June 18, 2024



Open AI Announces the Launch of New Flagship Model ChatGPT

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Our favourite ChatGPT just got a new makeover! Open AI has introduced a newer and more efficient version of ChatGPT 4.0.

To make advanced AI more accessible and useful worldwide, GPT-4o’s language capabilities have been significantly enhanced in terms of both quality and speed. Additionally, ChatGPT now supports more than 50 languages for various functionalities, including sign-up and login processes, user settings, and more.

This expansion ensures that a broader range of users can interact with the Open AI in their preferred languages, promoting inclusivity and ease of use. Here’s what’s popping with the new model!

Smarter and knowledgeable conversions:

ChatGPT has evolved to provide you with much accurate and relevant content. It can even answer the trickiest of questions with ease. And it’s database has been updated to the latest information on the internet.

Smoother talk:

The responses are more like conversations and have less fancier words making it easy to understand and comprehend. The previous model had stiff responses and lacked a natural touch to it, but this new model has got you covered and sounds like a human on the other side. (Haha, sounds scary now does it?)

Difficult stuff will be handled:

Any complicated questions will be handled with ease and it answers better to tough questions. The responses are more accurate and relevant to your queries.

Eliminates harmful output :

ChatGPT 4.0 doesn’t give out harmful outputs that might provoke any controversies.

Some content might be in favour of some harmful parties, and even though that might be factual, it shouldn’t be produced to the public as it might trigger the wrong kind of response.

ChatGPT 4.0 has many features and caters to a wider audience now. Customer support questions, Research related questions, educational help and content creation are all answered in a creative manner.

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