July 23, 2024



Promoter Marketing – Should really You Stress?

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Promoter Marketing – Should really You Stress?

In this video clip, I have reviewed the modern promoter promoting spree of Rs 62,000 Crore in the 1st 6 months of 2024. The worrying signal is that promoter marketing was pegged at Rs 61,277 for CY 2023. Should you fear about the promoter advertising figures? Commonly, inventory charges are inclined to tumble immediately after promoter marketing. Also, it is a typical notion that promoters provide their stake only when they think their inventory is overvalued or the industry is nearing its peak.
In this state of affairs, the next 3 thoughts appear to the thoughts of an investor

Will the Inventory selling price minimize following the promoter sells?
Why promoter are promoting their stakes? I have discussed 7 probable explanations in this video clip
As an trader, should you fear about promoter providing?

I have answered all 3 concerns in the online video backed by info details and points. I hope you liked the online video.
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