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Movie Evaluation: Shaitaan (2024) | Access Bollywood

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3 Stars (out of 4)
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Parental panic can take demonic form in the psychological thriller Shaitaan.
Kabir (Ajay Devgn) and Jyoti Rishi (Jyothika) are the mothers and fathers of two superior kids: teen Janvi (Janki Bodiwala) and elementary schooler Dhruv (Anngad Raaj). Kabir and Jyoti lifted their kids with a wholesome diploma of independence, and their reward is a pair of liable young ones and a satisfied spouse and children.
While driving to their lavish getaway house for a weekend getaway, the relatives stops at a roadside diner. There they meet Vanraj (R. Madhavan), a pleasant male who tells Kabir that he has a teenage daughter of his own. Vanraj presents Janvi a sweet, and as shortly as she eats it, she appreciates a little something is wrong. When Vanraj tells her to finish the food stuff on her plate, she will have to obey him, even even though she doesn’t want to.
Immediately after the Rishis travel to their household, Jyoti notices Vanraj standing exterior their gate. He tells Janvi to permit him in, and she does. Kabir warns Jyoti to lock up the valuables, this means dollars and jewellery. But that is not the important that the demonic Vanraj is there for.
Vanraj warns that, ahead of this night of torment finishes, Kabir and Jyoti will give Janvi over to him for all eternity. They swear they will not, but Vanraj is familiar with how to get what he would like. He’ll convert Janvi into anyone they really don’t acknowledge — another person who is a hazard to them and to Dhruv.
The family’s predicament invitations exploration of a variety of themes. Janvi’s bodily autonomy is  a central situation. Her transformation can be a metaphor for everything from addiction to particular mental overall health conditions to involvement with a managing or abusive associate.
Bodiwala does a seriously awesome work as Janvi. Her eyes burn up with a resistance that her physique simply cannot muster. Bodiwala performed the very same aspect in the Gujarati movie Vash on which Shaitaan is centered, and her encounter displays.
The performances by Devgn and Jyothika evoke sympathy for the dad and mom confronted with a devastating option. They are powerless to assistance Janvi, so ought to they sacrifice her to protect Dhruv? Supplied the psychological nature of the terror in Shaitaan, it’s not a fast-paced motion picture. The parents commit a great deal of time staring in hollow-eyed defeat, but it works within context.
Shaitaan‘s climax tries tries to force motion sequences into the tale that veer into camp, particularly when put together with the supernatural factors. And a useless epilogue is preachy and redundant, offered how properly the screenplay develops the movie’s themes.

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