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Namo Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and More

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Namo Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and More

Namo Movie OTT Release Date: Kerintha, whose renowned actor is Manamantha Viswant Duddumpudi, is preparing to release a new film titled “Namo.” When director Bhimaneni Srinivas revealed the first glimpse, he expressed his admiration for the entire Namo crew. A. Prashant produces the survival comedy film Namo, which is being promoted as a directorial début by Aditya Reddy Kunduru. It is being produced under the banners of Sri Nethra Creations and Aarms Film Factory. The inaugural look event took place in Hyderabad, with a limited number of attendees in attendance. Namo intends to complete the project on a modest budget while preserving its production value.

In this film, Vismaya will serve as the female protagonist. Additionally, Anuroop Katari, Viswant, and Vismaya are featured as protagonists in this film. Everyone appears to be quite optimistic regarding the film, as Viswant asserts that Namo is an exceptional cinematic experience that will captivate audiences of all demographics. At this time, there is no information regarding the film’s release date; however, information regarding the film will be forthcoming.
Namo film synopsis, The filmmakers have not disclosed the plot, but some sources indicate that the movie will be a survival comedy.

Cast & Crew
In addition to Vismaya, Anuroop Katari, and Viswant Duddampudi. Aditya Reddy Kunduru serves as the film’s director. Cinematographer Rahul Shrivatsav and composer Kranthi Acharya Vadluri are responsible for the music and direction, respectively; Sanal Anirudhan handles the editing. A. Prashant serves as the film’s producer, operating under the banners of Sri Nethra Creations and Aarms Film Factory.
Namo Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights
Since November 2023, when production on Namo Movie concluded in its entirety, the film has been in the post-production phase. “Namo” is the directorial début of Aditya Reddy Kunduru, who serves as the film’s director. Aditya Reddy Kunduru was a Bhimaneni Srinivas assistant director. Observe how he intends to introduce the film visually.

Movie Name

OTT Platform

OTT Release Date

Theatrical Release Date
07 June 2024

Aditya Reddy Kunduru

Viswant Duddumpudi, Anuroop Katari, Vismaya, and others


Film Industry

Namo Movie OTT Release Date
Viswant Duddumpudi is well-known for his boy-next-door roles; in films such as Kerintha, Manamantha, Crazy Crazy Feeling, Jersey, Tholu Bommalata, O Pitta Katha, and others, he portrayed a soft child. He subsequently developed a romantic persona in Boyfriend for Hire. His most recent appearance was in the suspense film Katha Venuka Katha; however, he has also appeared in Game Changer, which also featured Ram Charan, and Hide N Seek, in addition to the Namo film. Anuroop Katari, an additional actor, will be featured in this film as one of the protagonists. Despite his prior film appearances, this Namo is his first feature-length film as a hero.
This film will feature Vismaya in the leading role, given that she is primarily employed in the Tamil film industry. The film ‘Namo’ marks her début in the Telugu language at this time. Vismaya made appearances in films such as Uriyadi 2, Love Action Drama, Trance, and others. Regarding the Namo movie’s OTT release date, there is currently no information available; however, that will change very shortly.
Namo Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)
The most successful genre is comedy; regardless of the actor involved, audience response will ensure that the film is a commercial success. Rather than perceiving the scale of the film (whether it be large or small), the audience is presented with a captivating narrative. We can see the filmmakers’ self-assurance in Namo by the fact that they produced an engaging film. Surprisingly, there have been a greater number of comedic films that combine elements of suspense, crime, and drama, but there have been relatively few survival comedies. ‘Namo’ is purportedly a survival comedy; therefore, it is intriguing to observe the film’s progression.
Rahul Shrivatsav is responsible for the cinematography, while the audio for this film was composed by Kranthi Acharya Vadluri. Concerning the Namo film’s digital rights, their disclosure has not yet occurred. All the information will become available once the film is released in theaters.
Theatrical Release Date: 07 June 2024
Digital Rights: TBA
OTT Release Date: TBA
Satellite Rights: TBA
Satellite Release Date: TBA
Namo Movie Trailer

Namo Movie OTT: FAQ
When is Namo OTT Release Date and Time?
Not Declared, Namo movie makers have not yet announced.

Theatres, the Namo movie will hit the theatres on 07 June 2024.

Not Declared, Namo movie haven’t announced yet.

Not Declared, Namo movie haven’t been released yet

No, Not Available on Netflix

No, Not Available on Prime Video

No, Not Available on Aha Video

No, Not Available on Hotstar
Final Words
The survival comedy film directed by Namo is scheduled for release on 07 June 2024. In the midst of the release of major motion pictures, it appears to be quite difficult to secure the ideal position. Notwithstanding the film’s diminutive size, capturing the audience’s interest through its content does not pose an obstacle to its competition with other films.
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