, Mathew Hayden and Grace Hayden have promoted the brand in the country, and other experts have also praised these SUVs in their reviews in Australia.The post Mathew and Grace Hayden’s Parallel Parking Challenge with Mahindra Scorpio-N And XUV700 SUVs [Video] first appeared on Cartoq.

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