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At any time puzzled how streetlights convert on immediately at dusk or what drives a electronic watch? While we encounter ‘embedded systems’ pretty on a regular basis in our day by day lives, we are seldom cognizant of their existence. When some thing is “electronic”, “digital” or “smart”, embedded devices are driving it. 
Embedded techniques are laptop or computer methods – combinations of components components and software program – committed for a unique operate. Visually, they surface as chips or boards embedded with moment circuitry and digital parts and connected to peripheral units (sensors and actuators – like cameras or motors). 
And what are robots then? Robots are mechanical units in which numerous embedded programs, sensors and actuators are controlled and coordinated in order to offer additional complex capabilities and switch human involvement.

Home appliances, wearable products, stability systems… all use embedded systems. Alongside with robotics, they can be utilized to virtually any area – health care, vehicles, devices, security, factories. Scope for innovation and new programs is restricted only by one’s creativity and the legislation of physics, of class. They are by now ubiquitous and the programs are bound to boost exponentially in periods to come.
From a pedagogical perspective, discovering ‘embedded systems’ equips 1 with 1st-principles know-how of equally computer system components and software package. One particular learns two items at the same time:
1) How pc components is effective and 2) Programming it to do what is intended. Synthesis of hardware and software program offers a full picture and makes the studying useful.
Robotics is a really multidisciplinary field, integrating information from all branches of engineering and however also reaching past to biology, law, humanities, ethics and layout. This can make the two one’s education as effectively as profession chances multidisciplinary. And of course, Robotics is enjoyment!
At SaiU, we began the course by discovering the fundamentals of C language. This included an introduction to laptop or computer programming and subsequently producing C codes for uncomplicated rational courses. And then we moved on to the hands on and realistic eYantra MOOC when we have been guided by the embedded systems and robotics on line system by e-Yantra, an esteemed IIT Bombay initiative for Robotics. Last but not least, we set jointly all our information of C programming, embedded devices and robotics to program the Firebird V to perform Snakes and Ladders on a bodily arena absolutely on its personal!

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