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PAAPI (1953): The lone double job film of Raj Kapoor

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Sharada Iyer

Thirty-six several years again on June 2nd 1988, Raj Kapoor handed away leaving powering a priceless and cherished legacy which can under no circumstances be rivalled. Regarded as to be one particular of the best directors of Hindi cinema and just one of the revolutionary actors of this film marketplace he was liked for his one of a kind design and style of performing and filmmaking.

In his profession spanning 53 decades from 1935-1988, he acted in quite a few legendary films and produced and directed numerous memorable films. However, he obtained the possibility to enjoy a double job in only one film titled Paapi, which introduced in 1953 and starred Nargis as his heroine.

His finest on-display pairing was with actress Nargis and jointly they established the display screen on hearth with their palpable chemistry. This blog site is a glimpse into the lone double position movie of his career- Paapi.

Offered by Ranjit Movietone, and directed by Chandulal Shah, the film had story, scenario and dialogues also by Chandulal Shah. The lyricists were Raja Mehndi Ali Khan and Hasrat Jaipuri and tunes was by S Mohinder. All 8 tracks have been sung by Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi and there was one shloka of a several traces by Manna Dey. Asha singing for Nargis in individuals early movies was certainly a uncommon mix to watch! All tunes were enjoyable especially the Rafi-Asha duet ‘Meri zindagi hai tu, mujhko teri justju…’

Double Purpose

Raj Kapoor plays an atheist Raju in one part, and a ‘pracharak’ (missionary) Swami Satyanand in the other function. As Raju he is extroverted, talkative, has no qualms borrowing revenue and becoming unemployed and is frequently not a single with a pure conscience. As Satyanand he is righteous, sincere, writes textbooks on ethics and loves spreading the information of morality. Essentially, there are only two scenes where by both equally the roles get to share display space -1st is when they meet up with by probability and 2nd is in the stop. Nargis performs Lachhi, the village milkmaid who enjoys Raju. Dulari performs Chameli, the flower girl who also enjoys Raju.

Primary Plot

Raju steals cash from a gambling den to support Nargis square off her debt to a funds-loan provider who threatens to marry her if the cash is not paid on time. But matters go awry as the law enforcement occur right after him. He runs to the station and receives on to the initially train departing and enters a compartment where he fulfills his search-alike, Swami Satyanand. The prepare satisfies with an incident and Satyanand faints.

Faced with a fantastic option to escape the law enforcement, Raju decides to don the guise of Satyanand and masquerade as the missionary. In the meantime Satyanand is mistakenly believed to be Raju and is sheltered by Nargis who can not have an understanding of the drastic alter in Raju’s behaviour. So how is the predicament sorted out and what transpires in the finish? Go through on to obtain out if you are interested in the particulars or else you can observe the movie on YouTube, while the print is not very very good.

Movie in element

Raju a youngster in the village is an atheist and neither believes in the spiritual dogmas currently being propagated nor likes the priests who do this and discourages the villagers from falling into their trap. But becoming illiterate they sense if they hear to the priest’s sermons, they will come across solace after loss of life. They toss out Raju from the crowd when he enters.

He is unemployed and as he likes the excellent lifetime, he keeps account with shopkeepers to acquire perfumes, cigarettes, liquor, etcetera., however he by no means pays them, and has the habit of gambling also. He likes to obtain flowers and tie all around his wrist and Chameli the flower woman mistakenly develops inner thoughts for him.

In spite of all these patterns, the milkmaid Lachhi enjoys him deeply and with the revenue she earns, she secretly clears all his money owed with the shopkeepers. She stays with her blind grandmother who would not allow her to marry Raju unless he finds a task. 1 day, she lends him income to begin some company. He purchases bangles, sells them and when he happily brings house his very first income, she is upset that in this occupation he gets to touch the fingers of so numerous young girls and that was giving her rigidity. Raju gets offended and asks her to leave him on your own as he did not want to hear to each and every assistance of hers.

This tune ‘Chudiyan, le le gori…’ picturized on Raj Kapoor is on the traces of a Johny Walker type song:

In the meantime the moneylender to whom her dwelling is mortgaged threatens to have her and her grandmother thrown out if the payment of rupees 5000/- is not done in three times, but would not difficulties them if he could marry Lachhi. Raju asks all his shopkeeper good friends for a mortgage but none have this variety of funds. Chameli is eager to give the total but on the affliction that Raju must marry her and not Lachhi.

Disillusioned by all this, he decides to rob the gambling owner’s vault where he keeps his dollars. He manages to steal rupees 5000/- but sad to say the proprietor wakes up and phone calls the law enforcement. All through the chase that ensues, Raju runs to the railway station and boards the very first train departing to escape being jailed. In the compartment, to his surprise he satisfies his search-alike Satyanand, whose character is a entire antithesis of his have. He is serene, is not greedy for funds, has no wishes but to unfold the information of righteousness and real truth.

Ironically the prepare meets with a slight incident and the compartments encounter violent shaking. Each are jolted from their seats and drop on the flooring but just after a while Raju will get consciousness. Not being pretty superior on ethical values, he requires this as a terrific option to escape the clutches of the law enforcement and dons Satyanand’s attire and dresses Satyanand in his personal discarded clothes. He hides until the injured victims are moved from the teach and carries on his journey.

When the train reaches its place, he is stunned to obtain many individuals ready to garland him addressing him as ‘Swamiji’ and usually showering him with appreciate and regard as they get him to be Swami Satyanand. He is taken to a gathering and asked to deal with the followers waiting to pay attention to him. He starts by stating that he is no ‘mahatma’ but he is a ‘paapi’ or sinner and does not are worthy of this regard. The plan backfires and the crowds hail him to be a pure soul who has the guts to call himself a sinner.

Now that there is no escape and Raju sees individuals donating dollars, he decides to carry on his masquerade right up until he will get keep of rupees 5000/- which he lost in the coach incident. Then he would be equipped to rescue his Lachhi from the clutches of the moneylender and go back again to his aged life. He begins looking at the books created by Satyanand and amasses enough facts to deliver sermons to the people which include young children and the youth.

In the meantime in the village the information of the educate incident spreads and to save Raju from currently being caught by the police, Lachhi decides to search for Raju amid the wounded persons. She arrives across Satyanand and taking him to be Raju, she provides him household and hides him in her house so that he is not caught by the police.

Though Satyanand is grateful he can not realize Lachhi’s conduct in direction of him as she continuously scolds him for participating in the fool and pretending to not realize her when actually, he has under no circumstances fulfilled Lachhi. He keeps telling her he is not Raju. She attempts her ideal to jog his memory by telling all incidents from their previous and singing tunes but to no avail. She commences receiving disappointed and irritated with him and thinks he is placing on this act so he can marry Chameli.

Chameli begins to suspect that Lachhi is up to no excellent and complains to the village policeman to look for Lachhi’s residence as she is guaranteed Lachhi is harboring the thief, Raju. When the policeman searches the home, he sees Satyanand and having him to be Raju, puts him in jail and his repeated pleas that he is not Raju drop on deaf ears.

At the ashram, with just about every passing working day, Raju is ridden with guilt for what he is doing and feels negative that he is fooling harmless folks. He is angry with himself that to escape the police he has donned the façade of the style of person he had generally abhorred. He retains obtaining talks with his conscience and feels if there is God, he would like to know why a sinner like him has been decided on to perform the function of a righteous guy.

One day Lachhi’s grandmother expresses her would like to meet up with the Swamiji and when the two make their way to fulfill him, they are shocked to uncover that it is their quite own Raju who is pretending to be the Swamiji. Raju is also shocked to see them.

She goes at night time to fulfill him alone and issues him as to how he can fool the folks like this, and shun the pretty girl who had loved him constantly. He attempts to ship her away by declaring that now this is the path he has selected and he cannot come back again. She vows to sing just about every night till her tunes pierce his soul to appear out of this masquerading act.

She tries to enter the gathering and announce in front of anyone that he is a fraud and not the genuine Swamiji but gets thrown out. Raju’s guilty conscience keeps pricking him as a portion of him just would like to give up all this act and go to his Lachhi but he does not have the guts to very own up in entrance of the people today. Ultimately, the village policeman reaches the meeting put the place Lachhi is thrown out and enters to come across that he is the culprit Raju who experienced operate absent with the income and hatches a plan to make him confess. The upcoming working day, Raju is cornered into admitting his criminal offense of owning fooled the people and is arrested.

Again in his village, he decides to full his phrase in jail and appear out a clean up male with a obvious conscience. He many thanks Swami Satyanand for acquiring inadvertently put him on the path of righteousness and guarantees to follow that path all his daily life.

After completing his prison-time period he will come out and is content to find his Lachhi ready for him.

A couple views

The film experienced a linear narrative with no wonderful twists but the thrill of seeing Raj Kapoor in twin role tends to make viewing the film worthwhile. He functions well in equally the roles. Nargis was exceptional. She was generally a all-natural actress and below also she shines in the role of the village belle. The film is really distinctive from the usual passionate films of Raj Kapoor and Nargis as the tone of the narrative focuses additional on the youth heading astray in society and a lot less on their romance. The dialogues had been superior and tunes had been enjoyable.

Here are two much more wonderful songs from the film:

Tune: ‘Tera kaam hai jalna parwaane, chahe shama jale ya na jale…’

Music: ‘Kaun kahe unse jaake ae huzur, hamara kya kasoor…’

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