June 18, 2024



Morgan Midsummer debuts with Pininfarina elegance

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Before you go scrambling for that dusty old chequebook, I think you should know that Morgan is building only 50 examples—all of which have already been sold to customers during a series of exclusive preview sessions. Now that the disappointment is out of the way, let’s take a look at the painfully beautiful Morgan Midsummer.

The Morgan Midsummer is a special collaboration between Morgan and Pininfarina, celebrating both brands’ coachbuilding expertise. It is so special that, typically, vehicles designed by Pininfarina will feature the ‘Design by Pininfarina’ badge, but the Midsummer features the ‘Pininfarina Fuoriserie’ badge (behind the front wheels). It is available only as a barchetta (an open-top roadster). It is built on the CX-gen aluminum platform that debuted with the Plus Six in 2019. But as you know, the Midsummer is all about that Pininfarina-designed retro-modern bodywork that oozes elegance from every angle. Morgan says that the hand-beaten aluminium body panels take more than 250 hours to produce.

I think the proportions are just right. Apparently, Pininfarina looked at its late 30s and early 40s designs for inspiration, but either way, I think the Midsummer looks absolutely gorgeous. The visible wood that you see is teak, but I imagine Morgan could use some other wood if requested by the customer. Each Midsummer will feature 9 individually crafted teak sections, taking more than 30 hours to create. The dashboard tops, for example, feature 126 layers of teak each, while the door top sections will feature 120 layers each. Those forged wheels are 19-inches, each weighing 10 kg (22 lbs), and are wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tyres.

Morgan didn’t talk about technical details in its official press release, but it’s not that hard to guess. Since Midsummer is a more fancier version of the Plus Six, it is most likely packing the same BMW-sourced B58 3.0L straight-six turbo petrol engine paired with a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. The output figures are also probably gonna be the same, which are 250 kW (340 metric hp) and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft). Morgan claims a target dry weight of just 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs), which means the Midsummer should be a fun car to drive. And, Morgan also wants you to know that the Nitron dampers used here are specifically tuned for the Midsummer, and are adjustable.

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