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Role of a Teacher in a Student’s Life Is Greater Than You Think

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It was a rainy day, Rishi’s favorite weather but he couldn’t step out of the class since it was math period. Math class had always been a battlefield for Rishi. He hated math more than anything in the world and was waiting for the class to end so that he could just rush to the playground with his friends. Here enters a new teacher,’ Mr. Singh’, Mr. Singh began the class by introducing Maths as a subject. 
He didn’t talk in terms of numbers and formulas, he talked in terms of constellations, patterns on a flower that depicts geometry, and how one could easily calculate the length of the school building by using trigonometry. 
Rishi’s eyes sparked with curiosity, he never thought that math could be so fun and easy to do. Mr. Singh ended the lecture with, “Math is everywhere, whether we see it or not.”, which made Rishi realize that his struggle with maths wasn’t a lack of intelligence, but a lack of connection. With Mr Singh’s gentle guidance and creative approach, he transformed a battlefield into a playground of discovery. That’s the power of a good teacher. 
A great teacher has the immense capability to transform a child’s life. A teacher is the only one who can play the role of a parent, a friend, a guide, and a teacher all in one. When a child struggles at school, he doesn’t need good books, good friends, or good notes, all he needs is a good teacher. A great example of this is the Bollywood movie Taare Zameen Par. 
The movie beautifully depicts how a child who was thought to be good at nothing, was sent away to a boarding school, where he found a teacher who recognized his potential. The movie shows the role of a teacher in a student’s life. Each child has unique capabilities and talents, and every student has the ability to perform the best at school when taught in an individualized way. 
When Students in Grade 7  were asked, “What makes a good teacher great?”, a student replied, “A great teacher thinks like a kid and acts like an Adult.”
Role of a teacher in a Student’s life
You must have heard your child complain about a particular subject, or how they don’t like a teacher. Most of the time students are made to adapt to the teaching style of teachers, though it should be the teacher’s adapting to the learning style of different students. The Role of a teacher in a student’s life is bigger than you can imagine. A teacher provides a nurturing environment that empowers children to discover their strengths and navigate their weaknesses.
Empowers a child’s self-belief
The role of a teacher in a student’s life extends far beyond the transmission of knowledge. A good teacher can empower children to believe in themselves when they feel low or lack focus. A good teacher can identify a hidden talent for writing in a child who struggles with math, or a budding mathematician in a student who excels at art.
Right teacher can empower the child to choose a career path, they thought they would never pursue, or pursue a talent that was hidden. 
A teacher creates a safe space for a child to ask as many questions as they want without feeling judged. When given the opportunity to ask questions, it builds confidence and boosts self-esteem in a child.
A good teacher serves as a wise guide
The role of a teacher in a student’s life is crucial for choosing the right career path. Good teachers help students set realistic goals, both academic and personal. They provide guidance and support. 
If it hadn’t been for a teacher like Mr Singh, Rishi would have never realized his potential and could have never been able to develop a connection with maths.
The ancient Indian scriptures have emphasized the importance of a ‘Guru’ in a student’s life forever. The ancient stories have told us that no matter how skilled a student is they need a ‘Guru’ to guide them through the complexities of life at the end of the day.
Cultivate Critical Thinking Skills
Effective teachers don’t just present facts; they encourage students to question, analyze, and evaluate information. 
They pose open-ended questions, facilitate discussions, and guide students in developing critical thinking skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. They make students think beyond textbooks, and their knowledge isn’t just confined to textbooks.
Bridging the Gap Between School and Life
The role of a teacher in a student’s life is not just limited to school. The best teachers connect classroom learning to real-world experiences. They might incorporate current events, discuss the relevance of topics to future careers, or organize field trips that bring lessons to life.
Nurture Creativity and Innovation
You must have watched the hit Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots. There’s a brilliant scene at the beginning of the movie. 
Wangdu asks Virus, why couldn’t the astronauts use the pencil in space, and although we all hate Virus as a character, the fact that he didn’t label Wangdu’s question as stupid shows that he appreciated the curiosity in his students.
No matter how egoistic of a man Virus was, he still came to Wangdu with an answer at the end of the movie. 
The importance of learning rather than scoring is depicted by the powerful moment where Virus gives away his priceless possession, The pen, to not his favorite student but to someone he despised. It wasn’t a gift, it was an epitome that creativity and curiosity matter more than anything.
A great teacher will give students a perspective, they wouldn’t emphasize rote memorization but rather allow the children to ask questions. Children learn the best when they are encouraged to think outside the box and explore creative solutions.
The role of a teacher in a student’s life is Multifaceted. 
If it wouldn’t have been for Mr. Singh, Rishi, who was once defeated by numbers could have never become a budding astrophysicist, his eyes are now fixed on the stars.
A teacher equips a child with the tools they need to navigate the world, to build a life of meaning and purpose. The ancient Indian Scriptures have numerous examples of the same.
No matter how skilled Arjuna was, he needed Krishna’s wisdom to find the strength to fight.
No matter how great of a warrior Chandragupta Maurya was, he needed Chanakya’s vision to build one of the greatest empires.
Shaping Future Generations at Cyboard
At Cyboard, The role of a teacher in a student’s life is nothing short of transformative, shaping not just minds but futures.
Student-Centric Approach
Our educators are committed to putting students at the center of their educational journey. They take the time to understand each child’s needs, interests, and learning style, ensuring a personalized learning experience.
Mentors for your child
Cyboard School teachers are not just educators; they are compassionate mentors who guide students through the educational journey and provide a safe and nurturing virtual classroom environment.
“We are on a mission to drive change in every child’s education through the greatest strength we hold and pride in – Our World Class Faculty of Teachers, who are Breaking all the educational Boundaries.” – Cyboard School
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