June 23, 2024



Ranveer Singh’s Unprofessionalism Leaves ‘Rakshas’ Makers Angry As He Left Movie After 3-Day Shoot

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The Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is currently making headlines for all the wrong reasons as it is being said that he left a movie abruptly without giving a reason and that too, after shooting for three days.
Earlier it was reported that Ranveer Singh and director Prasanth Varma who were working together in the movie, “Rakshas” have parted ways due to creative differences but as per latest reports, Ranveer Singh left the movie abruptly just by sending a message that he would not be able to work further and this has left the makers quite irritated and angered.

As per a source, director Prasanth was thinking of working on a Telugu movie after the success of Hanu-Man but he chose to start shooting for “Rakshas” as Ranveer Singh pursued him in a quite enthusiastic manner.
The source close to the makers stated that Ranveer flew down to shoot with them and there were some reports that he shot the first-look video but the reports were wrong and the “Simmba” actor actually shot for the movie for only three days. The source further said that everything was going fine and suddenly Ranveer left after sending a message that he would not be able to do the movie. The source said that they were not given any explanation, they were shocked with such behaviour of Ranveer and what made things worse was that someone leaked this news to mediapersons who are from Mumbai. The source further added that they would have dealt with this crisis in a quiet manner but in Mumbai, they prefer to create controversies even for unprofessional behaviour. The source took a dig at Mumbai industry by saying that they don’t like to work in that manner.
According to the source, they have been told that Ranveer has been advised against working in the movie but he should have listened to the advice earlier which would have saved them from financial losses and embarrassment.

When a question is asked about the financial losses, the source states that the financial loss isn’t much as this is an era of AI and they plan to add these three days of shooting in the movie if Ranveer decides not to work at all. The source makes it clear that they are leaving the option of returning open for Ranveer and they will certainly like to get the answer of a question whether it was a joke to opt out of a foolproof commitment.
Let’s see how Ranveer Singh reacts to this news.

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