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MG Gloster Storm Series Launched, Offers Zero Maintenance Pack for First Three Years

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The MG Gloster Storm Series has been launched in the Indian market. The Chinese-owned British carmaker has offered aesthetic modifications to set it apart from the rest of the lineup. Also, a unique ownership program is also being offered to attract new customers. Note that the Gloster directly rivals the mighty Toyota Fortuner in our country. That is the reason why the sales are not as high as MG would’ve wanted. To create buzz around the large SUV, MG now offers two variants in the Storm Series – Desertstorm and Snowstorm. The starting price for this range is Rs 41.05 lakh, ex-showroom. Let us take a look at the details.

MG Gloster Storm Series Launched

The Desertstorm trim is offered in a Deep Golden exterior colour along with black highlights to accentuate its sporty nature. Moreover, even the interior gets a dark theme.

The Snowstorm distinguishes itself with a dual-tone colour scheme – Pearl White and Black exteriors with Red highlights along with black interiors with white stitching.

The Gloster Storm series now comes with over 30 ADAS features to enhance the active safety of the SUV. The top highlights among these include Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Blind Spot Detection, etc.

Another key attraction of this Storm Series is a unique ownership program which incorporates Zero Maintenance and Repair Costs for the first three years and an assured buyback option after three years.

The regular MG Gloster range commences at an attractive Rs 38.80 lakh, ex-showroom.

The Desertstorm and Snowstorm offer distinct external appearances to entice new customers. The aim is to equip the Gloster with such external road presence which people will appreciate and get drawn toward. Even on the inside, the dark interior elevates the sportiness. In fairness, this theme will attract a lot more young customers. The active safety features have always been a major reason why people opt for the Gloster over the Fortuner. Offering 30+ ADAS features will ensure peace of mind when it comes to safety prowess. Indian market consists of price-conscious customers. Ownership costs, therefore, play a crucial role. With this Zero Maintenance Costs package for the first three years, new customers might be inclined towards going for the Gloster in comparison to its rivals.

Zero Maintenance Costs

A key component of the Storm Series of the MG Gloster is the attractive maintenance costs package. Under this initiative, the owners can enjoy Zero Service and Repair Costs which include wear-and-tear of part’s expenses for the first three years of ownership. The catch is the limit of 45,000 km of running. MG India covers a wide range of elements such as wiper blades, engine oil, oil filters, electrical wiring, hoses, motors and brake pads with no maintenance costs. The only components excluded from this are tyres and battery related expenses. In terms of the buyback option, customers can even choose a plan which extends the 3-year coverage to up to 5 years / 75,000 km.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Satinder Singh Bajwa, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India, said, “The Gloster has enjoyed popularity among Indian SUV enthusiasts for its design, space, premium features with unmatched comfort and convenience. We received positive response from premium SUV buyers for Gloster BLACKSTORM launched last year. And, today, we’re delighted to announce another milestone with the launch of the new Gloster DESERTSTORM and SNOWSTORM, both of which underscore our pursuit of modernity and sophistication. The new Gloster STORM SERIES exemplifies our commitment to providing exceptional and distinctive experiences and offering high-tech features that maintain MG’s legacy of being premium and bold.”

Level 1 ADAS Features

These days, the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is becoming extremely popular among the masses. This active safety technology has trickled down to mass-market cars as low as compact SUVs. Therefore, a premium 7-seat SUV like the MG Gloster is bound to have it. Indian roads can be challenging which is why such amenities are welcome. These can improve road safety. The top highlights of ADAS include:

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Lane Change Assist (LCA)

Driver Open Warning (DOW)

Mg Gloster Storm Series Launched

Our View

Now, I understand that this is a crucial segment of our market. There is just one worthy contender in this space, the mighty Toyota Fortuner. It has been the most popular 7-seat off-roading SUV in India for several years now. As a matter of fact, the only true rival of the Fortuner was the Ford Endeavour. However, after Ford quit manufacturing cars in India back in 2021, this segment has completely been dominated by the Fortuner. In fact, now customers get the choice of opting for multiple versions of the Fortuner as per their requirements. Customers just don’t trust any other rival of the Fortuner enough in this segment. Hence, the Gloster clearly has an uphill task to challenge that trust. Let us see how well the customers embrace the MG Gloster with these new variants.

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